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How Do Goldmore Festival Lights Boost Your Business?

As we all know, the market of festival lights is very big, people are now more and more enthusiastic about decorating their homes and their gardens during the festival. Especially at Christmas and Halloween, people will buy a large number of festive lights to decorate and create a festive atmosphere. This is a very important external cause.

Goldmore is a professional festival light and holiday light manufacturer, who has been focused on this industrial for more than 15 years. The reliable, professional, stable manufacturer you choose is a key point for your success in LED festival lights. When you choose Goldmore, our wide range of holiday lights will enrich your product line and give your customers more choices. We have different lights for different festivals, such as Christmas lights, Halloween lights, Valentine’s Day lights, Easter lights and so on. Indoor and outdoor lights, you name it.

We are very familiar with the market around the world, if necessary, we will recommend you the holiday lights suitable for your target market, consolidating and enhancing your leading position in the holiday lights industry.

More Than 14 Years Christmas Lights Manufacturing Experience

Goldmore is a reliable festival light supplier. We have been in LED festival lights a long time. We have produced tens of thousands of festival lights for our customers all over the word.

Goldmore festival lights can fit in different scenes. Battery type is more suitable for indoor decoration; solar type is more useful for outdoor decoration. Table decoration lights and garden decoration lights are both of our customers’ favor.

Factory-festival lights
festival lights

What is the Prospect of Festival Lights?

How boring it is to just say “Happy holidays”! Decorate the house with festive lights to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. More and more people are fond of home decoration, especially during holidays. This is a great sales opportunity for you. From our customers’ feedback, holiday lights are often in short supply during the holiday season, so many customers regret not placing more orders, and they will increase the number of orders in the coming year.

Most of our business are come from our repeat customers, covering off-line store owners, online store owners, supermarket, Amazon sellers etc. We hope that you will join our customers group to see why our service and products exceed expectations.

Goldmore Festival Decoration Lights Suprise You

We guarantee that we only provide high quality festival lights in this lighting area. From the day of our establishment, we all strive to provide the best holiday lights products to our wholesale partners. Our products line includes plenty of holiday decoration light. We are keeping manufacturing and updating hot sell products and new products. And we also help our customers to create their own festival decoration lights with their brand.

The first step to a successful business is to contact reliable Goldmore!

festival lights

festival lights
festival lights

Two Videos of Our Festival Lights for You

If you’re looking for a supplier of holiday lights, you’ve come to the right place.  We are a professional manufacturer.  Our holiday lights have Christmas lights, Halloween lights, indoor festival decoration lights, and also outdoor type.

Our products you can see in the videos are with high quality. Every detail of festival decoration lights is very nice and perfect.

The Ultimate LED Festival Lights and Importing Guide

If you are looking for information on holiday lights importing from China, then you’re at the right place.

This guide will help you learn the ropes of sourcing and shipping quality Christmas lights from China.

So read on.

Can I Do OEM Project with You?

Of course, yes. We are professional and reliable festival lights supplier. We have helped our customers do lots of OEM projects on holiday lights and make them huge profit. If you have any idea of OEM, contact us. Our rich experienced designers will help you to make an artwork of holiday lights.

Are There Any Different Types for the Solar Panel of Festival Lights Outdoor?

Now solar panels are mainly divided into monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, amorphous silicon.

The photoelectric conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon is 15%-24%. It is strong and durable, with high production cost and a life span of 15-25 years.

The photoelectric conversion efficiency of polysilicon is about 12%, the cost is lower than that of monocrystalline silicon, the life span is shorter, and the production is simple, so the cost performance is higher.

The manufacturing process of amorphous silicon solar panels is different. The process is simple, the photoelectric conversion rate is about 10%, and the advantage is that it can generate electricity even in low light conditions.

What Are the Manufacturing Processes of Solar Panels?

The main technology of solar panels: adhesive – dripping solar panels, laminated solar panels.

What Are the Differences between Two Technologies of Solar Panel?

Firstly, in manufacturing.

Adhesive – dripping solar panel: the finished solar panels are directly covered with a resin material to complete the packaging.

Laminated solar panel: After a variety of materials are compounded together, tempered glass is pressed by laminating machine at high temperature.

Secondly, in using.

Adhesive – dripping solar panel: mainly used as a supporting charging device for small products.

Laminated solar panel: Can make small power to high power board.

Thirdly, in life span.

Adhesive – dripping solar panel: generally, can be used for several years, the specific depends on the production process and material of glue plate and the use environment.

Laminated solar panel: the theoretical service life is 25 years, that is, after 25 years, the attenuation rate is not less than 80%.

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