Solar Motion Sensor Light
Solar Motion Sensor Light
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Solar Motion Sensor Light to Boost your Business

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Solar Motion Sensor Light

Goldmore’s solar motion sensor light is the most suitable way to maintain pathways and outdoor areas to be illuminated while having a low electricity bill and saving the environment as well. Our solar motion sensor light works by acquiring the sun’s energy in order to store sufficient energy for future use. When solar motion sensor light sense movement, it will illuminate the area. Goldmore’s solar motion sensor light is ideal for a variety of outdoor applications and for a home security set-up.

Moreover, our solar motion sensor light also comes in a varying type including passive infrared, microwave, and dual technology. These solar motion sensor lights are specially made with excellent quality raw materials that can offer long-lasting defense to fight against harmful elements and conditions. These are perfect for rooftop, carpark, gates and more outdoor areas.

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Goldmore Solar Motion Sensor Light

Goldmore is renowned as a trusted and reliable manufacturer of a sophisticated range of solar motion sensor lights. With our advanced technology and modern equipment, our solar motion sensor lights are developed in order to track a specific motion and give a focused light on the target. Solar motion sensor lights manufactured by Goldmore are excellent security feature which will not cost you much from the initial purchase.

With our competitive prices, quality-oriented outlook, on-time delivery schedules, and convenient mode of payment, you can surely save your time, money and effort. Customers have admired our solar motion sensor light because it is incorporated with high efficiency, energy-saving, and high-quality performance.

Goldmore is also equipped with the necessary tools, machine, and equipment to manufacture an excellent quality solar motion sensor light. Goldmore has employed an expert and professional engineering and design team dedicated to providing all the efforts in attaining a full satisfaction form our customers. We always aim to preserve our high standards in all of our products especially solar motion sensor light. That is why, we ensure full certifications from ROHS, RHEA, EMC, CE, SCCP, and PAHS. All our solar motion sensor light is with a 1-year warranty.

OEM and ODM are offered by our design team. We can also provide free samples of our solar motion sensor light. For more than 10 years, Goldmore always provide an innovative solar motion sensor light. For these reasons, Goldmore became the most trusted supplier and manufacturer of solar motion sensor light in China. When we talk about lighting problems, always rely on Goldmore. We are 24/7 online to give you an unrivaled service!

Solar Motion Sensor Light: The Ultimate Buying Guide

This light fixture will trigger responses by giving off a bright light when it detects motion.

Besides, they receive their power from solar energy using solar panels.

In this guide, we shall look at things you should consider when selecting and how it operates, among other things.

Also, you shall get to understand and be confident about solar motion sensor lights.

Let’s dive right in:

Features Of Solar Motion Sensor Light

Since there are different kinds of solar motion sensor lights, they also come with various features.

Here are some features you are likely to find in these lights:

Solar Motion Sensor Light

Solar Motion Sensor Light

  • They will produce a bright white color
  • The basic modes are off and on when it detects motion
  • Brightness levels ranging between 20 and 2000 lumens
  • Working time averaging 6 hours
  • Waterproof and dustproof with varying IP ratings
  • The number of LEDs ranges between 8 and 1400
  • An average charging time of 8 hours
  • A sensor direction range of between 120 and 360 degrees
  • Lithium battery capacity averaging between 1200 and 4000Mah
  • The warranty period ranges between 6 and 12 months

Types Of Solar Motion Sensor Lights

They come in different forms, and you can categorize them on which bulb they use.

For instance, we have:

  • LED warning light with solar motion sensor light
  • Fluorescent solar motion sensor light
  • Incandescent solar motion sensor light

Illumination Time Of Solar Motion Sensor Light

This is the time it takes the light to remain on once it detects activity. The illumination time will vary from one type of solar motion sensor light to another.

Besides, it averagely takes between 20 seconds to 180 seconds.

Also, you can adjust the illumination time and the timer setting in more advanced solar motion sensor lights.

However, not all solar motion sensor lights have settings from where you can adjust the illumination time.

Components Of Solar Motion Sensor Light Fixture

Several parts make up this light fixture, and they include:

Solar Panel

This is a key part of this light since it will collect solar energy. It then converts it into electricity then stores it in a battery which will power the light.

Also, there are different solar panels that you can use with a solar motion sensor light fixture.


These lights come with different bulbs such as LED, incandescent, and fluorescent.

The bulbs are responsible for producing visible light when the solar motion sensor light detects motion.


They are responsible for storing electric energy then releasing it during the operation of the light.


These parts are responsible for detecting motion and only trigger the production of light when it is necessary.

Controller Board

This is the part that contains the motion sensor and the other electrical components making up the circuit board.


The casing will offer a protective cover against the environmental elements. It has varying IP ratings that protect the internal elements from solid particles and moisture.

Mounting Hardware

This part assists you in installing the light on different surfaces such as walls.

Solar Motion Sensor Light Kit

Solar Motion Sensor Light Kit

Bulb Type Of Solar Motion Sensor Light

The available types of bulbs you can use with solar motion sensor lights include:

Light Emitting Diode [LED]

These are some of the highly efficient bulbs and can last up to 50000 hours.

Besides, they are expensive but can operate for long hours and save you money and energy.

The higher the number of LEDs you use, the brighter the solar motion sensor light will be. However, they are dim than the other types of bulbs.

LEDs will produce light when an electrical current passes via the microchips within the lights. They are small, meaning they offer more flexibility than other lighting bulbs.

Also, they come with heat sinks, which prevent the bulbs from heating up during operation. This will also increase their lifespan.

Fluorescent Bulbs

This bulb will consume more energy, and it also needs frequent replacements. They can occur as either tube lighting or compact fluorescent lighting [CFL].

It emits light once electrical currents pass within the tube that has argon and mercury vapor.

Incandescent Bulbs

These bulbs are the most energy-hungry and also need regular replacements.

This bulb has a glass enclosure that contains a tungsten filament and an inert gas.

When electric current passes via the filament, it heats it to a temperature until it emits light. Also, they will become too hot when you use them but produce a brighter glow.

Types Of Solar Panel Used For Solar Sensor Light

Three types of solar panels are available for use in a solar motion sensor light.

These include:

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

These are the most efficient solar panels as their cell efficiency ranges between 15% and 21%. However, they are also expensive than the other solar panels.

They are suitable for use in high-performance solar motion sensor lights. It is also possible to use them in large homes and commercial buildings.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

The cell efficiency in these solar panels is around 16%, and they are also less costly to manufacture.

Also, the solar cells have a dark blue hue, making it easy to distinguish them from other types of solar panels. Besides, they can power large solar motion sensor lights for commercial buildings and large houses.

Amorphous Solar Panels

These panels have a lower cell efficiency of between 7% and 10%. Also, they are common in electronic devices and solar lights that use low power.

Advantages Of Solar Motion Sensor Light

There are many benefits to using a solar motion sensor light.

These include:

Inhibits Theft

Since they emit a bright light outdoors, the thieves will not sneak into your house.

When the area has ample lighting, it is hard for them to hide without being seen. This is because you can easily spot them immediately.

Provide Light To Dark Areas

Also, these lights can offer light and improve the aesthetics of your home, especially the exteriors.

Energy Saving

Solar motion sensor lights will emit light when it detects motion. This makes them save more energy-efficient since they will not have continuous illumination.

Saves Money

These lights will turn on when it detects motion and turn back off after some period.

Also, when you have solar motion sensor lights that use LEDs, you will not need frequent replacements.

LEDs are the most cost-effective and will keep you safe.

Free Energy

These lights get their charge from free solar energy. This means your electricity bills will be low since you do not need to pay for solar energy.

Ease Of Installation

These lights are fast and easy to install as they only have a few parts that you need to connect. Also, when you need to reinstall the lights, you can do so easily since they do not directly connect to the grid.

Flexible Installation Areas

Since these lights get their energy from the sun, you can install them anywhere that the sun can reach.

Uses Renewable Energy

These lights make use of renewable solar energy, thus saves you money and are environmentally friendly.

How Solar Motion Sensor Light Work

The process by which this light operates is that it will detect motion that triggers a response depending on the sensor type.

For instance, passive infrared sensors will receive infrared information but not emit infrared light.

Then, the infrared detector will sense and pick the infrared energy that these moving bodies emit.

A temperature difference will trigger a response from the passive infrared detector.

Passive infrared detectors have printed circuit boards with pyroelectric sensor chips within a casing.

The printed circuit board decodes and interprets the signal that the pyroelectric chip receives. After that, this chip will respond to the temperature change.

When the level of infrared goes beyond a certain threshold, the pyroelectric chip releases signals.

These signals will then activate the light.

For the infrared to reach the sensor’s chip, a small window is in direct line with the monitoring area.

When an individual enters the area, sensors will detect the change of infrared because of the temperature of their bodies.

This happens via the small window since it is also transparent to infrared light, meaning no blockage will occur.

Besides, the window also inhibits external elements from entering the device, which can cause a false alarm.

Solar Motion Sensor Light

Solar Motion Sensor Light

Modes Of Solar Motion Sensor Light

These lights do come in three styles of operation, and they are:

Security Mode

This mode allows the solar motion sensor light to turn lights on and off automatically.

Permanently On

This mode means the light will remain on for the entire night. When it starts to get dark, it automatically emits light till the morning when it starts to light up.

Smart Brightness Control

This mode means the light will be on throughout the night and increase in brightness when it detects motion.

Types Of Sensors Used In Solar Motion Sensor Light

The sensors available in motion detectors and photosensors are vital when it comes to lighting. Since the sensors will only turn the light on when necessary, they preserve the batteries.

Here are some motion sensors you can use in solar motion sensor lights:

Active Sensors

Another name for these sensors is radar-based motion sensors. They operate by emitting microwave or radio waves across an area.

When the waves hit an object, they will reflect towards the detector in the sensor. The sensor checks for frequency shifts, and when the object move it indicates it hit the moving object.

These sensors decipher these alterations and send electrical signals to the light.

However, they light up when they detect any moving object, such as large insects or small animals. This may cause it not to be suitable for outdoor application.

Combined Sensors

These will make use of both kinds of motion detectors.

Passive infrared sensors are simple to adjust and will not pick random objects such as tree branches. This makes them a suitable choice to use for solar motion sensor lights.

Passive Infrared Sensors [PIR]

These sensors will detect the skin temperature of a person.

They will emit black-body radiation in mild wavelengths. At room temperature, these wavelengths will contrast to the background object.

They are known as passive since they will not emit any form of energy. However, they will pick up radiation from a person, animal, or object.

Adjustable Passive Infrared Sensors

You can get rid of nuisance trips to select solar motion sensors lights having adjustable motion sensors. This is an important factor to consider when selecting this kind of light.

A majority of solar motion sensor lights have adjustable features that allow you to alter parameters such as:

  1. Detection range
  2. Delay time
  3. Distance
  4. Light sensitivity

Distance and range in motion will represent the angle that the sensor covers. Most of the solar motion sensor lights will detect motion at a 180-degree angle.

Only special solar motion sensor lights have a 360-degree angle coverage. Also, you can adjust the distance to affect how near or far you need to detect any movement.

Delay or detection time will represent the time the lights will remain on upon detecting movement. Light sensitivity will assist you in adjusting the level of darkness necessary for the sensor to detect movement.


Another term for this sensor is dusk to dawn sensor and is common in solar floor lights. They can pick up movement at an angle of 120 degrees to 180 degrees.

Also, they can detect movement at a distance of between 15 and 40 feet. Besides, they automatically turn the lights on when they sense a certain level or a whole level of darkness.

Also, when it gets bright in the morning, they turn off automatically. This means it conserves the batteries as they will not emit light during the morning.

When this sensor is not available, it means you need to operate the lights manually. This means turning it on in the evening and off in the mornings.

Always check the description to see if the solar motion sensor light has sensors.

Where To Install Solar Motion Sensor Light

You ought to install a solar motion sensor light in the pathways since they lead to your house.

Also, you need to install them in both the front and backyard of your home.

If you need to inhibit theft, install them in all areas around your home to eliminate any hiding areas.

Here are some areas that are suitable for the installation of solar motion sensor lights:

  • Patio
  • Swimming pool area
  • Fences and gates
  • Stairways
  • Decks
  • Garden paths
  • Around bushes or trees
  • Yards

How To Install Solar Motion Sensor Light

Here are some steps to guide you install this light:

Select The Light

Ensure the solar motion sensor light has the necessary kits and installation manual. These include light fixtures, solar panels, power cords, and fastening hardware.

Determine The Location

Here, you need to choose the best location where you will install the solar panel. Make sure you install the solar panel in an area where it faces the sun.

Also, ensure that you consider the length of the power cord when installing the solar panel. Most lights have adequate power cords that allow for easy installation.

Drill Holes

Use a marker to place marks in areas you will install the solar panel. Make use of the mounting brackets as a guide when making these marks.

Begin by drilling pilot holes on the marks that you set. The bit you are using needs to be suitable for the material substance you are making the drilling.

Also, it should be a bit smaller in diameter than the mounting hardware.

Panel Installation

In this stage, ensure you secure the mounting bracket using the drills. After that, you shall slide in the solar panel on the mounting bracket.

Run Cords

Run the power cords securely or hide them within the wall. For instance, you can even tuck the cord beneath the line of the roof.

Install Light

Here, you will drill pilot holes in a suitable location away from any coverings. Use the mounting bracket for the light as a guide the same way as with the solar panel.

Drill in and secure the mounting bracket readying it for installing the light. Afterward, make the necessary adjustments to fix the light, settings for motion control, and timers.

Connect Cords

Here you will plug the fixture cord with the solar panel cord and secure the cord that remains. Also, you can use cable clips to secure the cords firmly.

LED Solar Motion Sensor Light

Solar Motion Sensor Light

Applications Of Solar Motion Sensor Light

The main use for these lights is to provide a security feature to different places like:

  • Homes
  • Shops
  • Industries

Charging And Run Time Of Battery Solar Motion Sensor Light

When under direct sunlight, these lights may take between 6 and 8 hours.

However, in indirect sunlight or winter seasons, this time may increase.

On a full charge, the lights may operate for up to 8 hours.

Types Of Battery Used In Solar Motion Sensor Light

The types of batteries you can use are:

  • Lead-Acid
  • Nickel-cadmium [Ni-Cd]
  • Li-phosphate (LiFePO4)
  • Nickel-metal hydride [Ni-MH]

Nickel-cadmium and Nickel-metal hydride are common in cheap and solar motion sensor lights that need low power.

The available battery sizes are AA and AAA.

Besides, they are affordable, simple to replace, lightweight, and good for lights that use less power.

For high-power solar motion sensor lights, lithium-ion batteries make the best choice.

They contain lithium iron phosphate that is highly advantageous to other lithium-ion batteries.

These days, you can find affordable lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are common because of the following:

  • They have a high energy
  • Are lightweight
  • Have lifecycles of almost 2000
  • Come in varying sizes
  • Need less maintenance

Battery Capacity Of Solar Motion Sensor Lights

This is the maximum energy that a battery can store. The SI unit of measurement is ampere-hour [Ah] or milliampere-hour [mAh].

If the battery has a higher capacity, it also has a longer runtime.

Here are the capacities of the different batteries:

  • The lowest capacity is 600mAh for Ni-Cd batteries
  • 2000 mAh for Ni-MH batteries
  • 2000 mAh to 6000 mAh for lithium-ion batteries
  • The highest capacity is between 4000 mAh to 7000 mAh for Lead-acid batteries.

Motion Detection Range Of Solar Motion Sensor Lights

This will depend on the model of the light, and they average between 10 and 25 feet.

Besides, the angle and detection range for these models differ. A majority of these lights have a range of 10 feet.

Recommended Lumens Of High-Performance Solar Motion Sensor Light

Lumen will indicate how bright this light will be, and this is an important factor to consider.

The lumen value, depending on the light, varies between 300 and 3000 lumens. A value of between 300 and 800 is recommended.

Beam Angle Of Solar Motion Sensor Light

This varies from one light to another and will be between 120 and 360 degrees.

Controlling Solar Motion Sensor Light

There are lights that you need to control from the light system to others where you can use remote controls.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Solar Motion Sensor Light

These include:

Solar Panels

There are different solar panels that you can use with these lights, and they have varying cell efficiency.


The amount you have will determine the quality of the sensor you can purchase.

Build Material

Aluminum material is more protective than plastic casings.

IP Rating

This will determine the level of resistance to solids and moisture. A higher IP rating means higher levels of protection.

Bulb Type

LEDs are durable than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.


The higher the lumen value, the brighter the light source.

Color Temperature

This is how the light will appear as some will produce warm lights and others cool light.


The type of sensor will determine the effectiveness of the light and assist in conserving the batteries.


The different types of batteries have varying capacities and durability.

Recommended IP Rating Of Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

Higher IP ratings mean more protection from the elements. The suitable IP rating is around IP64, which offers more protection against solids and moisture content.

Disadvantages Of Dusk-To-Dawn Solar Lights Vs. Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Dusk to dawn solar lights will remain on the whole night, meaning they use up a lot of energy.

If they lack motion sensors, you will have to turn them on and off manually.

Solar motion sensor lights may have false trigger alarms that are a nuisance.

Disadvantages Of Incandescent Bulb Solar Motion Sensor Light

These include:

  • They are energy inefficient and have a high operating cost
  • Also, they have a short lifespan of about 1000 hours which is less than LEDs
  • They are fragile thus needs careful handling
  • The bulbs can blast when you expose them to small voltage fluctuations or critical weather.

Lifespan Of LED Solar Motion Sensor Light

They can last for between 7 and 15 hours, whereas high-quality PV cells will reach 20 years.

How To Prolong The Service Life Of Solar Motion Sensor Light

Begin by installing in an area that receives direct sunlight but away from harsh weather. These can be under a roof eave or in a sheltered area.

How To Resolve Nuisance Trips In Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light

Outdoor installation means the sensor can detect mobbing vehicles, animals, or wind-blown foliage.

These are nuisance trips as the light will activate something unnecessary, which can be annoying to you or your neighbors.

Resolve this by adjusting the setting for the distance range and limiting the sensors’ field of view.

For instance, you can apply tape to the sensor to narrow the field of view.

Comparison Of Single-Head Vs. Dual-Head Solar Motion Sensor Light

Single-head solar motion sensor lights shine on a small area and have limited coverage. Dual-head has a wide illumination area and is costly since they are large.

Tips For Installing And Operating Solar Motion Sensor Light

The sensor should be in an open area, free from obstructions. Always install the panels in areas that receive ample sunlight.

Integration Of Solar Motion Sensor Light To Security System

This is possible if it is compatible with the security system. It offers the advantage of notifying you via mobile alerts when the lights are active.

Solar Motion Sensor Light Accessories

Extra accessories that manufacturers provide include:

  • Batteries
  • Anchor
  • Mounting screws
  • User manual
  • Expansion mounting bracket

Function Of Solar Inverter In Solar Motion Sensor Light Fixture

It will invert solar energy from solar panels from DC to AC to power the light fixture.

Types Of Solar Inverters Used In Solar Motion Sensor Light

These include:

  • String inverters
  • Central inverters
  • Microinverters
  • Power optimizer
  • Hybrid solar inverters
  • Battery based inverters

Solar Motion Sensor Light Price

This depends if it’s an entry-level, mid-level, or high-level solar motion sensor light. The price ranges between 20 USD and 200 USD.

How To Reset Solar Motion Sensor Light

Begin by turning off the main switch that provides power to the sensor. Wait for at least 30 seconds, then turn the switch back on.

Considerations For Buying The Best Batteries For Solar Motion Sensor Light

These include:


This will determine how much energy the battery can store, thus determines its life.

Number Of Batteries

Purchasing a pack that has more batteries will save you money.


Manufacturers offer a longer warranty period for high-quality batteries.

How To Clean Solar Motion Sensor Lights

The steps involve:

  • Use a damp cloth that will pick up the dirt on their surface
  • Wipe the surface of the sensor light and solar panel without applying a lot of pressure
  • Also, you can use a dishwashing liquid to wipe bulbs that chrome on their surface
  • After using a soapy cloth, wipe the soap residue using a clean damp cloth
  • Let them dry completely to ensure high performance

Procedure Of Restoring Cloudy Solar Panel Of Solar Motion Sensor Light

The steps involve:

  • Use soap and water to clean the cloudy part
  • Ensure you tape the edges and plastic area of the panel so water will not leak inside
  • Also, painting tape is better as the sticky tape will leave residue marks when you peel them.
  • After covering, begin the cleaning process.
  • Use a soft sponge to rub the surface once you dip it in soapy water and rub until clean.
  • Also, apply lacquer on the surface for it to remain clean and shiny for longer.

Causes Of Degradation Of Solar Panel Of Solar Motion Sensor Light

These include:

  • Degradation by the components
  • Light-induced degradation
  • Panels having poor durability
  • Natural degradation

Step Of Eliminating Battery Corrosion In Solar Motion Sensor Light Fixture

The steps include:

  • Thoroughly inspect the battery from all sides to ensure they have no corrosion.
  • Detach the battery before cleaning white powder that indicates it is corroding
  • Rub the surface with soft brushes if the corrosion seems recent
  • Ensure there are no corrosions in the internal compartments and if visible, use a soft brush to clean
  • Use sandpaper to scrub corrosion that is not recent
  • Replace the battery if the corrosion is widespread on the battery, and cleaning will not solve the issue
  • Clean new batteries every month to eliminate corrosion

Factors Affecting The Lifespan Of Solar Motion Sensor Light Battery

These factors include:

  • Type of battery
  • Battery usage
  • Temperature of batteries
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance

How To Troubleshoot Solar Motion Sensor Light

To fix a light that remains in an on or off state, reset the light to resolve this issue. If it persists, seek the assistance of a technician.

Solar Motion Sensor Light With Camera

Some sensors have an in-built camera that will make a recording when it detects movements. They provide real-time insight and footage that you can monitor, store, and share easily.

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