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Why Choose GoldMore Headlamp

To appeal to different genders, careers, ages, and needs, we provide different types of headlights.

Different Style For All People we offer long-distance range headlamps, with mine workers’ high-quality zoom headlamps, children’s animal shape headlights, plain headlamps for men, and women’s fashion headlights.

Customized Size, Style, Color, etc In terms of brightness, size, style, color, shape, customers have a variety of options to choose from.

Goldmore LED Headlamp Series

GM2825 LED Headlamp
  • SIZE: 6×4.3×3.4cm
  • Weight: 40g
  • Work time: 8hours
  • Mode: cob high light-cob half-light -cob flash
  • Adjustable over-top headband
GM10133A 8LED Head Lamp
  • Light source: 8 LEDs
  • 4 x Lighting Modes: 8 LED/ 4 LED/ 2 LED/ Strobe
  • Working time: 5H
  • Beam distance: 20M
  • Use 3xAAA Carbon Batteries
GM10133A 8LED Head Lamp
  • 4 SETTINGS: High beam, low beam, red beam & red flashing
  • 3 AAA Duracell Batteries
  • Shines ultra-bright (110 Lumens) and bulb lasts up to 100,000 hours
  • With an adjustable headband,
  • Package includes: 1 x Headlight 1 x Headband
GM10358B LED Headlight
  • Size:7*5.5*4CM
  • Can be adjustable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Suitable for the entire family 
  • With this LED headlight, running at night is safer
GM10408A USB Rechargeable Headlamp
  • Size6.2*4*3.5CM 
  • charged via USB cable directly in just 4-6 hours
  • Up to 30 hours for economic brightness or 4 hours for full brightness.
  • Light at a distance up to 150 meters
  • For outdoor safe use on a rainy day
  • Size10*5.7*3CM
  • LED beams brightness up to 250 lumens
  • Long lifespan reach up to 10,000 hours
  • 3 rechargeable AAA batteries(3.7v)
  • 3 modes low, high, strobe.

Your Best LED Headlamp Manufacturer in China

GoldMore can provide you with more than 1000 LED headlamp products that will allow you to support your start-up business. With GoldMore 24-hours customer service you can receive your order in 7-10 days. And all-LED headlamps had a 1-year quality assurance, so you no need to worry. We also accept refunds within 7 days.

As the leading LED headlamp manufacturer in China, GoldMore has rich experience in developing and supplying high-quality LED headlamps to all of our customers for more than 10 years.

led headlamp
LED Bike Headlamp

Various Types Of Lights Available

GoldMore provides a large variety of the brightest LED headlamp, including USB rechargeable headlamps, LED bike headlamps, LED rechargeable headlamps, LED headlights and etc. Sporting a bright and ultra-efficient LED bulb, GoldMore LED headlamp can rapidly skyrocket your brand.

Whatever career you are in, different ages, genders, and needs, we are providing various types of LED headlamp that suits you. Goldmore headlamp has different styles that fit every people. We offer long-distance range headlamps, children’s animal shape headlights, plain headlamps for men, and fashion headlights for women.

Goldmore Satisfied Your Requests

GoldMore LED headlamp has a large variety of options for you to choose from. Whether it may be in terms of the LED headlamp brightness, size, color, or shape. If you also want to customize your headlamp, we, GoldMore will make the perfect LED headlamp for you.

Our LED headlamp boast increased longevity, reduced energy consumption, and lower operating temperatures. GoldMore LED headlamps can bring instant clarity to a dark environment that makes it ideal for running at night or participating in evening activities. Each of our headlamps comes with alkaline batteries.

Whether you need an LED headlamp for environmental uses or headlight business, our wide variety of LED headlamps will match your requirement. If you are interested in our LED headlamps, please feel free to contact us, anytime!

led headlamp

LED Headlamp Manufacturer

LED Headlamp
LED Headlamp

We dare say that Goldmore offers the brightest LED headlights available in the market today. Sporting a bright and ultra-efficient LED bulb, our headlamp easily surpasses its market counterparts.

Our LED headlamps also boast increased longevity, reduced energy consumption, and lower operating temperatures. An ideal headlamp for running at night or participating in evening activities, our LED headlights can bring instant clarity to a dark environment. Each of our lights also comes with alkaline batteries.

The Definitive Guide to LED Headlamps

Which is better: LED or HID headlights?

Xenon HID (high-intensity discharge) are brighter than LED lights, but they are also more fragile than LEDs.

Thus, LED headlights are better for extreme travel, climbing, hiking through wooded areas since the LEDs are more durable.

What is the most important thing in LED headlamp design?

While it is a common thought that the light itself is the most important thing, the truth is a little more complicated.

The most important design feature depends on the purpose of the LED headlamp.

Plus, all features are equally important.

For camping or barbecuing headlamps, an important feature is diffused light and its ability to articulate in different angles, so the person can direct the lights anywhere.

For trail headlamps, important features include the brightness of the light, as well as balanced weight and durability.

Generally, if the light is geared towards hiking and running, more features become equally important as the light itself.

Whereas, less specialized headlamps do have light as the main feature.

For a consultation, contact us today!

What light designs are there for LED headlamps?

There are many shapes and sizes of LED headlamps, but all of them can be categorized into light-like and flashlight-like.

The light-like headlamps look fairly simple and are typically smaller and lighter than the other type.

They are characterized by a relatively recessed, one-piece light.

They are also more likely to have a lower lumen output than the other type of headlamps.

Thus, they are better for camping and climbing.

For camping, you don’t need much light.

For climbing, the recessed nature of these lights will be more comfortable to dodge rocks and edges with.

Light-like headlamp

Light-like headlamp

On the other hand, we have flashlight-like headlamps.

These are heavy-duty lights and are great for night running, biking, or any other situation when you need a bright spotlight.

These can look like short flashlights, sideways flashlights, and even big torches.

flashlight-like headlamp

Flashlight-like headlamp

Because these are heavier, the battery is almost always on the back, whereas the first type is light enough that the battery can be in the front.

Torch-like headlights have a big reflector, so they have bright and wide beams.

They can even be marketed to construction workers, miners, and other people who work in the dark.

Torch-like headlamp

 Torch-like headlamp

Plus, Goldmore offers “funny” headlamps in the shape of an animal, which is great for children.

Funny LED headlamp

Funny LED headlamp

For more designs, visit our catalog!

What is one unusual LED headlamp design?

One unusual design is a cap light. It is a flat light with clips that attaches either on top of a cap’s bill or below.

These aren’t heavy-duty lights, but can be used for casual camping and barbecuing in the garden.

Cap headlamp

Cap headlamp

What lumen output should LED headlamps have?

Generally, 20 to 40 lumens is enough to get by while camping, whether it is preparing dinner, or setting up the camp.

However, if you are focusing more on night trail running, you need at least 100-120 lumens since you or your customer will be running fast and needs to see far into the distance.

And yet, your headlamp should also be able to switch to a lower brightness because 100 lumens will be too bright for close objects, such as maps, hurting your customer’s vision.

Overall, the brightest headlamps can reach 320 lumens, and Goldmore offers up to 8000 lumens!

Of course, this is only needed if your lights target night runners, explorers, and even some construction or mine workers.

Another thing with brightness is light concentration.

If you have one light that is 20 lumens but reaches 10 meters, and another with 20 lumens but reaches 2 meters, the second light will be more concentrated – thus, brighter.

How the concentration of light changes

How the concentration of light changes

What distance should LED headlamps illuminate?

If your goal is to have camping headlamps, then designing a light with a short and wide beam is better.

This way, your customers will be able to see their entire campsite.

Thus, you will be fine with a mere 5-meter – or 16 feet – range.

However, if you are planning a headlamp for running, hiking, or climbing, then the beam should reach about 40 feet – or about 12 meters.

What is an ideal beam angle for an LED headlamp?

Many lamps offer adjustable beam settings, which is ideal and makes the light versatile.

Floodlight, or wide-angle, beams are great for general campsite lighting when you need to see around rather than out.

Floodlights can have a beam angle starting from 50 degrees, and up to 120 degrees.

Spotlight, or narrow-angle, beams are more useful for nighttime hiking and running when your main goal is to be able to see into the distance.

These light beams have angles starting from 4 to 45 degrees.

However, even hiking lights may need adjustment.

Some people prefer running with diffuse lights, so they see the edges of the trail.

However, if the trail has snow, then a wide-angle would make the snow reflective and blind the runner.

Overall, LED headlamps should have variable beam angles to suit any situation.

Different beam

  Different beam angles: 15, 30, 60 degrees

How long do LED headlamps hold their charge for?

There are headlamps that hold their charge from 4-48 hours.

This depends on the battery used, as well as what light mode is used.

In low light mode, the charge could last up to 30 hours, whereas at a high light mode, the same light will only last for 4 hours.

An average working time ranges from 5-8 hours for most LED headlamps.

As for the time that it takes to charge, it depends on the working time.

However, on average, it takes from 2.5 to 4 hours to charge the full battery.

How do LED lights charge?

LED headlamps can be charged either with a primary battery or a rechargeable one.

Primary batteries aren’t used as much since they need to be replaced all the time.

Although, they can come in handy for longer camping or hiking trips where you don’t have an outlet readily available.

More often you’d have AA or AAA rechargeable batteries.

These can be charged via a USB as well as a wall outlet.

Batteries like this take about 2-8 hours to reach a full charge.

Charging options for LED headlamps

Charging options for LED headlamps

There are also solar charging options, but these aren’t used often as well.

Another note on batteries: people prefer batteries to do placed on the back, so their weight balances out the weight of the light itself.

How much should an LED headlamp weigh?

The average weight of Goldmore LED headlamps is about 2.5 ounces or 70 grams.

What does mAh mean?

Milliamp hours measure how much charge any given battery can hold.

The higher this number, the longer the battery will run.

What materials are the bands for headlamps made of?

The bands of LED headlamps are usually made from woven elastic material, such as nylon or polyester.

Nylon is stretchier, softer, but also more durable.

However, polyester is more resistant to abrasion and has moisture-wicking properties.

Thus, if your headlamps are made to be worn in direct contact with hair and skin, polyester is better.

But if the quality you are looking for is elasticity and durability, nylon is your best bet.

There are also some plastic bands, but they would be uncomfortable when in direct contact with the skin.

However, you can still design such, and just market them as over-the-cap headlamps.

Finally, sometimes LED headlamp bands consist of simple rubber strands.

This is also a good design since it is breathable, clings well to any surface, and is packable.

However, here you need to make sure that the rubber used is of good quality, sturdy rubber.

Otherwise, it may start crumbling after some time of use.

Finally, you can always mix and match these materials, using some rubber, nylon, and a plastic end, for example.

Headlamp with rubber bands

Headlamp with rubber bands

What materials are LED headlamps made from?

Usually, manufacturers use aluminum or ABS, which both are strong and resistant to corrosion.

What band designs are there for LED headlamps?

It seems that bands are simple enough not to need any design, but you’d be wrong to think that.

Bands could be either single- or double-ribbon.

Single-ribbon bands just go around the head like a belt.

These are typically lighter and are great for general camp lighting.

These need to have a sturdier and more elastic material to cling to the person’s head.

Single-ribbon light

Single-ribbon light

Double-ribbon bands also go around the head, but also have an additional band running across the top of the head.

They are also called T-bands.

These are more heavy-duty, and provide the support for heavier lights.

Thus, they are great for hiking, climbing, and running.

Also, they can be made from a less elastic material since the headlamp won’t slide off because of the extra band.

Double-ribbon light

Double-ribbon light

Another design perk you should keep in mind is adjustable plastic fasteners that allow the user to customize the bands to fit his or her head.

This feature is a must unless the bands themselves are very elastic.

But even then, still consider these.

What should I keep in mind in terms of LED lamp buttons?

Regarding buttons, you need to think about 2 things.

The first thing is that the button design should be easy to use.

The person has to be able to press the buttons and switch modes while the headlamp is on.

If the buttons are easy to press while wearing gloves or mittens, then it is an additional plus.

The second thing is that the buttons must be somehow protected against accidents.

So, the buttons should be pressable by a gloved human hand, not the light’s surroundings in a bag.

This means that you have to find some kind of a sweet spot between a 3D button and a recessed button.

A possible answer to this may be a large recessed button or one that is hard to press, requiring human force.

Also, you could have a lockout mechanism.

Either way, this is something to think about.

Close-up of a button

Close-up of a button

Does the weight of the LED light matter?

The balance of weight is what matters more than the weight itself.

If the weight is balanced, then it is not a big deal.

The weight of any headlamp is comprised of the light itself and the battery.

The latter is usually heavier.

Many people who wear headlamps prefer the batteries to be on the back, so their weight counteracts the weight of the light.

Also, you can design the headlamp in a way that the battery can be attached to the person’s shoulder or belt.

However, this option can be complicated to mount, so people tend to dislike it as well.

Is it important for the lamp to be able to tilt?

It is not necessary. Some lights can tilt 45 degrees, some tilt up to 90 degrees.

This just increases the light’s versatility in the purpose and direction of light, so your customers can adjust the angle.

Tilting LED headlamp

Tilting LED headlamp

Why do some LED headlamps have 1 light and some have up to 8?

Multiple lights may be brighter than single lights, but that is not a rule.

It all depends on the lumens.

However, there are reasons why multiple lights are sometimes better than single ones.

When you have a single light right above your face, the world will seem 2D, as in you won’t see shadows.

With multiple light sources, the shadows start appearing and giving your surroundings form.

While the lack of shadows isn’t necessary for running-oriented lights, camping headlamps could benefit from the depth of field shadows create.

Many LED headlamps with multiple lights are versatile and can function as single lights to save power.

Headlamp with multiple lights

 Headlamp with multiple lights

Another multi-light design has one lamp in the front, and another on the back.

The backlight is usually red in such headlamps.

This is done with the same logic that bike lights have with a white in the front and red on the back.

In fact, these can be used for cycling, as well as skiing, and running in the park.

The idea is to see and to be seen for the user’s safety.

The backlight is lighter in these, so it can be combined with the battery on the back.

LED headlamp with a light on the back

LED headlamp with a light on the back

What types of LED lights are used in headlamps?

Just like with other LED lights, you can have 5mm, surface-mounted, and COB lights.

Some LED headlamps use 5mm LEDs.

These are great for lower lumen output, lower current, and lights that you don’t want too many individual LEDs for.

These lights tend to be sturdier and have more impact resistance because of the long prongs.

 5mm LEDs in a headlamp

5mm LEDs in a headlamp

Surface-mounted (SMD) LEDs are more customizable, have a higher light density, and are easy to work with during production.

These two are great for hiking, as well as general camping lighting.

SMD LEDs in a headlamp

SMD LEDs in a headlamp

Finally, COB lights are the brightest ones you can have.

They also have the widest beam angle.

Thus, these are better for long-distance floodlight illumination for night running or hiking.

COB in a headlamp

COB in a headlamp

However, there are no strict rules as to what light types should be used for which purpose.

The lumen output is what determines it.

Goldmore’s brightest LED headlamps actually use a combination of several LED types, such as 6 SMD and 2 COB lights.

These you can see in our catalog.

Which is better for an LED headlamp: lenses or reflectors?

This depends on what is your goal.

Reflectors can be smooth or “orange peel”.

Smooth reflectors disperse the light and make it crisp, while textured reflectors diffuse it.

Overall, reflectors don’t focus on the light but widen the beam angle.

Thus, they are perfect for general camping lighting.

Lenses converse light, making it more focused, like a spotlight.

These are great as climbing and hiking lights.

A combination of reflectors and lenses achieves the effects of both.

The light it produces is focused in the middle, and dispersed at the edges.

It is called a combination beam.

This light is ideal for running and biking since it will shine into the distance, as well as sufficiently illuminate the edges of the path.

Reflectors, lenses, and a combination of both

Reflectors, lenses, and a combination of both

What does T6 mean?

T6 comes from a standard put in place by Cree – now an industry standard.

There are certain “binnings” based on the overall quality of light.

This quality check includes forward voltage, CRI, color temperature, and luminous flux – or lumen.

A light’s maximum and minimum lumen output is tested at a constant current for the most accuracy.

The T6 binning is the most common one for LED headlamps, LED bike lights, and some LED flashlights.

T6 produces cool white colored light with 280-692 lumens of brightness.

Cree binnings

      Cree binnings

What physical resistance to water or impacts should LED headlamps have?

Depending on the purpose, the headlamp should be protected differently.

Generally, a headlamp should have some dust, water, fall, and vibration protection.

We will be using the IP code and the IK rating to discuss this.

The IP code has 2 numbers that correspond to dust ingress and water ingress.

The IK rating measures how many joules of downward pressure.

This can be converted into a measurement of how many meters of a fall an item can endure.

Table of IP and IK ratings

 Table of IP and IK ratings

For general camping LED headlamps, the IP and the IK rating can be fairly average.

It should be protected well from dust, splashing water, rain, and should be able to survive a fall from 1.4-2 meters.

Thus, IP54 and IK03 should work well.

As for more serious headlamps for running and biking, these should be fully protected from dust, be able to withstand splashes and some submersion, as well as fall from 3-4 meters.

Thus, IP66 and IK07 should work well.

There are also more specialized camping activities that need protection as well.

Such include fishing, where IPX8 is needed, or climbing, where IK08 should be in place, and skiing, where you need to think about cold-proofing your product.

One way to protect an LED against the cold is just to have strong batteries since the cold drains them faster.

LEDs themselves actually thrive in cold environments.

What light modes are there for LED headlamps?

As with most other camping lights, like bike lights and flashlights, you need at least 3 light modes, but you can have up to 6.

The 3 main ones are high, low, and SOS strobe.

High and low modes regulate the brightness, while the strobe signals danger.

Other light modes include red light, red strobe, and a general switch between colors.

Also, you can include light modes to change the beam angle from a floodlight to a spotlight.

What colors and color temperatures should LED headlamps have?

Firstly, color temperatures.

Typically, the light should be cool white, so from 5000K to 8000K.

This is a bright light that is good for the illumination of trails.

However, going higher than 7000K is not recommended since then the light becomes too harsh on the eyes.

Color temperature

Color temperature 

Going below 3000K is also not ideal since then the light becomes too warm – and not bright enough.

Also, warmer light tends to distort colors more.

As for colored light, LED headlamps could have orange, red, blue, and green beside the white.

Let’s examine what is each used for.

Orange light cuts through the fog and rain better than white light.

This has to do with the fact that longer wavelengths don’t bounce off of the water as short ones do.

Thus, orange light is good to include in case of fog suddenly lays down as your customer is jogging along.

Red light is a universal warning sign, as well as a plea for help.

As such, it is crucial to include in headlamps. Especially, this color can be combined with SOS strobe.

Blue light is great for reading maps.

Because it masks blue markings on the map, you can more clearly see your route, which is usually in red.

This color isn’t necessary, but it is helpful to have for those that use maps during camping.

Greenlight is specialized for hunters.

Greenlight makes the color red jump out, which is useful during hunting as the hunter can see trails of blood left by the wounded prey.

Colored light

 Colored light

Who can I market LED headlamps to?

You can effectively market LED headlamps to 2 main groups of people: various workers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Workers can be construction workers, home remodeling, car work, mining, and more.

Among these, the first 2 kinds of workers are your likeliest customers.

LED headlights for these people should be durable, very impact resistant, and have many light modes, such as adjustable beam angles.

Outdoor enthusiasts include runners, cyclists, skiers, fishermen, hunters, and cave explorers.

Lights for these people should also be durable, waterproof, have a red light, and a big battery.

As for light modes, there can be less of those.

For more details, contact us!

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