Battery Motion Sensor Light
Battery Motion Sensor Light
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Goldmore is Your Premium Manufacturer and Supplier of Battery Motion Sensor Light in China

  • Rich Experience. Goldmore is an expert manufacturer and supplier of battery motion sensor light in China for more than 10 years now. Because of that, we know all of the LED light manufacturing processes. Thus, you can always rely on us.
  • High-quality products. Before shipment, our professional quality control team always makes sure to inspect thoroughly our products especially battery motion sensor light so that it will arrive at your place in a good condition.
  • Full Certifications. You can assure the quality of our products since it is certified by various parameters such as EMC, ROHS, PAHS, CE, EMC and more. Aside from that, we are also a manufacturer BSIC tested.
Battery Motion Sensor Light

Goldmore’s battery motion sensor light is an alternative option for those who cannot afford electrician or those people who wants to save money. These battery motion sensor lights are simple to install and doesn’t need any wiring. It can be installed with double-sided tapes or few screws only. Battery motion sensor lights also used for indoor or outdoor applications. Our motion-activated lights powered by batteries is very durable that won’t let your budget bust.

Goldmore also manufactures a battery motion sensor light with an excellent temperature compensation. Its sensitivity will adjust automatically if an extreme cold or hot temperature arise. Due to that, it will provide you a consistent security in any season. Learn more information about Goldmore’s battery motion sensor light.

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Goldmore Battery Motion Sensor Light

For over 10 years, Goldmore has built a good reputation as a professional supplier as well as manufacturer of battery motion sensor light in China. Our wide variety of battery motion sensor light is commonly used to secure such areas including closets, attics, stairways, utility rooms, basements, gazebos, porches, showers, garage, RV’s, tents, campers and other places which need a pinpointed light.

For our battery motion sensor light to suit your preference, we manufactured them with different designs, styles, motion detection range, number of bulbs, sizes and other features. Despite of that, you can assure that these are all high-quality. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please give us your design and our engineers will work on it. Also, Goldmore’s designers will give some free suggestions. Moreover, you can also check out our free sample designs.

Goldmore, is indeed your one-stop solution for all of your battery motion sensor light needs. Always rely on us if you will purchase wholesale orders of battery motion sensor light. With our competitive and factory price, plus it’s high-quality, you can assure that you will have increased sales and profit. Our on-time delivery and the hassle-free process will help you save time and effort. Other than that, we have a 1-year warranty service for our battery motion sensor light.

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