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Goldmore Grow Light to Boost Your Business

Goldmore’s plant growth lights come in different appearance types and functional types to meet the different needs of different users. We have hanging model, bulb model, desktop small plant lights, clip grow lights, the grow lights with tripod stand, plant grow light that applies to shelf, grow lights strip and so on.

Our plant grow lights using advanced LED technology, effectively solve the problem of lack of sunlight, the overall quality and design are reliable and worthy of your trust.

As the manufacturer of plant growth lights, we inspect the manufacturing process and control the quality of the products, and we have a special QC personnel to test the products.

We ship quickly, and we have very trusted freight forwarders that we have been cooperating with for many years. We can guarantee to deliver your product safely and quickly.


Goldmore Flashlight Series

1.5-6.2W USB Grow Light with High Lumen Timing Function

1. Material: ABS+PC  

2. Voltage: 5V2A/5V3A  

3. Lamp bead: LED 20/40/60/80 pcs

4. Light color: sunlight/red blue/pink violet  

5. Power supply: USB interface  

6. Power: 1.5/3/4.6/6.2W  

7 lumens: 75/150/225/300LM  

8. Size: 90*6MM  

9. Net weight: 35/60/80/100g  

2-6.5W UFO Grow Light with Red and Blue Lighting

1. Material: PC+FR4 glass fiber board (48, 60, 80 lamp beads)
PC+ heat dissipation aluminum substrate (126, 200, 300 lamp bead)
2. Voltage: 220V (48, 60, 80 lamp bead)
85-265V (126, 200, 300 lamp bead)
3. Power: 2/3/3. 6/6/6.3/6.5 W
4. Size: 50*50*54mm (48, 60, 80 beads)
93.5*93.5*78mm(126, 200, 300 beads)
5. Luminous: red + blue (32R+16B; 41R+19B; 52R+28B; 90R+36B; 166R+34B; 228R+72B)
6. Lamp bead: E27/E14/B22/GU10/MR16 (48-80 bead)
E27/E26/B22 (126, 200, 300 bead)
7. Indication: ≥70Ra
8. Net weight: 17.5/18.1/18.5/50/51/52g

4-18.5W Grow Light Bulb

1. Material: PC+ aluminum
2. Voltage: 85-265V
3. Power: 4/5.5/7.5/9.5/11.5/18.5W
4. Size: 50*50*61mm (18, 28 beads)
58*58*71mm (40 lamp beads)
94*94*98m (78 lamp beads)
123*123*125mm (120, 150 beads)
5. Lighting: red + blue + white + infrared + UV
6. Lamp bead: E27/E26/E14/B22
7. Indication: ≥80Ra
8. Net weight: 33.5/33.5/52.6/170/305/320 g
9. Lumens: 140/160 /170/280/340/650 lm

30W 40W 50W Grow Light with Red and Blue Lighting

1. Material: ABS
2. Voltage: 100-277V
3. Power: 30/40/50W
4. Size: ∅205x205x88mm
5. Luminescence: Red + blue 108/126/144pcs
6. Lamp bead: E27/E26
7. Indication: ≥80Ra
8. Net weight: 190g

100W 120W 150W Grow Light with Red Blue Lighting

1. Material: PC+ aluminum
2. Voltage: 85-265V
3. Power: 100/120/150W
4. Size: ∅290*78mm
5. Luminescence: Red + blue light 180/210/240pcs
6. Lamp bead: E27/E26
7. Indication: ≥70Ra
8. Net weight: 230g

60W 80W 100W Grow Light Indoor

1. Material: ABS+ aluminum
2. Voltage: 100-277V
3. Power: 60/80/100W
4. Size: ∅325.71*96.66mm
5. Luminescence: Red + blue / warm; 216/240/297pcs
6. Lamp bead: E27/E26
7. Indication: ≥80Ra
8. Net weight: 648.2g

Expand Your Product Range and Customer Base

As you can see, our GOLDMORE plant grow lights have a lot of species and functions. If you are only selling a few of these products or have no LED plant grow lights, I highly recommend expanding your product range. In recent years, grow lights are very popular products, and their sales trend is also gradually rising. Plant growth lights are very sales promising. Then when you have more categories, your customers have more choices, and your customer base will expand.


You Will Get Quality Guaranteed Plant Grow Lights

We are a professional manufacturer of plant grow lights, and we have a strict regulatory system for the production process. All stages from the purchase of raw materials to the shipment, we have special people to monitor. Our plant grow lights have CE / ROHS / EMC related certificates. We accept you to entrust a third party to inspect the factory, if you need it.

Goldmore Welcome OEM & ODM

We accept to print your logo on the products we make, and make the packaging with your logo, so that you can have your own product. If you want us to produce products you design, we have professional designers to help you and will specifically arrange production teams to produce your unique plant grow lights for you.

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One-to-one After-sales Service Saves You from Worry

Our after-sale service is as good as our pre-sale service. We offer a 1-year warranty if you buy plant grow lights from us. If you find any defect after receiving the goods, we will deal with it positively and give a satisfactory solution to both parties. Because we’re looking for long-term opportunities. Or you have any questions, we will answer for you in time, eliminate your confusion.

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Goldmore LED Grow Lights illuminate your world

Goldmore grow lights are widely used for home balcony sowing/breeding, gardening, flower display, potted plants, especially tall and large plants. It has excellent heat dissipation performance, so that the lamp is more durable, the service life of up to 50,000 hours.

Different plant grow lights have different spectrum, red spectrum, blue spectrum, warm spectrum, sunlight spectrum, full spectrum, pink spectrum, violet spectrum, suitable for the use of plants in different growth stages, promote the healthy growth of plants.


The Ultimate LED Grow Lights and Importing Guide

If you are looking for information on grow lights importing from China, then you’re at the right place.

This guide will help you learn the ropes of sourcing and shipping quality grow lights from China.

So read on.

Why are Plant Grow Lights Necessary?

Indoor plants do not have access to the sun, so they can rely on plant lamps to shine light for them.

Grow Lights can actually provide sufficient light for plants, effectively supplementing the lack of natural light, and promoting the healthy growth of plants.

It can provide red, blue, or mixed spectra to meet the light conditions your plants are most need at different stages.

What is LED Grow Lights’ Prospect?

Due to the climate problem of global warming, the climate everywhere is not very stable, and greenhouse planting has become a trend.

People use grow lights to control the growth environment and light time of plants’ need.

People can use plant lights to promote plant germination, flowering and fruiting. It makes anti-season plants can grow.

What are the Corresponding Effects of the Different Spectra?

Different wavelengths of light have different effects on plant growth. Blue violet light and green light in visible light play an important role in plant growth and bud formation. This kind of light inhibits the elongation of plants and causes them to form short and coarse forms.

Blue violet light is also the most important light controlling cell differentiation. Blue violet light can also affect plant phototropism.

UV light can inhibit stem elongation. Red light can promote seed or spore germination and stem elongation.


What are the Method to Print My Logo on Grow Lights?

We can use silk print, Laser print, emboss graving or stick logo.

Which Plants Does Grow Light Apply for?

Our plant grow lights can be used for varies of plants.

Provide more uniform light required by all kinds of indoor plants, effectively promote photosynthesis, improve the growth rate, meet the germination of plants.

The grow lights from Goldmore adopt advanced LED technology, effectively solve the problem of insufficient sunlight plants, the overall quality and design is reliable, worthy of your trust.

Is Grow Lights Useful?

Grow lights is useful. When plants have growth problem, you can use grow lights to give its more lighting to promote its growth.

At What Stage Can Grow Lights Be Used?

You can use LED grow lights during sprout, growth, flowering, fruiting. You can use it for lighting hydroponic plants, flowers,  succulents, herbs and so on.

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