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The different models feature different functions, for example, with solar panels or without, rechargeable or non-rechargeable, AC charging or USB output for mobile phone charging, portable or hanging, and even a combination of fan and led light, or combined with a fan or lantern.

Available in Different Designs, Goldmore Camping Lanterns are functional as well as attractive, they are available in different designs to meet different needs.

Eco-friendly Materials, The lanterns are made from eco-friendly materials and feature a super bright and long-lasting LED light.

Goldmore Camping Light Series

Square Shaped Solar Inflatable Light

Great numbers of inflatable lights are for your reference. High waterproof and inflatable are their most important advantages.

vintage camping lantern

Goldmore vintage camping lantern is of high quality. The material is environment-friendly, which will not do harm to human body.

Solar Camping Lights

Our solar camping lights can be beneficial to consumers and the environment. This can reduce pollution and free from contamination of the air, water, and other elements.

GM10902 Portable Flame Torch Battery Operated Lanterns

The cheaper yet competitive rate of our battery-operated lanterns might gain accomplishments for the big progression of your own business operations.

rechargeable camping light

In-house tooling equipment, Goldmore rechargeable camping lanterns are developed in our state-of-the-art equipment, under the supervision of our qualified engineers

Outdoor Camping Lights

Goldmore outdoor camping lights are designed through our professional design engineers. They manufacture these camping lights perfect for any outdoor activities.

Tips For Your Custom Business

Developing a LED camping light that has the potential to boom the market is not an easy thing.

GoldMore team will make your dream idea to reality.

First, you give us your idea, picture, or design draft, our designer will check your idea and make some suggestions, also we will make the design draft for you to confirm.

After you confirm the design, we start the camping light sample. Or before all work, Goldmore will send you our normal-made camping light, you can check our quality, style, etc.

After you confirm the sample and confirm the quotation, we start the camping light production process.

Camping lantern
Multifunctional camping light

Your Premier LED Camping Lights Supplier in China

Manufacturing and developing all kinds of LED camping lights in superior quality.

Goldmore LED camping lights to have a lot of different models, designs, and materials for you to choose from. For the model’s function and features, you can choose if the LED camping lights have a solar panel or without, rechargeable or non-rechargeable, AC charging or USB output for mobile phone charging, portable or hanging, or even a combination of fan and led light.

Goldmore LED camping lights have passed the main testing like Rosh, CE, UL, and ECM. And have been certified by an authoritative testing authority and have passed additional internal tests exceeding the industry ANSI/NEMA fl-1 standard.

Goldmore Meet All Your Requests

Our LED camping lights are available in different designs to meet your different needs, functional as well as attractive. Goldmore LED camping lights are made from eco-friendly materials that feature a super bright and long-lasting LED light.

Goldmore LED camping lights can be used in a variety of different weather conditions. Our ratings are based on their brightness, portability, battery life, durability, and ease of use.

Goldmore has more than 10 years of experience in the production of LED camping lights and provides more than 1000 LED camping lights products available for your selection. In Goldmore, we offer 24-hours customer service, 7-10 days arrived, and 1-year quality assurance.

GM80532 Rechargeable Solar Camping Lantern with Hook

Leading Camping Light Supplier Provides Best Services

Goldmore as a professional LED camping lights manufacturer, keep developing new LED camping lights that will suit your business requirements.

By choosing Goldmore LED camping light, you surely can make the perfect LED camping light choice and will give you the best lighting solutions for your business. Send us your ideal LED camping light design and we will customize it for you. If you are interested in our LED camping light, contact us today!

Videos of Goldmore Camping Light Factory Production

camping lantern

The Definitive FAQ Guide to Camping Lanterns

What are some compact lantern designs?

Compact lantern designs can be broken down into 2 categories: mini lights and collapsible lights.

Some mini lights could just be smaller versions of regular lanterns, or they can be specifically designed as miniature.

In this case, they can be also used as nightlights.

As such, these are very marketable to campers with children since the kids would love mini lights.

mini lights

There are also other compact LED lanterns.

These can be further divided into types – collapsible and foldable.

Collapsible lanterns have inner cavities where the lantern can go.

They are sturdy and durable, considering that they have a hard shell.

They also look like regular lanterns once in full size and their lumen output is not compromised in any way.

LED lanterns

Foldable lanterns could also be of a few types. All of them are made of silicone or silica gel, which gives them folding qualities.

Some foldable lanterns still look like lanterns and have LEDs inside.

They are extremely compact and have a hard shell to protect them.

However, any lantern like this runs the risk of getting punctured or worn out.

Foldable lanterns

Some don’t look like lanterns at all, but rather like inflatable pillows.

These are really useful as backup lights.

They don’t take up much space and require little to no maintenance.

inflatable pillows

Some don’t even have LEDs inside, but only serve as a waterproof shell.

These camping lanterns are great for occasional and light camping trips.

They are versatile and very packable.

A person can just put a smartphone inside the silicone shell and the lights are ready.

waterproof shell

What are some designs that increase versatility?

Besides the above examples, there are some highly multi-use and versatile designs as well.

You can combine a camping lantern with a handheld torch or flashlight by just including the light on the bottom or base of the lantern, as well as a side handle.

This handle needs to be ergonomic in such a way that it is comfortable in both upright and side positions.

This same design can be modified to turn into a searchlight.

Then, you need a powerful beam and a foot on the side that can be used to lean the lantern onto.

Furthermore, you can add light panels on the sides of the lantern that will give off pleasant ambient light just like an atmosphere lamp would.

This is great for campers that want a decorative flair to their trip.

handheld torch or flashlight

Also, there are designs that incorporate one or more flashlights into grooves in the lantern.

This way, the user will have a powerful lantern or a lantern and another light source(s).

powerful lantern

Also, some lanterns can include radio and horn speaker, which is good for communication, alarm signaling, and scaring away dangerous animals.

lantern with radio and horn speaker

Another popular and very versatile design is a fan-light.

This device consists of a fan that has an LED circular rim and, sometimes, a hook for hanging it in a tent.

This is great for summer camping.

Also, it can be used at home as a fan.

You can even market it to vloggers since it can be used as a ring light – useful for camera lighting.

lantern with fan

Finally, you can even design a camping lantern that doubles as a desk light.

This is great for students that like camping since they can use this light at home and on the trails while not blowing their budget on 2 separate lights.

camping lantern that doubles as a desk light

People like versatility, so these designs are highly marketable to everyone.

Of course, your clientele will be more specific based on the exact features you design.

Contact our team for a consultation!

What are some decorative designs for LED camping lights?

Besides versatility and functionality, some designs also have decorative value.

Examples of such designs are clover petal lights, bulb lanterns, and traditional-looking lights.

Clover LED lights provide both interesting looks and versatile lighting.

They are powerful and can also be used as floodlights and searchlights.

Also, the adjustable pedals can be angled in any direction, illuminating needed areas.

They are also collapsible, and some can omit a base, using the petals as a base.

LED camping lights

Bulb lights are small and compact.

They look like bulbs and usually have a hook.

Thus, they are more for illuminating a tent rather than the entire campsite since they output around 100 lumens.

They come in different colors and can make the campsite and tent look atmospheric and festive.

Bulb lights

Traditional-looking lanterns include those decorated with mosaics or those with a steampunk look.

They also have a specific shape reminiscent of vintage fuel lanterns.

These are marketable to casual campers that value aesthetics and want to use the camping lantern as a garden light too.

camping lantern as a garden light

For more inspiration, visit our current catalogue!

Are there any camping lights that don’t attract insects?

Actually, there are camping lanterns that kill flying insects like mosquitoes with an electrical zap from a charged grid.

Insects get lured in with UV light, distracting them from sleeping campers.

Thus, UV light and an electric grid are necessary for these lights.

camping lanterns that kill flying insects like mosquitoe

What are some LED light options?

Just like with other lights, you can have surface mounted LEDs, LED bulbs, and COB technology.

Surface-mounted (SMD) LEDs better withstand vibration and impact.

They also can occupy more area and have a high unit density.

Also, they have a more predictable high-power performance.

Surface-mounted (SMD) LEDs

COB lights are high-density LED modules.

They are the brightest and very durable.

They look like yellow or orange strips.

COB lights

There also could be 5mm LEDs, which are easy to install, but they are better for flashlights and directional lights rather than lanterns.

5mm LEDs

LED bulbs look like whole units of lights – either cylinders or domes.

They also use either SMD or COB, but various SMD technologies are more popular.

LED bulbs with cylinders or domes

What are some reflector designs?

There are several reflector options.

You can choose from or a top or a bottom reflector, as well as between a reflector that is separate or attached to the bulb.

Reflectors can also be smooth or rugged.

Smooth reflectors allow for uniform and crisp dispersion of light.

These reflectors are most commonly used with camping lanterns.

Smooth reflectors can be mounted either above or below the light source.

The location depends on other features of the lantern, such as a stage light or a flashlight.

Also, top reflectors direct the light slightly downward, whereas bottom reflectors direct it slightly upwards.

reflector designs

Rugged reflectors have grooves.

These grooves help dissipate heat that LEDs create.

These reflectors are especially good for COB lights.

Reflectors can be separate or attached to the light source, creating a smoother light.

They don’t have a peak since they are attached.

reflectors have grooves

Some reflectors come with a lens to diffuse the light even more.

Textured reflectors also diffuse the light.

reflectors with a lens

Finally, there are external reflectors.

They aren’t very popular with LED lanterns, but can be handy since they make the light more versatile – diffuse or directional when needed.

They can also look vintage and decorative.

external reflectors

Note: reflectors and lenses are together called optics, so if you have questions about optics, contact our team!

Does the bulb cover matter?

By the bulb cover, transparent glass or plastic part of the lantern is meant.

This is where you can see the LEDs and reflectors through.

These covers could be either transparent or translucent.

Transparent covers are clear and provide bright light.

You can see the bulb clearly and it’s like there is no obstacle.

They can also be decorative if the reflector is in an interesting shape.

bulb cover

Translucent covers are matte-looking and cloudy.

They diffuse the light to make it softer and more ambient. They can be made from silicone or plastic.

camping lantern with silicone or plastic

How many lumens should a camping lantern output?

Most lanterns offer 150-350 lumens, although they can go up to 700.

However, 100 lumens will be enough for checking out the campsite at night.

More exploration-oriented lanterns need higher outputs.

Also, 100 lumens is enough to illuminate a tent.

About 200 lumens are needed for a tent site, while bigger campsites should have 300+ lumens.

How long do camping lanterns last?

Normally, LEDs last anywhere from 30 000 to 50 000 hours until they fade.

Goldmore offers a 1-year warranty on all camping lanterns.

As for the runtime per charge, it can be from 5 to 75 hours depending on the light mode.

What is the difference between camping lanterns and torches?

The main difference between these two camping lights is the method of use.

Camping lanterns are designed to stand on flat surfaces like tables and ground.

They also can be attached to or hung from tent poles, table legs, and other bars.

Also, camping lanterns create a bigger pool of light and 360-degree beams since they don’t have concentrated beams like torches do.

What are some charging options for camping lanterns?

As with other LED lights, there are 3 main options: battery-powered, rechargeable, and solar.

Battery-powered lanterns are good for longer camping expeditions and nature trails because they work for a very long time and don’t need recharging.

Rechargeable lanterns are the most popular on the market and can be powered with a USB.

However, just like with other batteries, cold temperatures decrease their runtimes.

When temperatures are below freezing, most alkaline batteries lose nearly 50% of their charge.

Solar-powered lanterns are easy to maintain and charge on their own.

They are great for camping during the summer or in the regions with lots of suns.

They are also popular in developing countries because they are cheaper than fuel lanterns.

Another way to charge camping lanterns is a mechanical force or cranking.

Usually, it is a lever or a spin handle that the user pumps or spins to create electrical energy.

camping lanterns with crakc handle

Some brands also have lanterns that use two or more types of charging, which is especially great for the user because if one charging method fails, there is always a backup.

What protection should camping lanterns have?

It is rare for camping lanterns to be fully waterproof, but some protection is needed anyways.

Generally, IPX4 is enough for lanterns.

This will protect them from any splashing water.

Also, lanterns should be dustproof to a rating of at least IP5X.

What are some handle designs?

Handles for LED camping lights can be double or single, can be from different materials, can be top or side handles.

It doesn’t really matter whether there is a 2 or 1 handle on top.

However, having 2 handles contributes to aesthetics, while 1 handle is more comfortable.

Also, thicker handles are better because things can hurt the user’s hand.

Handles can be aluminum, plastic, or rubber.

Aluminum handles are usually thin.

They look good but are not as comfortable.

They are also sturdy, so they work better if they are hung somewhere.

Metallic handles also don’t provide much control.

Aluminum handles

Plastic handles are also sturdy and can have smooth grooves for the placement of fingers.

They are also thicker, so they don’t cut into the user’s hand.

Plastic Handle

There are hard plastic and flexible plastic handles.

A flexible plastic is similar to rubber.

These handles are the most comfortable, but they also don’t provide as much control.

Flexible plastic handle

Most camping lanterns need a side handle as well as a top handle because lanterns often double as camping torches.

Are there other things, like hooks, besides handles?

There also could be hooks or clips that are used to hang the lanterns on tent poles or tree branches.

Hooks are easy to use and easy to hang the lantern with, but they can’t be used to carry the light.

Also, hooks can be closed or open.

Open hooks are easier and more versatile.


Clips are basically carabiners.

They are also very versatile and easy to use, but they can be too difficult to open.

Thus, if you are thinking of a clip design, keep in mind that it should be easy to open.


Is there anything I should know about the buttons on the lantern?

Buttons can be recessed or 3D.

3D buttons may be more aesthetic and is it more comfortable for the user to press them, but they have the risk of being pushed by accident in a backpack, draining the battery.

In the 3D realm, there are also switches and dials.

These are also satisfying to push and spin, but they have the same risks.

Dials are actually good for fine-tuning the brightness or the color, giving the user a lot of control over the light.

3D buttons

Recessed buttons are more practical than 3D because it eliminates the possibility of pressing the button by accident.

What kinds of bases are there?

There are two main types of bases you can request.

Free-standing bases are simple and worry-free.

They don’t require much additional design.

However, they can be difficult to set up on the rocky and uneven ground.

Leg bases need a more intricate design, and they can break if they are too thin.

However, they provide a better footing for the lantern on uneven ground.

Leg bases

Plus, some free-standing bases can be magnetic, which is very useful since the lantern can be attached to any metal surface at any angle.

This is useful for fixing a car since the light can be attached to the inside of the hood.

Magnetic bases have many such applications.

Magnetic bases

Plus, certain body designs, like clover lanterns can have legs as their body.

This way, you can have a free-standing and a legged lantern at the same time.

free-standing and a legged lantern

What are the possible light modes for LED camping lanterns?

There are lighting modes and additional lighting features for LED camping lanterns.

Lighting modes include high, low, and SOS strobe.

High mode means full brightness of lights, which is great for exploring, campsite activities, and early morning packing.

Low mode usually means half the brightness of lights, which is good as a nightlight.

SOS strobe mode catches attention and is effective in signaling danger or plea for help.

Some additional light features can be divided into light pulsing, light pattern, and color.

Light pulsing means flame-like flickering, which is great for campsite socializing and as a nightlight since it creates a natural and comforting ambiance.

Light pulsing

Some camping lanterns have a stage bulb that has color and pattern effects like projectors in a club.

This feature is great for big groups of campers that go out to have fun.

Finally, some lights offer a color switch mode that creates any color.

They are also called mood lamps because of their wide array of colors.

camping lanterns have a stage bulb

What light colors and color temperatures should be used/included in camp lanterns?

There should be a neutral white or a cool white color for setting up camp and for the bright mode.

Also, a warm white or yellow color is great for low brightness mode and for socializing.

A red or a bright orange could be included for alarm and SOS signaling.

A blue mode could also be included for avid trail explorers since blue lights help to read maps.

If your target audience is campers who hunt, then you could include a green color since it helps to see blood on the trails.

What materials are used for LED camping lanterns?

LED camping lanterns could be made from ABS, silicone, aluminum, stainless steel, glass, and clear plastic.

Aluminum and stainless steel are turdy, but ABS is resistant to the elements. Meanwhile, silicone is foldable.

Every design calls for a different type of material, so contact our team for a consultation!

Who can I market these to?

You can market these lights to a wide array of people.

Depending on the design, you can appeal to avid and practical campers or too casual campers who want an atmospheric adventure.

You can also market these to be doubled as desk lights, fans, and even garden lights.

Decorative models can also be sold to photographers and designers.

Versatile models will appeal to professional campers.

Some designs are individual-  or group-specific.

Consult our team and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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