Unicorn Night Light
Unicorn Night Light
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Unicorn Night Light

Pure fun and part magic! Goldmore’sunicorn night light is the best gift that will brighten up every room. When you say unicorn night light, Goldmore is an expert manufacturer and supplier! Our engineers come up with the idea of making a unicorn night light which has on and off switch. As you switch it on, you can see the cycles of different colors like a rainbow. Our unicorn night light is battery-operated. It is small enough and portable so you can carry it easily and place wherever you want to.

Goldmore’sunicorn night light is perfect in a kid’s room night light. Our unicorn night light gives happy spell in every place it is placed of. Making of our high-quality unicorn night light is possible through Goldmore’s expert engineers and designers. Also, with the help of high-technology, we are able to manufacture a gold quality unicorn night light made from safe raw materials.

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Goldmore Unicorn Night Light

With Goldmore’sunicorn night light, we will add magic to every teen room, kids and toddler bedsides. It is the best way for every child to easily fall asleep every night. Unicorn night light supplied by Goldmore gives off a very calming atmosphere to make babies and toddlers feel comfortable and safe every night. Our unicorn night light is equipped with a dim function and special touch. Because our unicorn night light is battery-operated, it is highly rechargeable. It can also be plug in a USB port with a battery charging indicator. Charging maximum time of our unicorn night light is 2 up to 3 hours.

Unicorn night light by Goldmore is the perfect way to banish every children’s bad dream during the night. Made with ABS, PVC, electric components and more, you can assure that our unicorn night light is of high-quality. More than that, all our products especially unicorn night light are tested by various parameters including PAHS, ROHS, SCCP, EMC, CE, etc.

Moreover, Goldmore is a manufacturer tested by BSCI, so you can always rely on us. If you are planning to purchase wholesale unicorn night light, always consider buying at Goldmore. We are a professional supplier as well as a manufacturer of various LED lights for outdoor and indoor use. For around 10 years, we continue to provide an innovative unicorn night light.

We are available 24/7 to guide and assist you with the processing. Be in touch with us for more services!

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