Rainbow Night Light
Rainbow Night Light
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Rainbow Night Light

Goldmore’s collection of the rainbow night light is created by the use of our automated machines and modern equipment. Our engineers carefully chose an excellent grade raw material for our rainbow night light to ensure unrivaled luminous and durability. This rainbow night light illuminates a room and other areas in different options of colors. Goldmore’s vast array of rainbow night light is usually along with a pliant control panel and also computer software-based solution to control color mixing. Indeed, Goldmore’s rainbow night light will turn any room into a magical landscape.

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Goldmore Rainbow Night Light

Since 2008, Goldmore has maintained its image as the most reliable supplier and manufacturer of high-quality rainbow night light. Goldmore’s rainbow night light is a very unique way to color and bring light to any room. This excellent device creates a vivid and beautiful light show by a multicolored light arch.

Goldmore’s rainbow night light works when the colorful LED lights are reflected in the domed base in which it projects the colorful beams into walls and ceilings of the room. Our rainbow night light’s placement and shapes are adjustable and you can create any patterns you prefer.

Goldmore’s engineers designed our rainbow night light with a different two modes. One mode displays all the projected colors and the second mode takes a turn in each color. Each mode of our rainbow night light will give a very soothing ambiance which makes it perfect for a night light.

Through the years, Goldmore continues to develop a more innovative rainbow night light that has an automatic function. This feature allows preserving battery life because it will automatically switch off. This means that the battery will reduce unnecessarily. Our rainbow night lights are the lovely and perfect gift to a children’s bedroom or let anyone enjoy a party with colorful light.

Moreover, our rainbow night light comes in varying sizes and styles suitable for everyone’s needs. The flexibility of our rainbow night light allows it to be put anywhere since it is operated by a battery or a USB cable. Our quality control team always inspect our rainbow night light before shipment so that it will reach at your place in a good condition.

Other than that, Goldmore is a BSIC manufacturer and our products are fully certified by RoHS, REACH, CE, PAHS, SCCP, and EMC. With our factory price and low MOQ, our rainbow night light will indeed put your business into a success. If you have questions, kindly reach us or send us your requirements. We will be happy working with you!

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