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Rocket Your Business with Goldmore Flashlight

We offer thousands of kinds of flashlights to choose from: plastic flashlight, aluminum flashlight, hand-crank flashlight, rechargeable flashlight, concentrated flashlight, military flashlight, hunting torch, key chain gift flashlight, tool flashlight, diving flashlight, etc.

Customized Flashlight Designs, We offer color customization, style design, packing design, and we can provide the most professional services to all customers. More Than a 1 Year Warranty, Quality is guaranteed, all products include more than a 1-year warranty.

Goldmore Flashlight Series

Goldmore Tactical Flashlights are built from sturdy and ultra-strong materials. The material is premium quality aluminum alloy, which is durable. It is free to adjust the irradiation area.

Rechargeable flashlight let you don’t have to worry about power off. With CE, ROHS, UL, and ECM certificates, the rechargeable flashlight can offer you durable, high performance, and guarantee quality.

Designing with extra-strong long-wave UV and eco-friendly materials, Goldmore UV flashlight can meet your detection and investigation requirements.

Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight with High Lumens

High Lumen Flashlight can be manufactured from aluminum or plastic material. And it brings powerful luminosity, impact resistance, and a long-lasting life span.

mini flashlight

Designed by high-skilled engineers, Mini Flashlight can be easily carried. It has durable batteries and can light up the night like a normal flashlight.

kids flashlight

With the best raw materials and designs,Goldmore Kids Flashlight is high quality and reliable. Kids Flashlight can be highly portable and lightweight, with more models for customers.

Welcome OEM Flashlights

During the last 15 years, Goldmore has helped hundreds of flashlight brands rocket their business on Amazon, eBay, self-owned websites, local retail shops, etc.

Goldmore LED flashlights of high quality will grow your business in an efficient way. We are willing to help your OEM projects by providing flashlights with ensured high quality and long life span.

Color, size, function, appearance all can be customized. Designed logo and package are accpeted as well. We have low MOQ for starting your bussiness. Contact us now to get discount!


Goldmore Various of Flashlights

We have a wide variety of flashlights for you to choose from, with different functions and designs. There are solar flashlight, tactical flashlight, USB rechargeable flashlight, hand crank flashlight, mini flashlight, multi-functional flashlight, UV flashlight and so on.

All of Goldmore flashlights are made from good materials and fresh materials

In addition, we can customize your unique flashlight with low MOQ, please contact us and send us your requirements.

Premium Material

Goldmore flashlights are made of high quality aluminum alloy, ABS, plastic, TPR and other materials.Excellent materials make Goldmore flashlights not only more delicate in appearance, more comfortable in feel, but also longer in life span. Great material makes the flashlight less likely to be damaged by falling or colliding. In general, a series of benefits of high quality material for flashlights include:

  • Durable
  • Long life span
  • Smooth appearance
  • Fall resistance
  • Comfortable hand feel
GM10022+Portable LED Flashlight Work Light Medical First Aid Pen Flashlight

Leading Flashlight Supplier Provides Best Services

As the leading LED flashlight supplier in China, GoldMore can provide the highest-quality LED flashlight. GoldMore LED flashlight was manufactured using the finest quality materials, with great attention to detail.

Whether you are indoors or outside, a GoldMore LED flashlight will always be your perfect choice. Your GoldMore LED flashlight will suit all of your needs, with its unique design, that will ensure you get the best experience.

For more than 10 years, GoldMore has developed various LED flashlight designs, satisfying our clients by providing them with the best-LED flashlight high-standard quality they could find.

Goldmore Flashlight satisfied your requests

Aside from our wide variety of LED flashlights, we can also customized flashlight designs, including color customization, style design, packing design, mostly we can provide professional services to all our customers around the globe.

Goldmore LED flashlight can meet your needs. With its highest quality, small MOQ, 24 hours customer service, more than 1-year quality assurance and professional assistance, you could guarantee our kind of service.

Our LED flashlight can help you skyrocket your business, with our strong brand operation, design and development and marketing team, we are providing great LED flashlight for you. If you are interested on our LED flashlight, feel free to contact us today!

Emergency Flashlight
Emergency Flashlight

Why Choose GoldMore to Customize Your Flashlights

Golmore has been engaged in flashlight manufacturing for 15 years, we have a very rich experience in custom manufacturing, helping many brands to expand the market, fame and fortune.

We can customize color, logo, packaging design, function, lamp bead color, lumens, even your new whole design. Goldmore can help you achieve it.

Our LED flashlights possess a longer lifespan, enhanced brightness, and increased efficiency. We’re proud to produce and offer the industry’s premier high-power LED flashlights to help consumers properly illuminate their lives.


The Ultimate LED Flashlight and Importing Guide

If you are looking for information on flashlight importing from China, then you’re at the right place.

This guide will help you learn the ropes of sourcing and shipping quality flashlights from China.

So read on.

What Types of Flashlights Does Goldmore Sell and What are Their Applications?

Goldmore sells a wide variety of LED flashlights that cover many markets and audiences.

Among this variety are tactical, mini, telescopic, floodlight, toy, keychain, pen, diving, and tool flashlights.

Let’s examine each in more detail!

Tactical flashlights are those used by the military.

They have long beam distances, are sturdy, and have waterproof IP ratings from IPX4 to IPX6.

As mentioned, these flashlights do well in the military and police sectors, as well as with extreme travelers.

You can also read our blog for more information on tactical flashlights!

Mini flashlights are your typical small flashlights of other types.

They can also be waterproof and dustproof to reach IP ratings of IP65.

Anyone can use these, so mini flashlights cover a big general market.

Telescopic flashlights have extra-long beams, reaching nearly 200 meters.

They can also be shockproof for falls from 3 meters, and waterproof to IPX6.

These, again, are great for the military, police, travelers, and guards.

Floodlights have really wide beams that wash a lot of areas with light.

They also have a useful rating of IPX7, meaning that they work well during rainstorms.

These flashlights are also great for guards and travelers, but also people who search for other people, animals, or things.

The wide beam illuminates a large area Toy and holiday flashlights are colorful and have interchangeable discs with patterns that can be projected onto walls.

This type of product has great potential in the children market.

Also, could be marketed to adults that want to decorate their homes for themed holiday parties.

Keychain flashlights are tiny lights that are useful all-around.

They also can be marketed to late-night runners or bikers since these lights will glimmer and show drivers where people are.

Thus, they can help with safety.

There are also keychain flashlights with an SOS function that can be put on gear carabiners.

Thus, you can market them to travelers and climbers as well.

Pen flashlights are made specifically for medical settings.

Do you know the little lights that doctors have?

They direct them into patients’ eyes to see the function of pupils.

Pen flashlights are just for that. They have narrow and concentrated beams and are very compact – as a pen.

Diving flashlights are built to illuminate the waters around a diver.

There are obviously waterproof and can be marketed to divers.

There is a variety of tool flashlights that harbor several other functions in them.

Some can be elongated – perfect for electricians and other workers that look through equipment in the dark.

Some have an array of different tools in them, including small scissors, screwdrivers, saws, and openers.

Campers are a huge market for this type of flashlights.

You can learn more about all these by going through the flashlight selection on Goldmore and by looking through the overview below.

Also, you can always chat with our 24/7 operator and send your request!

What Materials Does Goldmore Use for LED Flashlights?

Goldmore uses a lot of different materials to suit the application and type of flashlight.

Some materials include plastic, rubber, and aluminum. Other, less used, materials include steel, brass, and copper.

Titanium could be used for extra sturdiness as well.

Magnesium and zinc alloys are also potential candidates, but they tend to corrode easily.

What Different Charging Methods are There for LED Flashlights?

There are 3 main ways to charge a flashlight: chemical, electrical, and mechanical.

Other popular batteries tend to be AA and AAA.

Chemical means batteries.

There are primary and secondary batteries. The secondary is the rechargeable ones.

Primary batteries use fairly toxic heavy metals, but they are more economical for rare use

. The secondary is also toxic – they use acids – and these are better for frequent use.

The most popular secondary battery for flashlights is a lithium-ion battery.

Electrical charging is basically recharging secondary batteries.

Nowadays this can be done by just using a USB. It also may entail ecological charging, such as using solar energy.

Mechanical charging is more interesting.

There are hand-crank flashlights that transform the muscle power of the user into electricity.

So, the user doesn’t need batteries or anything.

Thus, they are cheaper and useful for people below the middle class.

You can market these flashlights to them or to non-profit organizations.

How Long Does It Take to Charge A Flashlight?

Charging an LED flashlight could take anywhere from 90 seconds to 5 hours.

There are some batteries – NiCd and NiMH – that take up to 12 hours to charge.

If you want to market tactical flashlights, faster-charging ones are better, whereas for general-use flashlights the charging time does not matter as much.

What is An IP Rating?

An IP rating represents the degrees of protection a product has from the elements.

The first digit denotes protection against solids, which is dust.

The second digit denotes protection against liquids, such as water.

This rating can tell you a lot about the environments a product can be used in, helping you in marketing in.

IP Rating

What are Lumens and How Many are Enough for A Flashlight?

A lumen is a measure of visible light – how bright a light source is.

It is represented with “lm”. Typically, LEDs produce a lot of lumens from a small number of watts.

Flashlights can have anywhere from 20 to 3000 lumens and more.

The optimal brightness of a flashlight is directly related to its purpose and target audience.

If it is a toy, it will be fine with a small number of lumens.

If it is a tactical flashlight or a floodlight, there have to be more lumens – the output has to be more powerful.

To find the optimal output for your project, feel free to contact Goldmore right now!



How is Luminous Intensity Measured?

Luminous intensity is measured as CBCP (Center Beam Candlepower).

It measures how bright the center of the beam is.

It is measured in candelas (cd).

Narrow beam angles generally have higher CBCP values, so this can help you judge how concentrated the light is and whether you want it to be that concentrated.

A typical flashlight has anywhere from 2000 to 25000 candelas, depending on its purpose.

What Does T6 Mean?

T6, as well as T3, T4, T5, R2, S2, Q2, P4, and U2 are called binnings.

They denote an LED’s output during test.

Generally the higher the binning, the more light there is.

T6 is a very good light output.

What Does COB Mean in LED Flashlights?

COB stands for Chips-On-Board, which is a way of combining many small LEDs into a single lighting module.

This typically results in wider beam angles and more efficient energy usage.

However, this efficiency works in single-color applications, but not in more versatile ones.

What is A Heatsink?

Despite being cool to the touch, LEDs do produce inner heat, which can damage an LED.

Thus, heatsinks are used to provide a path for heat to dissipate through conduction, convection, or radiation, so the LED works longer.

What is A Bezel of An LED Flashlight?

A bezel is a rim on the head of the flashlight that protects the lens when the flashlight is set down.

There are a few bezel designs, but the two most popular ones are flat and with crenelations.

Flat bezels are just regular rims.

Meanwhile, crenelations have patterns that let light seep through when the flashlight is set down.


What Lighting Modes Do Goldmore LED Flashlights Have?

Some flashlights offered have 4 or 5 light modes as shown on the image.

High, medium, and low modes describe the brightness of the beam. Y

ou doesn’t need the full power of the flashlight in all situations.

For example, if you are looking at a map or reading something, the bright mode may be too harsh on your eyes – switch to a lower mode!

The Strobe mode is specialized for self-defense.

Its pulsing flashing is very disorienting to anyone.

Thus, this is a helpful model for police, other law enforcement, and even campers.

Finally, the SOS mode signals a plea for help with morse code (3 short flashes, 3 long, 3 short).

Again, this is helpful for police and campers that need to be prepared for danger.


Are There LED Flashlights with Differently Colored Light?

Besides various color temperatures, there are several color filters that are all used for different purposes.

There are more, like Ultraviolet and Infra-red, but flashlights rarely have these.

Color filters include green, blue, red, and yellow.

With LED flashlights, color temperature does not matter as much as in other lighting applications.

What are Different Light Colors Used for?

Each light filter has its own uses.

Greenlight is useful for the outdoors, especially hunting.

Greenlight is similar to night vision.

For hunting, supposedly attracts animals and fish, making a nighttime hunt more fruitful.

Also, Greenlight is good for tracking wounded game, as it makes red colors of blood stand out on a trail.

As a bonus, green LEDs tend to last a little longer than regular ones.

Blue light is useful for reading maps at night since it masks blue markings while making red marks and paths stand out.

Blue LEDs are widely used by campers, pilots, and anyone else who relies heavily on reading maps in the dark.

Also, police use blue LEDs since blue light, like green, makes red blood stand out, which is useful at crime scenes.

Finally, blue light is the most effective in cutting through the fog.

Thus, you can market blue flashlights to those types of sectors.

Red light is very useful for camping and some tactical purposes.

Firstly, red LEDs are not as bright as white ones.

Thus, they are not as noticeable to the human eye, which is great for military and police – being able to see, but not be seen.

Red light is generally softer and more comfortable on the eyes.

Finally, red light is a universal sign for help.

Yellow light is the least used in flashlights, but it still has its benefits.

It is great for traveling and looking at road signs at night since it makes the black stand out.

It is also softer on the eyes and nice for camping.

Contact Goldmore to request any of these!

light colors

What is An Adjustable Light Focus?

An adjustable light focus allows the user to change the angle of the beam.

This way, it is possible to have a narrow or a wide beam when necessary.

A narrow beam can be used as a spotlight or a long-distance signalling tool.

Meanwhile, a wide beam is good for night searches and general use.


How Many LEDs Does An LED Flashlight Have?

This also depends. Generally, small keychain flashlights have one 5mm LED, while bigger flashlights have many small LEDs or a large one.

Depending on how many lumens you need, a flashlight will have an optimal number and size of LEDs.

What Different Body Designs Are There for LED Flashlights?

Again, there could be a huge variety of flashlight body designs, and the Goldmore team is ready to provide OEM services for you.

However, there are 2 main types of designs: cylindrical and anti-roll.

The cylindrical shape does provide a traditional flashlight look, but it also rolls around a lot.

Anti-roll design counteracts that.

Anti-roll designs can include an anti-roll ring, a flat bezel side surface, or an asymmetrical design.

There could also be various specialized designs that serve their purpose.

For example, there are medical pen designs or a gooseneck inspection light.

Based on the market you are trying to appeal to and what purpose you are trying to achieve, the design has to reflect.

How Are LED Flashlights Made?

There are many steps and intricacies in the manufacturing process of LED flashlights, but you can always read an overview!

How Long Do LED Flashlights Last?

LED flashlights last a very long time – 50 000 to 100 000 hours.

(This is also shown in Goldmore product descriptions)

Thus, it is possible that your business selling LED flashlights would experience waves.

A lot of people would buy the product and only come back when they need a replacement.

Meanwhile, in between, sales may be lower.

As for runtime, most flashlights can operate for 1-5 hours per charge.

However, larger flashlights can have larger batteries, extending the runtime to more than 5 hours.

Why is Chinese Import Better than that of India?

In other words, why should you choose Chinese suppliers rather than Indian?

Well, as of 2019, the Chinese GDP is nearly 5 times larger than that of India, showing China’s economic success.

Not to mention that China is a global export leader, being the supplier of the world.

To see an illustrating graph, scroll down!

How Do I Ship LED Flashlights to Amazon?

Firstly, you need to choose a manufacturer, of course.

Then, you have to go through quality controls of the products you want to import and the factory where the products are made.

Then, you should place a small order just to sample it.

If you are satisfied, feel free to order in bulk, package, label, and ship!

If you have specific questions on the mode of payment, optimal packaging, and the general shipping process, scroll down!

Also, Goldmore has import and marketing experts that will gladly help you expand and light up your business.

Will Goldmore Help Me with Import of LED Flashlights?

Certainly! Goldmore team has knowledge of the LED market trends and an Amazon FBA service.

We provide OEM services, design your packaging and help with Amazon processing and labeling.

What Certifications Do I Need?

If you are looking to import to the US, you definitely need a UL listing.

A CE listing would also be beneficial.

For the European market, you need a CE listing and a RoHS certification.

Goldmore has these, but if you would like a confirmation, feel free to contact us!

Also, if you need more certifications, we will gladly get them.

If you would like to learn more, scroll down!

There you will see more specific certifications by country as well as the tests that are required.

What is The Future of The LED Flashlight Market?

It is expected that by 2025, the LED flashlight market will grow to a stunning 6.5 billion USD.

The residential sector is the most likely to dominate the market.

The industrial sector is forecasted to come second, also with a lot of growth.

Globally, Asia-Pacific will have the highest market growth in LED flashlight demand.

The runner-up is North America. Thus, shipping to Amazon has a lot of potential in the coming years.

What Tariffs Should I Expect When Importing to The US? What About The EU?

Just like with other LED products, you can expect a tariff rate of 25% in both the US and Canada.

Meanwhile, rates in the EU vary a lot, so consult the Goldmore team or use a customs calculator (although a consultation is better).

Types of Flashlight to Import from China

Historical GDP of China

Different kinds of Flashlights

The benefit of importing flashlights from China is not just because they are cheap and of good quality.

But also, because you can find them in a wide range of options that include;

· Plastic flashlight

Different types of Flashlights

Plastic flashlights

Generally, flashlights are made of plastic or aluminum.

Plastic flashlights in this regard are the types that have a plastic casing.

The majority of these flashlights are battery-powered and can vary in size, weight, length, and color.

· Aluminum flashlight

Plastic flashlights

Aluminum flashlights

Aluminum flashlights utilize either plain, painted, or anodized aluminum material.

Their high level of durability makes these flashlights suitable for everyday use.

· Hand-crank flashlight

Aluminum flashlights

LED hand crank flashlight

The hand crank flashlight uses electromagnetic induction to generate power.

It is usually very lightweight and easy to use.

· Rechargeable flashlight

LED hand crank flashlight

Rechargeable Flashlight

Rechargeable flashlights operate on rechargeable batteries.

They are very economical, thus can be used for extended periods every day.

For this type of light, users can recharge them without removing the batteries.

· Concentrated flashlight

This is a flashlight designed to produce an intense and focused beam light.

It is suitable for applications that require a focus on specific objects or spots during the dark.

The flashlight is suitable for use in tactical and emergency operations, automotive repair, etc.

You can request additional settings such as zoom lens and medium to low setting when ordering concentrated flashlights.

Rechargeable flashlight

Flashlight with zoom in/out capability

This is to allow customers to zoom on or adjust the beam as needed.

· Military flashlight

A military flashlight is a light used together with a firearm for low-light target identification.

These lights are often low beams, and they allow military officers to aim the weapon and illuminate the target simultaneously.

Military flashlights can be handheld or mounted to the weapon with a light beam parallel to the bore.

You can request the following features when ordering a military flashlight from China;

  • shock resistance
  • reliability
  • lightweight construction
  • powerful, long-lasting batteries
  • high light intensity
  • sighting lasers
  • infrared capabilities
  • Optional filters that produce colored lights etc.

· Hunting torch

Flashlight with zoom in out capability

Goldmore tactical flashlight

Hunting torches allow for momentary illumination of a target.

They are small enough to be easily rail-mounted to a gun barrel.

When importing these, you need to ensure that they are made strong enough to withstand the impact of recoil.

· Key chain gift flashlight

Goldmore tactical flashlight

Keychain flashlights

Keychain lights are quite inexpensive, and they make for excellent gifts to family, friends, and even customers.

They are typically lightweight, durable, and all-around convenient.

You can have these flashlights in different shapes and colors.

Your supplier can also include feature quality internal components to ensure reliable performance all the time.

· Tool flashlight

A tool flashlight is basically a ‘many’ tools plus light in one device.

It is useful for self-defense and camping situations.

Keychain flashlights

Tool flashlight

The lights can vary in size, weight, power, and length.

· Diving flashlight

As the name suggests, these are underwater flashlights designed for divers.

Diving flashlights help to see better underwater and hence are an essential tool for scuba divers, rescue divers, or deep-sea divers.

These lights are usually made of quality aluminum or hard plastic and are waterproof.

Quality Control During Flashlight Importing from China

Truthfully, quality control with Chinese manufacturers is never easy.

But if you follow some basic guidelines, everything will become a lot easier.

The first step is to communicate your standards by way of a QC checklist.

In a QC checklist, you detail all of your requirements regarding the flashlights you’re importing.

These requirements should base on;

  • Item details (item number, SKU description, etc.)
  • Contents and Packaging
  • Color
  • Barcodes
  • Appearance and Function
  • Specifications and Special Requirements
  • Photos

Therefore, ensure that you present to the supplier a clear and comprehensive QC checklist when making your order.

Tool flashlight

Sample QC checklist on packaging

Along with communicating your requirements, you should also do due diligence on the factory you’re working with first.

That is, perform a factory audit on the suppliers’ quality systems, capability, and work environment.

Once you’re satisfied with the factory, you can place your order with specific requirements as listed on a QC checklist.

After that, you can control production quality through scheduled inspections of all the manufacturing processes.

And then, do the final quality inspection and packing checks before flashlights leave the factory.

Important Certifications in Flashlight Importing from China

Still, on quality, it is critical to ensure that the flashlights you’re importing comply with worldwide safety standards and requirements.

In this case, you need to be sure that the products pass the necessary safety and performance tests that include;

Also, depending on where you’re importing to, the quality of the flashlights should be supported by these certifications;

How to Find Top LED Flashlight Light Supplier in China

Well, there are many ways of choosing a top-quality LED light supplier in China.

In this section, I will outline the best ways to make sure you pick the right supplier ur needs.

  • Do an in-depth research
  • Make use of listings rather than company sites, blogs and electrical lighting forums are great places to start with
  • You can read company blogs, suppliers that focus on sharing knowledge are often the best

Once you zero down on few suppliers, check their;

  • product portfolio
  • Experience and reputation
  • MOQ requirements
  • shipping policy
  • product return policy
  • insurance
  • quality control practices

All these will help you choose the best-LED flashlight manufacturer in China.

Flashlight Technical Specification Considerations when Importing from China

Every flashlight brings unique requirements in terms of importing and purchase.

So when you consider importing from China, you need to ensure that you import only the best quality that suits your requirements.

How do you ensure this?

By using a product technical specification sheet.

The purpose of the technical spec sheet is to define the quality, appearance, and function of your product.

Usually, the spec sheet will include the;

Sample QC checklist on Packaging

Flashlight specification

  • design
  • Drawings
  • components lists
  • materials
  • dimension
  • Pantone color codes
  • Ability to operate in particular environments
  • Battery life
  • Light output

Generally, it includes everything that defines the product technical aspects.

So as you request for quotation, make sure to include your spec sheet, so the supplier knows what to quote on.

Please note, the spec sheet ought to be clear and comprehensive.

This gives your supplier clear of what you want and the ability to confirm if they can match all the specifications or not.

Mode of Payment When Importing Flashlight from China

When paying Chinese suppliers, always rely on trusted payments methods.

This is especially if you’re new to the business and are yet to develop a trusting relationship with the supplier.

In this case, there is no better way than to use a letter or credit/LOC.

Flashlight specification

Letter of Credit transaction

But if you have a long-standing relationship and trust with your supplier, there are other methods you can use.

These include payment via credit card, cash, PayPal, wire transfer, and online escrow.

If using any of these options, ask your supplier to issue a list of information including their address, and account number.

Also ask for their business identifier code (BOC) because if anything goes wrong with your payment, it can cost you dearly.

How to Ship Flashlights from China

Letter of credit

Shipping from China

The primary means of transporting imports from China is by sea or air, known as sea freight and air freight respectively.

Air freight is faster with typical transit time ranging from 1 to 5 days depending on the destination.

It is also the most expensive means of shipping.

Shipping from China

Express shipping companies

Under airfreight, there is the option of express shipping.

You can use this service to ship small and/or super light packages such as flashlight samples and shipping documents.

Companies that offer express shipping services include FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, and EMS.

And compared to standard air freight, express shipping is faster yet more costly.

A less expensive but slower shipping option is sea freight.

Sea freight is highly cost-effective and convenient for large volume shipping.

It gives you the option of shipping FCL or LCL depending on the volume of your imports and general shipping needs.

You just need to decide which shipping mode is viable for your current shipping needs and go for it.

As you do this, keep in mind the incoterms agreed upon.

Whether it is FOB or CIF, you should know when and where you assume responsibility for goods.

The incoterm should clearly define who your obligations as the buyer.

It should also state who between you and the supplier raises the shipping documents.

And if these documents will enable you to clear your shipment at the import customs.

Shipping documents

Shipping documents

Ultimately, you must ensure the shipment complies with all customs regulations and safety standard.

This includes clearing it through customs and paying all essential duties, taxes, and tariffs.

Best Packaging Methods When Importing Flashlight from China

Flashlights from China need to be packaged in a manner that is safe for shipping, and that appeals to customers.

So when creating your order standards, be sure to give clear instructions on the packaging.

From the way, you receive the cargo after shipping to how the end consumer gets the product.

Work out details to determine how many units should be put in one pack.

Most importantly, you should also work out how the packaging to final consumer should look like.

For instance, you can request five assembled flashlight units to be placed in some form of the outer packaging.

This could be a clear blister pack or clamshell.

You can also package the units in plastic boxes, gift boxes, or corrugated carton boxes.

These can then be attached to a cardboard display (for blister packs/clam shells) or packed as they are in a box before shipping.

Along with this, comes the details of how many flashlight units go into one shipping carton.

And, if any inner packing needs to go into the export carton.

All this makes it easy to calculate the freight cost.

Note that you may need to change the sales packaging size to fit more pieces into one container and save substantial freight charges.

It makes a big difference if you can pack 5000 flashlights in a 40′ container instead of only 2000 units.

This will undoubtedly affect your selling price.

Flashlights are electronic products that need to be handled with great care.

Meaning, the supplier has to follow all your instructions on packaging and shipping.

These have to be clear and timely too.


As you can see, there are so many types of flashlights that you can import from China.

And with so many suppliers available, choosing the right one can be a daunting task.

You first need to identify your requirements of a quality supplier and then find one that meets those requirements.

Even if it means going to China to perform a factory audit/inspection personally, ensure that you settle for a reliable supplier – that would cater to your needs and not let you down at any point.

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