How Does Us Solve the Problem of Customer and Get an Order for Star Projector Lights?

This customer ordered a 20000 pcs  star projector night lights about one years ago. This time he wanted to place 50000pcs order from us.

But he needs to do some change of the night lights.

This projector lights can be separated to three parts. (See the picture in the below) This is its selling point that customer can change the pattern slim cover(part 1 in the picture) of  moon and star night light to create different atmosphere.

Separated Moon and Star Night Light
Separated Moon and Star Night Light

This customer wanted to connect part 1 and part 2 together. He said this special design of rotating star projector night light is meaningless to him, because he didn’t need to change the pattern to create different atmosphere. He only needs this one pattern, so no need to change. And he didn’t want his customers see the led bulbs inside directly, which will seem like a defective product. Therefore, he wanted to change this design and make part 1 and part 2 glued together.

Customer's requirement
Customer’s requirement

Once our sales received his message, she took a video of our products to explain why these three parts can be separated. And she showed him how to make these two parts together, which is not defective. We explained that if using glue to make two parts together, the appearance of children’s star projector night light will look dirty and not beautiful. Therefore, we didn’t suggest him use glue.


If we need to make these two parts connected together, it will cost more, due to reopen mold, which is not cost-effective for him.

In addition to this method, how can we meet the requirements of customers at the same time, save customer’s costs? It is a problem and we have to solve it.

So according to the situation of this customer. We provide two solutions: 1. using two transparent stickers to connect two parts. 2. wrapping the two parts in to OPP bag. We also sent pictures and test video to him in order to make him understood better.

He refused again. He informed us if we wanted to get his order, we have to glue these two parts together. We valued every customer and we accepted. But we need to charge 0.5usd/pcs extra for labor cost. Frankly speaking, glue is cheap, but labor cost is high.


He thought it was ridiculous for 0.5usd/pcs labor cost at first. We explained the current situation in China, including epidemic, increasing raw material cost and high sea freight. We moved him by reason and emotion. He understood how hard situation we are in. Finally we reached a deal with 0.17usd/pcs extra labor cost for 50000pcs star sky projector night lights.


Deal in the End
Deal in the End


When we meet a problem, we will not escape and ignore. We try our best to solve it and make everyone satisfied.

If you have any interests in our star projector night light with music, welcome to contact us! We team sincerely serve you!

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