Outdoor Motion Sensor Light
Outdoor Motion Sensor Light
Goldmore- Boom Your Business!

Why Choose Goldmore’sOutdoor Motion Sensor Light

  • More than 10 years of experience. Goldmore is a premier manufacturer of outdoor motion sensor lighting China since 2008.
  • Factory Price. Purchasing outdoor motion sensor light from our factory allows having a competitive price which will be very beneficial to increase your profitability.
  • Full Certifications. Goldmore is a BSCI manufacturer. It passes various certifications such as RoHS, REACH, PAHS, SCCP, EMC, and CE.
Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

Outdoor motion sensor lights from Goldmore will make every home more secure. A well-lit area or property is important to keep burglars away. That is why Golmore’soutdoor motion sensor light will be turned on if it senses movement and provides illumination without wasting any energy all night. Through our advanced technology and latest equipment, our engineers able to design outdoor motion sensor light which shines the needed amount of light outside the house. Our outdoor motion sensor light is easy to install, an auto shut-off and UV-light sensor.

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Goldmore Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

At Goldmore, outdoor motion sensor light comes in a varying range of motion detection that immediately shines when it detected any movement within the range. Our outdoor motion sensor light also features an adjustable timing that allows you to set time on how long will the light shines if motion is detected. This feature allows you to save money and energy. In the case of an outage, Goldmore’soutdoor motion sensor light comes in a rechargeable backup battery in order to protect homes without using hardwires.

Goldmore is a professional manufacturer of outdoor motion sensor light that prevents lurking thieves. With this, thieves will make it difficult to sneak at your properties. This will make your area a well-lit place so that it will be harder for the thieves to hide.

Furthermore, outdoor motion sensor light supplied by Goldmore lights the darker areas. It will give a well-lit, clear and bright light to dark areas of the house making you have peace of mind. Aside from that, our outdoor motion sensor light is also energy-saving. It does not illuminate constantly. It only illuminates well is motion is detected, thus, saves energy. With Goldmore’soutdoor motion sensor light, you save money especially on electricity bills since it is long-lasting and requires rarely bulb replacing.

For over 10 years, Golmore specializes in manufacturing wired, solar or battery-powered outdoor motion sensor light. In China, Goldmore is one of the most trusted suppliers and manufacturers not only for outdoor motion sensor light but also for other types of outside LED lights. You can place outdoor motion sensor light in your backdoor, gate, garden, sidewalks, patios, ceilings, gazebo, pool areas, greenhouses and more. Goldmore will surely provide an outdoor motion sensor light that suits your preference and style.

Whether you need a supplier of outdoor motion sensor light, always rely on Goldmore! With our excellent services, surely, your business will skyrocket! Give us your requirements and let our engineers work it!

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