Star Night Light
Star Night Light
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  • Excellent services. At Goldmore, we offer a 1-year warranty of star night light. Plus, we deliver star night light on-time so you can save effort and time.
  • Certifications of Products. All of Goldmore’s products especially star night lights are certified by RoHS, EMC, REAH, PAHS, SCCP, CE and more to ensure quality.
  • OEM and ODM Services. At Goldmore, we have employed an expert designers and engineers who can deal with both OEM and ODM services.
Star Night Light

Goldmore maintain its expertise when it comes to supplying and manufacturing star night light. The main targeted users of our star night light are young children and toddlers. But teens and adults can also enjoy the fun provided by Goldmore’sstar night light. It can be place in a children’s room or installed outside the house every special occasion such as holidays, parties and celebrations. These star night lights manufactured by Goldmore can be stationary or portable.

Our star night lights are manufactured by using latest manufacturing equipment and advanced machines. Goldmore’s engineers and designers carefully chooses raw materials that are safe and non-toxic for the sake of the children. More clients are impressed with Goldmore’s high-quality yet affordable star night light. This star night light can be on and off through a switch. It has a sleek and nice round shape so it will fit beautifully in an interior design. Through our star night light, we will help you strengthen your light business!

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Goldmore Star Night Light

In order to achieve a beautiful starry night effect, we incorporated a user-friendly interface into our star night light. It will instantly change the ambiance in your room. It can also be mounted on a wall or ceiling. Goldmore’sstar night light has various types of projection mode. These modes such as monochrome light, multicolor light, and warm light are projected by our star night light. It functions through LED bulbs that come with a lamp. Star night light can do both night lamp and a star projector.

Star night light by Goldmore does not get overheat for a long time of use making it perfect for a child or toddler’s room. It creates an ambiance in which encourages a better sleeping at night. Most of our customers prefer star night light because it gives a relaxing and romantic ambiance in the bedroom. Our star night light’s designs are eye-catching making it very feasible in the market.

To fit your requirements, we manufacture star night light with various sizes, designs, and colors. If you didn’t find one, you can send us your own design. Our engineers and designers will work on it. Goldmore offers a free sample of our star night light design. You can check on them too. We have been operating in the industry for around 10 consecutive years in China. So, we know all manufacturing light process. Therefore, you can always trust Goldmore.

Don’t waste your time looking for another supplier and manufacturer. Goldmore is always there to help you. When purchasing bulk orders of star night light, always run to Goldmore. We will be happy working with you!

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