GM8048 V16 LED Warning Light For Spanish Market DGT

  • High-performance and multifunctional LED warning light
  • Bright and waterproof surface
  • Easy to install
  • Wide Dimension
  • IP54 waterproof
  • Can be seen within 1KM
  • Magnetic on the bottom function
  • V16 Certification

This V16 LED Warning Light can be used to reduce accidents or prevent secondary is suitable the traffic accident, Car maintenance, Driving in foggy weather.

* Luminosity

the device must be designed to emit a horizontal flash of light of 360 degrees and vertically it will have to do so with a minimum margin of 8 degrees up and down, always yellow in color.

*Luminous intensity: illuminate in degree 0, between 40 and 80 candelas,and in degree 8, with a minimum of 8 candelas. In addition, there must be enough charge in the batteries (or cells) to guarantee, at least, 30 minutes of duration, irradiating with that light intensity.

*Waterproof: IP54

*The frequency: at which it will emit the flashes will be between 0.8 and 2 Hz.

*Modes: When you have a traffic accident, you can turn on the flash mode and place it on the roof to avoid secondary accidents.



Goldmore is specialized in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of LED warning lights in China. We provide high-class quality LED warning lights for our dearest customers around the world who are in need of LED warning lights.

Goldmore LED Warning Light is very much ideal accessories especially for drivers who want to be prepared for any road circumstances. It has high performance LED light that can provide excessive light mostly in the dark around your car and gives attention to other road passers. LED warning light gives a range of vision most especially in dangerous locations.

*ABS BOTTOM: Replace the battery easily, Convenient manual operation.

*PMMA anti-impact: Special triangular stripes design top cover to increase lighting height.

*Stong Magent: Can stick on the metal surface.

Chrom-plated double reflector: Increase the effective radiation range of light

End of Emergency Warning Triangles! New Rule in Spain: New Warning

spainsh warning light


El Español (E Yuan) According to the DGT, Spain’s traffic authority, it will issue a new rule to replace the red “emergency warning triangles” that are currently obligatory to carry in all vehicles.

The emergency warning triangle is placed behind a vehicle in case of any emergency, repairing, or accident to remind other vehicles of it and avoid secondary accidents. However, it has insecure factors in terms of operation and storage. The data provided by the DGT indicate that there were 117 fatal traffic accidents in 2019 due to secondary accidents as a result of such warning triangles.

The DGT decided to use the “V16” warning light to replace such a warning triangle that people have been accustomed to. Similar to the signal lamp used by national security forces, “V16” can be placed at the top of a vehicle. When a driver has to park in the middle of a road due to any failure, he needs to stretch his arm and put the warning light at the top.

It is expected that the draft related to the replacement will be approved in the first quarter of 2021, and the mandatory use of such warning lights will go into effect as of January 2nd, 2024.

The DGT reminds all drivers that: “The current Regulations of General Vehicles specify that two warning triangles and at least one reflective vest must be equipped for each vehicle.”

Goldmore specifically developed this LED Warning Light to replace the old tripod. The new LED Road Waring Light is even safer. More practical.



Goldmore: Your GM8048 V16 LED Warning Light Manufacturer in China

Goldmore LED warning light gives high visibility not just at night but also in daylight, lash down, and fog days. It can be used for different vehicles like emergency vehicles, trucks, tractors school buses, construction vehicles and etc. for safety warnings.

If you are finding a trusted supplier of LED warning lights to fulfill your business needs, Goldmore is the right choice. All that you looked for a LED light products Goldmore can fully provide. All our products are easy to install and made of durable material that provides maximum brightness and can last for a long period of time.

We have different types of LED warning lights that you can free to choose like rotating and rechargeable, blinking LED warning lights with a sturdy dome. It has many colour options depending on what your customers needs.

You don’t have any fright during rainy days since there’s no electric leakage and can normally use even if it is drop in the water. With strong magnetic in the bottom which is quick and convenient to use by anyone.

Goldmore is the leading manufacturer of LED lights to help your business to grow more. We export global designs of LED lights anywhere in the world for more than 10 years now. All our products are ISO certified and we provide OEM LED warning lights.

In Goldmore, you can always ensure that our LED warning light is safe to use and passed with thorough tests and checkings to get the required product standard to gain more trust to our customers.

For any inquiries or questions regarding our product please feel free to contact us.

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