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We have over 100 LED solar gardening lights for you to choose from. We offer design service for all kinds of led gardening lights in case you need to custom. All shapes and colors are available. We make all solar lights.

By purchasing Led Flame Bounce Gardening Lights from our factory, we can offer you to make the most suitable price to get the product, which inevitably means greater profit potential.


Goldmore Garden Light Series

GM10817 96 Led Torch Flickering Solar Flame Outdoor Garden Lights

The Outdoor Garden Lights are constructed through the best quality materials and molded into our advanced machines.

GM11049 unique design outdoor decoration solar garden lantern

The Solar Garden Lanterns are available in different attractive and decorative forms.

GM10595 8LED Waterproof Bried Light Solar Garden Spike Lights

In order to meet the multicolored needs of our customers, Goldmore garden spike lights are available in various sizes and designs.

GM10832 1 Led White Light Solar Light Garden Path Lights

Goldmore garden path lights are very stylish and very functional. The garden path lights come with excellent height adjustment settings.

GM10971 Aluminium Colorful Modern Led Solar Battery Garden Lights

The battery garden lights we offered are rigorously analyzed under the guidance of our expert engineers to assure their durability.

GM11353 Solar Power portable Mosquito Killer waterproof garden lights

Waterproof garden lights from Goldmore comes with a glossy paint-coated surface and has a long service lifespan.

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As bright as traditional lights, our solar garden lights are proven by international tests. Purchasing from Alight will gain you a leg over your competitors.

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High talented engineer team is available for the solution to any technical problem. Cooperating with us earns you a strong tech backup.

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Led Gardening Light
led garden light

Offer Various Kind of LED Gardening Lights

GoldMore LED gardening light is particularly suitable for outdoor use. Mainly used for accessibility, nighttime aesthetics, and safety.

GoldMore offer various kind of LED gardening lights includes solar pathway lights, mushroom shape, S shapes, crescent, leisure pavilion, a wing of the light, etc. You can also choose different lighting styles such as pond lights, spotlights, walkway lights, etc. GoldMore LED garden lights are available in colored or white bulbs that can be utilized to create varying effects.

Meets Your Custom Needs

In case you need to custom LED gardening light, we at GoldMore, will offer design services for all kinds of led gardening lights. All shapes and colors are available. Also, we make solar lights. Goldmore LED gardening lights are proven by international tests like Rosh, CE, UL, and ECM.

GoldMore as a premier LED gardening light manufacturer in China, has become the preferred supplier for more than 1,000 customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Goldmore insists on providing each customer with unique lighting solutions.

Our LED gardening light products will help your brand skyrocket in the market, send your inquiries now!

garden light
led garden light

Provide A Wide Selections of LED Garden Light Decoration Options

GoldMore LED gardening lights are made in many different designs to choose from. With this in mind, they can offer a decorative panache to the garden at night and during the day it will be switched off automatically.

GoldMore has provided a wide selection of LED garden light decoration options that can liven up your garden while ensuring it is properly and efficiently illuminated. Goldmore LED gardening lights can be used in a variety of weather conditions, no matter rains, snow, frost, or fog.

GoldMore LED gardening light can be strategically combined to create numerous different colors. There is an option of changing lights to allow certain colors to highlight particular plants or to vary lighting holidays. We have also a talented team that will support the solutions to any technical problem.

LED Gardening Light – The Complete FAQ Guide

What are some kinds of LED gardening lights?

Some major and most popular kinds of LED garden lights include spike lights, spotlights, deck lights, stair lights, wall lights, floodlights, bollard lights, in-ground lights, string lights, and pond lights.

Spike lights are the easiest to work with and maintain. It is the most basic garden light mostly made of plastic.

Thus, you can market them to busy and minimalistic people.

Spotlights provide bright and focused beams of light.

These can be used to illuminate a particular part of the garden – for decorative or practical purposes.

Also, these are great for driveways and entrances, so you can market them as such.

Deck lights are small lights that are installed into the deck to provide soft light.

Thus, they are marketable to anyone who has a private cottage or who owns some type of boating business.

Deck lights

Stair lights illuminate steps that can be dangerous in the dark.

There are two types of these: recessed and surface lights.

For stone steps, surface solar lights are best, whereas wooden steps benefit more from recessed lights – similar to deck lights.

Wall lights are very decorative and come in a variety of styles.

They are used to “wash” a wall with light, so you can market them to garden designers.

Floodlights are very practical.

They offer lots of bright light enough to illuminate the entire garden or driveway.

Thus, they are good security lights, so you can market them as such.

They can also be used like spotlights when putting near the ground, so they can be used for decor as well.

Bollard lights are like mini street lights or like big spike lights.

Depending on how they emit lights, they can be used for different things.

For example, if they shine in a direction, they can be similar to spotlights.

But if they shine at a 360-degree angle, they can be used in bigger open spaces like driveways.

Bollard lights

In-ground lights are installed into the ground and serve the same way as do deck and stair lights – they flush the ground with light for safety.

These lights are relatively low-maintenance and versatile.

String lights also called festoon and fairy lights, are basically cable with bulbs hanging from them.

These lights are the most decorative and very versatile because they can be strung around anywhere – a tree, a rail, a wall, even some bushes.

Pond lights are LED lights that have an IP rating of IP68, so they are fully able to be submerged to light up a pond for decorative purposes.

Also, could be marketed to adults that want to decorate their homes for themed holiday parties.

Keychain flashlights are tiny lights that are useful all-around.

They also can be marketed to late-night runners or bikers since these lights will glimmer and show drivers where people are.

Thus, they can help with safety.

There are also keychain flashlights with an SOS function that can be put on gear carabiners.

Thus, you can market them to travelers and climbers as well.

Pen flashlights are made specifically for medical settings.

Do you know the little lights that doctors have?

They direct them into patients’ eyes to see the function of pupils.

Pen flashlights are just for that. They have narrow and concentrated beams and are very compact – as a pen.

Diving flashlights are built to illuminate the waters around a diver.

There are obviously waterproof and can be marketed to divers.

There is a variety of tool flashlights that harbor several other functions in them.

Some can be elongated – perfect for electricians and other workers that look through equipment in the dark.

Some have an array of different tools in them, including small scissors, screwdrivers, saws, and openers.

Campers are a huge market for this type of flashlights.

You can learn more about all these by going through the flashlight selection on Goldmore and by looking through the overview below.

Also, you can always chat with our 24/7 operator and send your request!

What are some lighting styles I can choose from?

Within each kind of design, there are certain shape styles that are common and that Goldmore offers.

These include mushroom-shaped, S-shaped, crescent-shaped, leisure pavilion, a wing of the light, lantern, and torch styles.

Mushroom-shaped LED garden lights have a dome that directs the lights into an ambient glow, which is great for cement, wood, or stone pathways.

Mushroom-shaped LED garden lights

S-shaped lights have a modern look and an s-curve on the pole.

These are great for both the pathway and lighting up bushes.

S-shaped lights

Crescent shape is great for nature-oriented designs since it looks like the shining crescent of the moon.

Crescent shape

Leisure pavilion style has its roots in Ancient Chinese Larmier and some modern elements.

It encompasses around and a square design to symbolize the round Heaven and the square Earth.

Leisure pavilion style

A wing of the light style has a streamlined and modern look.

They are a great style choice for floodlights.

A wing of the light style

Lantern style is very versatile.

It can be used with many kinds of light, including spike and wall lights.

Within the lantern style, there are some subtypes, like vintage and modern.

Lantern style

Torch style is used with longer spike lights.

They can create a variety of looks, but, mainly, they look mystical.

The style of tiki torches gives an almost tribal look as well.

Torch style

There are more, such as stone reflector lights and flower pot lights, so feel free to research, look through our catalog or contact us for inspiration!

What design of the LED garden light should I choose for practical lighting?

If you want to market lights designed to illuminate a useful garden path, then you should focus on conical spotlight styles.

Especially, units that are close to the ground will project light directly onto the path for maximum practicality.

Then, you only need a single bulb for each unit and not many lumens, allowing you to save money.

LED garden light

What design should I choose for decorative lighting?

String lights are the best ones for decor since they are versatile in installation and provide an aesthetic, diffused glow.

Because they are usually strung around trees and on top of bushes, it allows them to get more sunlight than other types of lights.

This light won’t hurt plants and will provide adequate lighting.

Are there color options for solar lights?

Since these are LED lights, you can order 2 types of colored lights: colored LEDs and colored filters.

Colored LEDs provide interesting lighting and some colors drain the battery-less.

However, for outdoor lighting, colored filters are better.

Colored filters can be of any custom color, whereas LEDs have set colors.

Also, colored filters look good not just in the dark, but also during the day.

Finally, keeping LEDs a basic white color produces a constant amount of heat and consumes a set amount of energy.

Colored LEDs take different amounts and produce different amounts, resulting in non-uniform distribution of heat.

Thus, white LEDs ensure the longevity of the lights.

Goldmore can help you figure out a way to combine colors and change them as well.

What color temperature fits which part of the garden?

White and warm light creates a cozy atmosphere, while multicolored lighting makes the garden festive.

Certain colors have their effects, as well as color temperature.

Color temperature is measured in Kelvins.

It is up to you and the designer to choose specific colors, but here are some guidelines.

For garden lights that are close to the house, such as wall and stair lights, warm or neutral white will look better.

For bushes, neutral white will look best since warmer light could distort the colors of the vegetation.

For paths and stairs, neutral and cool white looks the brightest and is most useful.

Decks, trees, and any other location with wood or bark will look good in any light, even warm.

Driveways and lawns – places with floodlights should be cool-toned because they look the brightest.

Brightest lights

Is there another decorative effect besides color?

Besides the style of the fixture and color of the light, there is also ornamented light.

Depending on the shape of the light fixture, light travels differently, reflecting and refracting in all sorts of angles, creating shapes.

When designing your solar LED garden lights, this is something you can also explore.

Ornamented light creates interest, but it is not very practical.

LED garden lights

Of course, you can also request a design on the fixture, such as a mosaic or a drawing.

Goldmore will help you will all of this!

What weather can LED garden lights withstand?

Solar LED garden lights need to withstand basic environmental conditions, such as dust, rain, fog, snow, and frost.

To know how well protected the lights are, look at its IP rating.

Goldmore offers lights up to IP65, which means that the lights can withstand any weather condition, it completely dust-proof, and be temporarily submerged in water.

How are LED garden lights powered?

Goldmore offers solar LED garden lights – powered by light. Solar panels are mounted onto the light fixture.

During the day chemical processes turn light into electricity, which is then stored in a battery for later use.

Besides solar power, outside electricity from a rechargeable battery can be added as well.

Usable AC power ratings can be 110V – 120V or 220V – 240V.

Is there a difference in performance of solar LED lights during summer and winter?

During the winter there isn’t as much sunlight, so the LED garden lights will get fewer hours of charge, and thus fewer hours of work.

Solar panels will still continue to collect sunlight even covered in light snow or ice since these are transparent.

For winter times or places where there isn’t much fun at all, you can add a regular battery to make up for sunlight.

Another important thing is the incident angle of sunlight. It changes from summer to winter.

In the summer, it is more direct, so the garden light’s solar panel should be more parallel to the ground.

In the winter, the light is indirect, so the panel should be close to perpendicular to the ground for maximum charge.

What are some installation methods?

Generally, for garden path lights, there is either a stake installation design or a conduit.

Stake mounts are more common than conduit ones.

They are easy to install, but also can loosen the soil, making the light lean to the side over time.

Also, stake mounts can’t be raised or lowered.

Conduit mounts are of more premium quality.

They are also more difficult to install, but they allow for the deepest and most secure mount, and flexibility of changing the height of the pole.

Finally, they don’t loosen the soil as much.

Does the soil make-up matter?

This depends on the material of the pole.

If it is stainless steel, then alkaline soil does not affect it.

However, acidic soil, as well as acidic rain, do slightly increase the corrosion of stainless steel.

There are more statistics on how stainless steel behaves in different soils as well, but it tends to be one of the most durable materials.

However, other types of steel are not as resistant.

If the material used was ABS or other durable plastics is also very resistant to corrosion in alkaline and acidic environments.

Are there any hazards associated with LED garden lights?

Solar LED garden lights may start a fire.

Because of the way solar panels work – the lens focuses sunlight like a magnifying glass – nearby flammable materials, like mulch and dry grass, may catch fire.

This is rare, but it can happen.

Fire can also start if the battery in solar LED lights malfunctions and overheats, even melting the fixture.

As for plants, bright LEDs next to leaves may cause them to bleach and curl.

How many lumens are necessary to illuminate parts of the garden?

For path lighting, 100-200 lumens (lm) are enough to illuminate the path.

Step or stair lights need anywhere from 12 to 100 lumens.

Floodlights need the most: 700-1300 lumens to be of practical use.

Motion sensor lights need 300-700 lumens.

For comfortable pond lighting, 200-400 lumens are great.

Wall lights work well with 50-185 lumens.

General garden lighting, such as spike or spotlights should be around 50-300 lumens, with 50 lm serving as a good bush spotlight.

What other lighting terms and specifications should I know?

For LED garden lights, as well as other LED lights, key terms include a lumen, lux, and candela.

You can see the meaning of each in the image below.

Knowing these can help you decide exactly what specifications you want your lighting to have.

Also, for floodlights and spotlights, look at the light’s beam angle, its lighting distance, and if comes with a motion sensor, then request information about its coverage area and angle.

Why use solar LED lights instead of regular LEDs?

Solar lights are the most efficient since they don’t need maintenance, save money, are eco-friendly, and are easy to install.

Thus, they are a perfect solution for outdoor and garden lighting.

How long do solar LED garden lights last?

On average, a light on 8 hours of charge can operate for about 15 hours.

More specifically, most lights can function for 4-6 hours at full intensity until the battery runs out.

While operating at low intensity, lights work for 6-10, sometimes 15 hours.

This also depends on the light itself and its lumen output.

In terms of the light’s longevity, usually, it is about 2 years.

After that, the solar panel wears out and the LED fades.

Do solar panels on LED garden lights need maintenance?

They require minimal maintenance, such as wiping dust or snow off the solar panel so it gets the most sunlight possible.

One other maintenance it requires is straightening spike lights because they lean to the side over time.

What happens if LED solar garden lights operate in places without much sun?

Using solar garden lights for a long time without enough sunlight can prevent them from charging properly, making them fade over time.

So, solar lights are a great solution only if they are used in places with a lot of suns.

Thus, these are very marketable to places near the equator where it is sunny all year round.

Do solar LED garden lights need actual sunlight or just any light?

Solar lights can be charged with artificial light, but that is very inefficient, so sunlight is the best option.

For gardens, strategic placing is important – as little shadow as possible – so you can advise your clients on that.

Where can LED solar garden lights be installed?

This depends on their application, but generally, a garden can be divided into several zones, where certain types of lights are more suited to go.

For porches and entrances, wall lights, lanterns, and spotlights are great.

Paths should have spike and bollard lights.

Driveways need floodlights, preferably with motion sensors for security.

Patios and decking look great with deck lights and lantern-style lights.

Stairs should have recessed stair lights.

Trees and bushes look great with string lights or spotlights at ground level.

Flowerbeds and lawns are perfect for small spike lights.

Walls and fences could have wall lights or even string lights for a cozy feel.

Ponds and pools just need lights with a high IP rating, such as IP65.

Benches and tables need soft light, like spike lights or lanterns.

Gazebos and covered furniture also need soft lighting, but look best with string lights.

Most of these guidelines are flexible but do beware that some locations should not have harsh spotlights because they create a frustrating glare.

Is it possible to set up on/off times?

Generally, no, because it is not even needed.

Many solar LED garden lights don’t even have an on/off switch.

It works automatically.

Photovoltaic cells in the solar panels create electricity from sunlight, but when there is no sunlight and no electricity produced, a sensor turns the light on.

For the light to be turned off, the reverse process happens.

Some lights do have manual switches, but then there is a risk of leaving it on and wasting energy, which shortens the unit’s life span.

Finally, there are lights with PIR (Passive Infra-Red) motion sensors that turn on when they sense organic motions, such as people and animals.

This is the most efficient and long-lasting type of switch.

Are there different solar panel technologies?

There are 2 main solar technologies.

The amorphous solar panels can usually be found in small garden lights.

They have a brownish color and are the cheaper of the two.

They are also inefficient and have short life spans.

But they do perform better in cloudy conditions.

Silicon solar panels are the way to go.

They have a blue hue and are very efficient, although more expensive.

Furthermore, solar panels can be differently framed and covered.

What solar panels last the longest?

Silicone solar panels that are framed with aluminum and have a glass face last the longest life.

Unframed panels are vulnerable, while epoxy-faced ones darken over time, obstructing sunlight from the panel.

What market and/or demographic should I target?

For solar LED garden lights, you should heavily target the market of world locations with lots of sun, such as the equator and in the south.

As for demographics, this depends on the type of light you are selling.

For more basic lights, such as pathways and wall lights, your audience is anyone who owns a yard.

For decorative lights, such as torches, lanterns, string lights, you can target artistic homeowners, garden designers, other small businesses like shops that sell yard equipment.

For practical lights, like floodlights and spotlights, you can market to minimalistic and pragmatic people, as well as those that want to secure their homes.

Right now, the global demand for both LED lights and solar lights is booming, so a combination of both is lined up for success.

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