Motion Sensor Security Light
Motion Sensor Light
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Trusted Manufacturer and Supplier of Motion Sensor Light in China

  • Quality Assurance. Goldmore’s motion sensor light is made using high-technology, sophisticated equipment, and premium grade material as well.
  • Engineer and Design team. We have an expert and professional team who will work with you to provide motion sensor light suitable in your preference.
  • Professional Quality Control Team. Our motion sensor lights are strictly inspected by our QC team before shipment to ensure good conditions.
Motion Sensor Light

Goldmore maintains its expertise when it comes to supplying motion sensor light. Our wide range of motion sensor lights is used in different applications. Because of that, these motion sensor lights are equipped with minimal power consumption, sturdy construction, compact design and eco-friendly. Motion sensor light manufactured by Goldmore comes in warm white and cool white colors.  High-end optical design and minimum glare are also integrated to our motion sensor light. In order to conserve energy, dimming or turning the tube is possible if there’s no activity.

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Goldmore Motion Sensor Light

Goldmore a leading and most reliable manufacturer and supplier of motion sensor light in China. Our motion sensor light uses multiple technologies in order to detect motions or movements in a specific area. With the use of advanced technology, Goldmore’s engineers and design team able to developed motion sensor light widely accepted in an international standard.

Goldmore specializes in manufacturing motion sensor light which can detect movement of animals, objects, and people. Insecurity systems, Goldmore’s motion sensor light plays a very vital role. If the sensor discerns movement, lights will flood vicinity and illuminates anything or anyone in the area.

Our team of skillful workers offers LED type motion sensor lights that come in a variety of brightness levels as well as motion detection range. Goldmore’s options for motion sensor lights are endless. Our motion sensor light best and fits your budget and lifestyle. At Goldmore, we offer motion sensor light that has no heat-emittance which help decreases the chances of having a fire. It does require only a lower voltage.

Moreover, Goldmore offers a motion sensor light that is battery-powered, solar-powered and hardwired. These motion sensor lights from Goldmore are typically used in some areas such as back and front door, backyard, front yard, hidden dark areas, pantries, closets, outbuildings, sheds, stairwells, paddocks, greenhouse, gazebo, boathouses, fishing docks, cabins, pool areas, streets, treehouses and more areas that needs security.

Further, motion sensor light manufactured by Goldmore will surely help discourage trespassers and thieves from entering properties. It is definitely the best idea to protect families and homes. For around 10 years, Goldmore had its reputation as the superior manufacturer of outdoor LED lights including motion sensor light in China. We always wanted to provide our clients with the best services we can give. Our designers and tooling engineers are very innovative in fulfilling your request and specification. Your business will surely boom with our motion sensor light that has a low MOQ.

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