Outdoor Camping Lights
Outdoor Camping Lights
Boost your Business

Custom Outdoor Camping Lights to Boost your Brand

  • Excellent Designs and Qualities, We are dedicated to develop and design outstanding outdoor camping lights. We use different eco-friendly materials.
  • Multi Accessories Available, you can Choose Different accessories to be added on your customize outdoor light.
  • Excellent features and function, Super bright and longer lasting light and brightness, Some models are waterproof.
Outdoor Camping Lights
GM20063-16LED USB Rechargeable Personalized Outdoor Camping Lights
GM20063-16LED USB Rechargeable Personalized Outdoor Camping Lights
GM20079 Rechargeable-Portable-Outdoor-Led-Solar-Rechargeable Outdoor Camping Lights
GM20079 Rechargeable Portable Outdoor Led Solar Rechargeable Outdoor Camping Lights
GM20101Solar-rechargeable-COB-camping-lantern-LED Rechargeable Outdoor Camping Lights
GM20101 Solar Rechargeable COB Camping Lantern LED Rechargeable Outdoor Camping Lights
GM20105 COB Rechargeable Solar Rechargeable Outdoor Camping Lights
GM20105 COB Rechargeable Solar Rechargeable Outdoor Camping Lights
GM20110 Rechargeable Multi-Function Flexible Solar Rechargeable Outdoor Camping Lights
GM20110 Rechargeable Multi-Function Flexible Solar Rechargeable Outdoor Camping Lights
GM20114 Rechargeable-camping-lantern-high-power-led-solar Rechargeable Outdoor Camping Lights
GM20114 Rechargeable Camping Lantern High Power LED Solar Rechargeable Outdoor Camping Lights

Goldmore outdoor camping lights are designed through our professional design engineers.

They manufacture these camping lights perfect for any outdoor activities.

These products have been strictly checked and inspected by our dedicated quality controllers.

They make sure each and every outdoor camping light meets the necessary standards.

Most Popular Products

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Goldmore Outdoor Camping Lights

These outdoor camping lights are crafted through our modern production equipments and environmentally-friendly materials. As a result, it has the outstanding quality and smoothly finished characteristic which stand out from the rest. Also, with this effective component, we are able to produce wide variety of fashionable yet practical outdoor camping lights. Different style, design, colours, and sizes are desirable with Goldmore. You can surely find the best set of outdoor camping lights that meet your requirements.

Apart from that, we can also create outdoor camping lights based on your design. You can send us your artwork then we will check it. Also, we can give some piece of advised to make your idea makes better. Next, we will make the design draft so you could check and approved if you like it. We will wait for your response after that we will start with the production. In Goldmore, we value our commitment in every customer’s we deal. Therefore, we will communicate with you along the process. Also, to make sure we don’t missed details on your specification. Our skilful and expert team are dedicated to make every dream idea turn into reality.

Our outdoor camping lights can be manufactured with different features. They can be designed with rechargeable aspect or none. It can be comes with USB output or AC charging for mobile phones charging, thus it can be portable or hanging. Additionally, it can be fabricated with solar panel purposes. Any model you want for your design, Goldmore can develop Outdoor Camping Lights that will give additional impact on your merchandising. With Goldmore, potential boom your brand in the market is unlikely to happen.

Goldmore Outdoor Camping Lights has the luminous, brightest light and long lasting battery life span. There are also different lighting modes in every outdoor camping light. It includes brightness mode, dim light mode, and flashlight mode. Brightness mode can be used for night reading and games for about 4-5 hours. While the dim light mode may be used as a safe night light and can work about 12-14 hours. The flashlight mode is perfect use for emergency purposes. Furthermore, we can also detached carrying handle on the structure to allow hook on or off the lantern.

The compact and lightweight Goldmore Outdoor Camping Lights can surely strengthen your business. These lanterns are verified by our professionals. We make sure it passed and certified rigorous testing such as Rosh, CE, UL and EMC. We can provide you free samples of all of our designs. Goldmore as one of the premier Outdoor Camping Lights supplier, we can produce 100% quality products for you.

Each and every outdoor camping light comes with 1 year warranty. Therefore, no worries if there is something issues happened. We can deliver your orders in fast lead times, early 1-2 weeks. Look no further for your outdoor camping lights challenges, Goldmore is the right place for you. We are based in Ningbo, China. You can contact us anytime, we have 24/7 customers service that will accommodate your request.

Let us know your thoughts. Please get in touch with us.

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