Moon Night light
Moon Night Light
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Strengthen Your Light Business Through Goldmore’s High-quality Moon Night Light

  • Boom Your Business. At Goldmore, we will help you in designing and printing your logo. By that, your business’s name will be well-known in the market.
  • Competitive Price. We offer a factory price of our moon night light which is inexpensive. So, you can save money while increasing your sales and sales margin.
  • Well-trained Designers and Engineers. Goldmore employs well-trained designers and engineers who carefully chooses high-grade raw materials to develop an excellent quality moon night light.
Moon Night Light

Goldmore realizes that a stylish moon-inspired night light will actually be a way to décor a modern and adult home. It is highly admired by our clients and customers because of its moon-like textured surfaces that emits a soft and warm light. Our moon night light has an adjustable brightness level. Which means, our moon night lights are very convenient to use. These are perfect to be displayed in any room. Our moon night light has an internal battery. Though, you can plug it in a socket for a continuous use.

Moon night light from Goldmore is one of the most stylish night light. With our advance equipment and modern technology, our engineers able to develop a non-toxic and eco-friendly moon night light. Both touch control and remote control can provide ease in using our moon night light. With superior construction and long-lasting life, your consumers and customers will surely admire moon night light. Surely, Goldmore’smoon night light are very feasible in the market.

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Goldmore Moon Night Light

Through progressive technology, Goldmore’s artwork also becomes very progressive. Goldmore continuously provides an innovative moon night light that comes in various variety. Our moon night light is multifunctional. It can be a bedside lamp or decorative lamp suitable in room decorating which gives a warm atmosphere.

Normally, charging of moon night light can take up to 2-3 hours and can be used up to 8-24 hours. These are also best to be put in children or nursery room to light and help them fall asleep easily. It has a set of moods that will suit in any occasion such as romantic, peaceful, feel good or cozy. That is also the reason why most of our clients prefer Golmore’smoon night light. Moreover, it comes in a stylish stand that holds the moon night light in place. We have moon night light with different sizes and styles to suit your preference.

As an additional, you can trust Goldmore’smoon night light because it is tested by different parameters and certified by RoHS, CE, PAHS, SCCP, REAH, etc. You can always rely on Goldmore because we are a BSIC tested manufacturer. For around 10 years now, we have maintained our image as an impeccable supplier and manufacturer of moon night light in China.

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