Bright Rechargeable Work Light

  • Super High Lumen
  • Large Battery Capacity
  • High Waterproof Grade
  • Adjustable Color Temperature
  • High Quality Material
  • Output Function
  • Multiple Modes
  • Portable and Durable

Built-in battery: High lumen work light is equipped with large capacity battery. Large capacity allows work lamp can work for long time and can light more efficiently. work lamp can be recharged by USB cable.

Lumen: Super bright led work light can light your way, which is convenient for your working. The lumen of it can reach to 2200LM. Compared with normal work light in the market, Goldmore portable work light has higher lumen.

Color temperature: Different color temperatures correspond to different lighting colors. The adjustable color temperature of portable outdoor work light solves the problem of single lighting color and can suit the needs of different lighting occasions.

Beam angle: Bright work lights can achieve wide angle lighting of 120 degrees.

Output: As a power bank in an emergency, work light rechargeable led can charge your mobile phone and other electronic devices. This is very useful outdoors.

IP grade: High lumen work light has excellent protection performance, which can reach IP66. Perfectly protected work lamp from water and dust during normal use.

Strong magnet: Work light can be placed on iron material surface with strong N50 magnet. Whether you place it on a wall, ceiling or iron pipe, it will stick to iron surface without falling or shaking.

Adjustable stand: The stand of work light can be adjustable, which means it can be easily folded. When be used outdoors, it can be unfolded and stand on the table or floor steadily.

Goldmore has years of experience in portable work light production and knows well the demand of portable work light in the industry. And helped many brands customize work light, enabling them to occupy a dominant position in the market.

Our factory always maintains a positive attitude and is always passionate about the design and development of new work light with stand, so as to design products that meet the market needs.

The reason why we are able to establish long-term cooperative relationships with many online and offline stores is that we treat our customers sincerely, provide high quality bright work light at a reasonable price. Besides, we try our best to support their businesses by providing low MOQ.

Our professional makes the customer trust us and rest assured to give us the order. Customer receive the bright work light as he expected on time.

super bright led work light

Battery: The capacity of the battery can be customized, such as 2200mAh, 4400mAh, 6600mAh and so on. The specific situation depends on the product.

Magnet: The stand or back of work light have strong magnet, which can be removed or updated to stronger type.

LED: The led quantity can be designed to make work light more powerful and bright. The led color can be customized to change lighting color. All the color temperature between 2000K to 7000K can be achieved.

Color: Rechargeable work light with magnet appearance color is available to be designed.

Logo: Print your logo on package or on high lumen work light. Logo print cost will be free, if your purchase quantity reaches MOQ.

Package: It is able to design and make new package of portable work light for you. Our designer will help you to make it a reality.

Detailed requirement, please discuss with us.

Goldmore: Your Ideal Super Bright Led Work Light Supplier

super bright led work light
Video of Super Bright Led Work Light

Gormore accepts OEM&ODM projects. We offer low MOQ and reasonable prices to make you stand out in the industry, grow your business and keep coming back. As your supplier, Goldmore is responsible for the goods, strictly controls the production process and strictly inspects the product quality. Any production schedule will timely inform you.

Goldmore perfect after-sale service has won the goodwill of many customers, which makes them willing to establish long-term friendly and cooperative relations with us.


Work Light with Magnet
Work Light with Magnet


Differences From Other Work Lights in the Market

Lumen is higher. The brightness of normal work lights only can max reach 800 lumen. Goldmore upgraded super bright led work light can reach to 2000 lumen, which means that the brightness is three to five times greater.

Color temperature is adjustable. Normal work lights only have one lighting color: while light. Goldmore thinks that one lighting color cannot meet different lighting needs, then we add more lighting color led into the portable work light. Adjustable color temperature can be applied to outdoor lighting, maintenance lighting, can also protect eye health to a certain extent at the same time.

Battery capacity is larger. Our current battery capacity is 2-5 times that of the normal model, so there is enough power to support bright work light operation.

Aluminum alloy material is used. Normal high lumen work light in the market is made of ABS material. Aluminum alloy we adapted now is more fall-resistant and durable, which will not get broken easily. The texture of the whole portable outdoor work light is also different from the ordinary one, which is more advanced both visually and in terms of sense of use.



Detailed Information of 4 Portable Work Lights

If you want to customize these products, please contact us to discuss specific customization projects.

super bright led work light


What Certifications Do High Lumen Work Light Have?

  • GS
  • CE
  • EMC
  • ROHS
  • PAHS


What is IP Grade?

The two numbers after “IP” means dustproof and waterproof. The higher the number, the higher the protection level.


Get Free Sample of Portable Outdoor Work Light

If you want to know more about Goldmore work lamp, we are willing to provide free sample for you to check quality and function of work lamp.

Please feel free to contact us with your purchasing plan. Free sample and discount are available if you send inquiry now.

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