180 Degree LED Warning Light: Import Guide

Getting to understand the different aspects of 180-degree warning lights is essential before making that all-important purchase.

That is exactly what this import guide is about.

We have detailed all these aspects for you to make an informed decision.

Take a look.

180 Degrees LED Warning Light

180 Degrees LED Warning Light

Best Uses of 180 Degree LED Warning Light

LED warning lights are gaining traction due to their wide application area and the numerous benefits they offer.

The main areas where you can use 180 Degrees LED warning lights are:

  • Ambulances
  • Construction sites
  • Security vehicles such as police cars
  • Firefighting vehicles

Benefits of 180 Degree LED Warning Light

180-degree LED warning lights offer many benefits to the users and those for whom the message is intended.

For instance, these lights are cheaper compared to other incandescent warning lights.

This saves you cost both in terms of purchasing and maintaining them.

Other benefits of these lights are:

Compact Sizes

These lights are smaller in size with a higher light intensity compared to normal warning lights.

This makes them the preferred choice for a majority of users.

Their size allows for fitting in almost any surface available.

You also don’t need a large space to store these lights, which come in handy when importing them.

Great Efficiency

The advantages of these lights are that they are brighter compared to normal incandescent lights.

This minimizes the drain on your vehicle battery and also the electrical system.

Their sizes or shape does not compromise the efficiency and performance of these lights.

Intense Colors

These lights produce strong and intense colors compared to incandescent lights.

This means you don’t have to use filters which reduces the overall purchasing cost.

Strong and intense colors are easy to notice than ordinary colors making their usage more popular.


180-degree LED warning lights are relatively cheaper to purchase and maintain.

They also have a longer lifespan which makes them the best option to use.

You require less quantity of these lights compared to the other lights due to their intensity and efficiency.

This reduces the overall purchasing cost.

Types of 180 Degree LED Warning Light

You must select the best type of LED warning lights that can fit your requirements.

We have different types available to select from, with the following being the main ones.

Mini Light Bars

These types of LED lights are generally smaller in size, measuring between 18 and 27 inches.

They are relatively easier to install and maintain compared to the full-size LED light bars.

The advantage of these lights is that they are relatively cheaper.

This makes them ideal for use in areas such as police departments, firefighters, tow truck operators, and construction.

Full-Size Light Bars

The size of these lights ranges between 30 and 63 inches.

Full-size light bars tend to have a higher light intensity compared to mini-light bars.

You can use these lights in large truck operation, police department, and areas where warning light visibility is critical.

Undercover Visor Lights

The use of these 180-degree 180 LED warning lights is common with undercover agent, or private emergency provides.

They are relatively cheaper compared to full-size light bars

They feature multiple flash options, which are intense and nearly invisible.

They also have simple mounts, making them easy to install, which is advantageous to most buyers.

LED Deck/Dash Lights

They are mainly for interior installation compared to the others.

This allows you to install around the dashboard or deck area.

They are relatively smaller with sleek and low-profile housing.

These lights, in most cases, come in a 3-watt power rating, which is powerful.

They have a lifespan of up to 100000 hours.

The compact nature of these lights makes them easy to install.

The installation procedure involves plugin in and switching the lights.

The suction cup and the cigarette power adapter facilitate this installation process.

The advantage of these lights is you can either install them permanently or temporarily using the suction cup.

They are the best option for firefighters, police, service truck, and during highway construction work.

LED Hideaway Lights

LED hideaway 180-degree warning lights are increasingly becoming the best alternative to LED strobe lights.

This is due to their unique characteristics, such as high-powered LED lights and inline flashers.

They also have rounded lenses and heatsinks, resulting in increased light intensity.

The advantage of these lights is they are unnoticed when not in use.

This is because they have a hidden installation procedure.

Their flashing strobe lights make them visible from a distance.

These lights are the best options for undercover police officers, construction vehicles, and emergency firefighters.

Grill & Surface Mount LED Emergency Lights

The advantage of these types of 180-degree warning lights is in their versatility.

They come in a self-contained structure which emits a powerful light.

You also have the liberty of installing them at your preferred point, either inside or outside your vehicle.

They are available in two types of optics, that is, TIR and Linear.

A TIR’s functioning is that the lighting results from the internal reflector, which captured the scattered lights and beamed them forward.

This results in around and narrow output light.

Linear lights are ideal for warning vehicles that tend to service parking lots or intersection points.

This is due to the need for the visibility of the lights from all angles.

The use of surface and grille mount lights is best for close-range applications.

The advantage of these lights is they allow for customization.

Grill and Surface Mount 180 Degrees LED Warning Light

Grill and Surface Mount 180 Degrees LED Warning Light

LED Traffic Advisors

These types of lights usually flash in a one-direction way and are for instructing traffic flow.

They are common in construction works.

The sizes of these lights usually range between 5 and 38 inches.

Material Requirements for 180 Degree LED Warning Light

The main material for manufacturing these lights is plastic, wires, and bulbs.

The wires here are miniature, which makes them invisible to use.

The casing for these lights usually consists of either plastic or glass.

How 180 Degree LED Warning Light compares with 360 Degree LED Warning Light

The main difference between 180- and 360-degree LED warning lights are in the view area of your lights.

The view area of a 180-degree LED warning light usually at 180 degrees.

The view angle for 360-degree LED warning lights is at an angle of 360 degrees.

This means you can view a lot using a 360 degree than a 180-degree LED warning light.

Visibility Range of 180 Degree LED Warning Light

The visibility range for 180-degree LED warning lights is usually higher due to their functioning.

However, to understand the individual visibility test, you have to consider other factors such as the power requirement.

Another factor is the lifespan of the lights.

Generally, old lights tend to be less visible compared to new ones.

Purchasing genuine lights from a reliable manufacturer ensures that you have the best visibility range.

Proper maintenance of your 180-degree warning lights is also another way of ensuring that you have maximum visibility

Available Flash Patterns for 180 Degree LED Warning Light

A flash pattern dictates the direction and effect you want for your LED warning lights.

Strategically placing these patterns allows for visibility and pass the intended message.

Here are the main patterns you can have for your 180-degree LED warning lights:

Fixed Flash Patterns

In this pattern, the projection of the beam of lights is in one direction.

As they do so, they turn on and off at a given interval, thereby relying on the intended message.

Strobe Light Pattern

This pattern is similar to the fixed flash pattern.

However, the only difference is that the LED doesn’t switch on and off, but instead, they keep running in a particular pattern.

Continuous Rotating Pattern

This pattern involves the LED lights rotating while switched on.

This creates a circular pattern that alerts other road users of the said danger.

Mounting Options for LED Warning Light

The mounting options available for your LED warning lights depend on their type.

That is, whether they are exterior or interior warning lights.

The mounting option for exterior warning lights are:

Roof-mounted Option

This mounting option considers lights that are of the same size as the top of your car roof.

is mainly the best option for mounting these lights on police cars.

The advantage of this option is it offers enhanced visibility, which is essential when handling emergency cases.

They also enhance the safety of those driving the cars since they easily get leeway when driving.

The mounting process involves placing your LED warning lights on your car roof and fastening it using screws or other fastening mechanisms.

Grill Mounting Option

this option involves mounting your LED warning lights on the grills of your vehicle.

The intention here is to allow these lights to function as front-facing LED warning lights.

Grill mounting option makes your lights secure since one cannot interfere or break them due to the grills.

You can use this option to install on emergency vehicles such as ambulances and police vehicles.

Surface Mounting Option

A surface mounting option is ideal for those emergency vehicles which want to remain discrete.

They are flexible, which allows you to remove them when not in use and install them quickly.

They feature a suction tube which you can install on any surface on your vehicles.

This allows for both front and back installation of these lights.

Ack and front installation allow for easy detection by other road users, facilitating leeway when using them.

Difference between 180 Degree LED Warning Light and LED Warning Light Bar

The main difference between these two lights is the coverage area of view.

180-degree LED warning lights generally have a view angle of 180 degrees.

This means that the light illuminates a given area at 180 degrees.

An LED warning lightbar usually has a view area of 360 degrees

LED warning lightbar allows for illumination of a wider range compared to 180-degree LED warning lights.

The price range for these lights differs depending on their wattage requirements and design.

180 Degrees LED Warning Light

180 Degrees LED Warning Light

Operating Temperature of 180 Degree LED Warning Light

Various factors affect the operating temperature of your 180-LED warning lights.

For instance, the type and power rating of these lights.

However, an ideal 180-degree LED warning light has an operating temperature of between-25° to 140°F.

Types of Batteries to use with 180 Degree LED Warning Light

There are two main battery types that you can use with 180-degree LED warning lights.

That is, Sealed-lead acid and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Sealed-lead-acid batteries depend on lead alloy plates which are in acid to function.

They are rechargeable hence last longer.

They are the oldest form of rechargeable batteries that you can use on these lights.

Their relatively cheaper price compared to nickel-cadmium batteries minimizes the overall cost of your lights.

The advantage of nickel-cadmium batteries is that they do not use acid.

This makes it relatively safe and lasts longer compared to sealed-lead-acid batteries.

Its smaller size makes it flexible to use on various 180-degree LED warning lights.

Before deciding on which battery to use, you have to consider factors such as:

  • Powe output requirements
  • Affordability and ease of use
  • The durability of the battery. That is, the lifespan and how long it can last when fully charged.
  • It should pass all the quality standards.

The Benefit of SAE J595 Safety Rating for 180 Degree LED Warning Light

The main benefit of purchasing 180-degree LED warning lights that have passed the SAE J595 safety rating is quality assurance.

This means you have lights which can serve you to your expectation.

Comparison between SAE J595 Class 1 vs. Class 2 vs. Class 3 180 Degree LED Warning Light

SAE J595 180-degree LED warning lights are available in three classes.

The intensity of class one lights is four times that of class 2 and ten times that of class 3.

Before selecting the ideal class, you have to consider several factors.

That is, you have to check on the appropriate light intensity for your application.

You also have to check on your power output.

Class 1 generally requires a higher power output compared to either class 2 or class 3.

Recommended IP Protection Level for 180 Degree LED Warning Light

Selecting the best IP rating for these bulbs helps in prevention against fluid and solid contaminants, which can affect their performance.

There are different IP ratings for these bulbs; hence you need to be keen when selecting them.

The main types of IP ratings for these lights are IP67 rating, IP65 rating, and IP64 rating.

How much 180 Degree LED Warning Light cost

When purchasing these lights, you have to consider several factors for you to have the exact pricing.

Such factors include:

Watt Requirements

180-degree LED warning lights are available in different wattage requirements.

This affects the intensity of these lights and their usage.

The different wattages have different areas of application and costs differently.

This means that before you consider which watt to select, you should consider where you will use the lights.


You have different designs when it comes to these lights.

The design ranges from small size strobes to mounting lights.

You have to consider which design fits your requirements before purchasing them.

The difference in design influences the pricing of these lights.

For instance, a simple design costs less compared to a complex one.


There are different considerations that a manufacturer has to check before deciding the final pricing of these lights.

For instance, they have to consider the cost of raw materials and market factors before deciding on the price.

This creates a situation of varying prices depending on the manufacturer that you select.

However, you should always ensure that the manufacturer you select should have the necessary credentials.

The 180-degree LED warning lights that you select should also meet the necessary quality standards.

At GoldMore, we design and manufacture the best 180 degree LED warning lights ar affordable prices.

Contact us now for best prices on 180 degrees LED warning lights.

Working Life of 180 Degree LED Warning Light

The production process for 180-degree LED warning lights ensures the durability of these lights.

Such lights have a working life of between 10000 and 50000 hours.

However, other factors affect their working life.

For instance, if the power input is higher than the requirements for these lights, then the lifespan reduces.

The working life also reduces if there is an improper connection which results in a short circuit.

Another factor that affects the frequency of these lights is the frequency of usage.

If they are frequently in use, then the working life reduces compared to those rarely used.

Color Changing 180 Degrees LED Warning Light

Color Changing 180 Degrees LED Warning Light

How to care for and maintain 180 Degree LED Warning Light

Proper care and maintenance help in prolonging the shelf life of your 180 degrees LED warning lights.

There are different ways that you can achieve this.

For instance, you should ensure there is proper wiring of these lights.

This prevents short-circuiting, which shortens the lifespan.

You also have to clean these lights regularly.

This removes dirt which hinders the intensity of the lights.

Where you are installing these lights should be free of hot temperature or moisture.

Such an environment affects the components of your lights hence reducing their efficiency.

Testing these lights frequently ensures that they are working efficiently and allows you to detect any malfunctioning easily.

As you can see, before you choose 180 degree LED warnng light, consider everything in this guide.

In case you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact GoldMore team.

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