Rechargeable Work Light
Rechargeable Work Light
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  • Full Certifications of Products. All Goldmore’s products are certified by various parameters such as ROHS, CE, REACH, EMC, SCCP, PAHS and more to ensure the best quality.
  • Guaranteed High Level of Customer Satisfaction. The customer prefers Goldmore’srechargeable work light offered at a reasonable rate, low MOQ, and on-time delivery.
  • Professional Quality Control Team. We have a team of professional quality controllers who inspect our products before every shipment to ensure a defect-free rechargeable work light.
Rechargeable Work Light
GM001 COB pen flashlight rechargeable work light
GM001 COB Pen Flashlight Rechargeable Work Light
GM002 telescope head COBrechargeable work light
GM002 Telescope Head COB Rechargeable Work Light
GM003 amzon hot sell COB rechargeable work light
GM003 Amzon Hot Sell COB Rechargeable Work Light
GM004 super bright high quality rechargeable work light
GM004 Super Bright High Quality Rechargeable Work Light
GM005 multifunctional high quality aluminum rechargeable work light
GM005 Multi Functional High Quality Aluminum Rechargeable Work Light
GM006 two available size cob rechargeable work light
GM006 Two Available Size Cob Rechargeable Work Light

Goldmore’srechargeable work light is foldable, though some are not and heavy-duty specially designed to be used on a worksite where power sources are lacking. It is engineered with a plastic housing in order to provide protection to the light especially when it is stored or transported. It supports an A-frame floor standing providing a multi-directional light.

The maximum run time of our rechargeable work light can last for 3 hours. Diffused anti-glare lenses are incorporated in our rechargeable work light for a shadow-free widespread light. Goldmore’srechargeable work light features status and battery indicator, built-in heat sink and USB charging port. With Goldmore’srechargeable work light, you can save time and money, thus, you can focus on your business while we take care of your rechargeable work light and increase profitability as well.

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Goldmore Rechargeable Work Light

Goldmore’srechargeable work light gives off a bright light with consuming only minimal power. It is not just useful on work sites but also it is applicable as emergency lighting. The rechargeable work light manufactured by Goldmore is a handy work light that has a wide array of applications. New technology and modern machines are utilized to manufacture rechargeable work light. By this, our rechargeable work light will lead your business to boom in markets.

Golmore offers a corded or cordless rechargeable work light that is compact and versatile. It also offers dim mode which helps to increase life span. Our rechargeable work lights are lightweight but durable enough to endure an on-site day. Mostly, Goldmore’srechargeable work light is preferred by our customers since it is inexpensive. At Goldmore, you surely have a rechargeable work light perfect for your desired applications.

Goldmore is a professional supplier of rechargeable work light for around 10 years. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery that comes in varying wattage. It also comes in different styles, sizes, and lumens. Choose among our rechargeable work light that suits your preference.

Our rechargeable work light has an advantageous feature that will bring your business’s name into fame. With our experience in the industry, Goldmore able to manufacture a high-quality rechargeable work light. Since 2008, we have built a good image as an impeccable manufacturer of the rechargeable work light.

Through innovation, we will manufacture rechargeable work light consistently. If you have queries and questions, feel free to ask us. We will more information and the best service

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