Wall Night Light
Wall Night Light
Goldmore - Manufacturer of Innovative Wall Night Light!

Why Choose Goldmore as Your Number One Manufacturer and Supplier of Wall Night Light in China

  • Free design. Goldmore offers a free sample designs and strong pattern design of wall night light for you to check on. Also, you can give us your specific design of wall night light.
  • Tested by BSCI Manufacturer.Goldmore is a tested BSIC manufacturer and we have acquired a lot of experience in this field. Throughout the years, we continue to provide unrivaled services. That is why we are trusted by many clients.
  • Full Certifications of Products. All of Goldmore’s product are tested by various parameters and got certifications from CE, REAH, RoHS, PAHS etc. assuring its quality. Plus, we do a meticulous inspection before shipping.
Wall Night Light

For many years, Goldmore became the most trusted supplier as well as manufacturer of wall night light in China. Along with that, we provide wall night light which has an automatic turn on and off. Its brightness can also be adjustable into an ambient light. These wall night lights have long life span LED. Its power does not exceed with 0.5W making it energy-efficient.

Goldmore’s wall night light gives off a soft light that can illuminate around spaces. Through the use of modern technology and advanced equipment, Goldmore able to manufacture a high-quality wall night light. Explore our latest designs of Wall night lights.

Most Popular Products

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Goldmore Wall Night Light

Goldmore’s wall night lights are very versatile. These are specially designed by Goldmore’s expert engineers with a durable material in order to withstand ruggedness, wear and tear. Goldmore’s wall night light emits soft light making suitable for nursery, hallway, bathroom, kitchen, stairs or any indoor spaces.

At Goldmore, you can find a wide array of wall night light which features different sizes, designs and colors. Choose among our wide selection of wall night light which suits your specifications. All of our wall night lights have a compact size and offset plugs. We can also consider full customization for your design of wall night light.

Either for business, retail shop or branding purposes, Goldmore is capable of supplying functional and durable wall night lights. Goldmore’s wall night light are manufactured by using the finest grade material processed through our advanced equipment. Because of that, we’re able to supply unique and innovative wall night light.

Wall night lights manufactured by Goldmore have met and exceeded the high industry standards. Every product has passed and certified by internal testing. During production process and before shipment our professional quality control team checked and inspected to ensure quality.

Goldmore’s wall night lights are attainable at very low price. Don’t hesitate to rely at Goldmore. For around 10 years of maintaining our expertise, we have built a good image as an impeccable manufacturer and supplier of wall night light around China.

Purchase your wholesale wall night light orders from Goldmore. We will give the best and unrivaled service during and even after the process. Kindly reach us for more details!

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