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Goldmore is Your Premium Manufacturer and Supplier of Motion Sensor Night Light in China

  • Reasonable Price. If you want to buy bulk orders of motion sensor night light, Goldmore offers an affordable cost direct from our factory but with a superior quality.
  • Skillful and Expert Working Team. Our factory is surrounded by many rich experienced working teams whom are in-charge in designing and manufacturing our motion sensor night light.
  • Gold Quality Motion Sensor Night Light. Our engineers carefully chose raw materials with durability and excellent quality to developed motion sensor night light. Plus, our quality control team always inspect our motion sensor night light before shipment.

Motion sensor night light is a great choice to add to every home. This will allow you to brighten up different dark areas around the house. Motion sensor night light manufactured by Goldmore can be used both outside and inside the house or according to your needs. Goldmore’smotion sensor night lights are very simple to install and use. Plus, these are battery-powered so it can be easily moved and transfer to any spot where light is needed.

Motion sensor night light designed by our engineers will detect motions up to a certain range which will trigger the light. These will also turn off automatically if there is no movement after 30 seconds. Moreover, our motion sensor night lights are made in order to give optimal safety. Goldmore is an expert when it comes to manufacturing motion sensor night light. Check out our latest designs of motion sensor night light.

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Goldmore Motion Sensor Night Light

Motion sensor night lights from Goldmore are triggered by a LED light especially when it senses movement. You can choose between our plug-in or battery powered motion sensor night light which provide an automatic night-lighting.

Goldmore’smotion sensor night lights are a great choice to illuminate any dark areas such as kids’ room, guests’ house, patio, stairway and any other places outdoor or indoor. As an additional, Goldmore’smotion sensor night light features mode settings and dusk-to-dawn detection.

At Goldmore, we take advantage of our modern technology and latest equipment to continue to provide an innovative motion sensor night light. If you choose Goldmore to be your manufacturer of motion sensor night light, you can assure that it has a long life span, improved durability, enhanced safety, energy savings and environmentally-friendly. You can get bulk orders of motion sensor night light at Goldmore at a reasonable rate.

In China, Goldmore is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of reliable motion sensor night light for more than 10 years. Along with that, Goldmore’s factory is a BSIC tested. Meaning you can surely trust Goldmore. Our products are also certified by RoHS, REAH, PAHS, EMC, CE and more parameters. Therefore, you can assure our motion sensor night light’s quality.

Inquire us now for more details and information about our motion sensor night light and other Goldmore’s services!

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