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  • Wide Variety 3D Night Light. Goldmore offers a wide array of 3D night light with different styles and design suitable for home decoration which also complements interior designs.
  • Competitive Price. At Goldmore, we continue to provide an affordable 3D night light but with an excellent quality. By this, we can help your sales and profit increase.
  • Available with Multiple Accessories.You can select various accessories as an adds-on to your 3D night light for customization.
3d night light

Goldmore’s technology advent became possible in producing a large volume of output and artwork when it comes to 3D night light. Today, you can find different designs of 3D night light at Goldmore. This style includes astronomical figures such as 3D moons and stars. We also manufacture 3D night light designed with 3D animal figures. It features the same appearance, color, and texture as the figures through using 3D printing technology. Goldmore’s 3D night light will not just illuminate any room but as well as an aesthetic and beautiful decoration.

Through advanced equipment and modern technology, Goldmore manufactures an excellent quality 3D night light. As an expert manufacturer, we carefully choose a safe and non-toxic raw material so that it will be safe to use for both adults and kids alike.  These 3D night lights don’t produce a dim and soft light. Certainly, our 3D night light will be feasible in the market. With Goldmore’s3D night light, surely will worth every money you spend.

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Goldmore 3D Night Light

Do you love technology and trendy gears? Goldmore’s 3D night light should be added on your lists. Goldmore is a professional supplier and manufacturer of a 3D night light which is very impressive as home décor. These are also a perfect idea as a gift, especially for kids.

Goldmore’s 3D night light has a changeable color. It may be white, cyan, pink, yellow, green, blue, red and more. It features an interface USB port for easy charging. Our 3D night lights are both beautiful and durable. Goldmore’s 3D night light deals with an LED light that is eye protection and energy-saving.

All of our 3D night lights are applicable to be placed in a baby room, hotels, café, bedrooms, living room and more. If you can’t find the design you’re looking for, you can send us your own design of 3D night light and we will work on it from designing and processing until the production and even after-sales.

Guaranteed that all our 3D night lights are eco-friendly and don’t harm the health. These are all tested by various parameters and got certifications to form REACH, RoHS, PAHS, EMC, CE, etc. Thus, you can assure that our 3D night lights are of high-quality.

You can purchase bulk orders of 3D night light at Goldmore. With Goldmore, you can surely find whatever you need. Contact us if you have more questions about our 3D night lights!

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