Camping Lantern with Fan

  • USB Rechargeable
  • Stepless Speed Levels
  • Max to 20 hours Long Endurance
  • Low Noise
  • Strong Wind
  • Built-in rechargeable Battery
  • Stable and Durable
  • 4 levels Power Indicator
  • Rotary Switch

Brushless motor: Ceiling fan light uses a brushless motor inside, different from the common brush motor. The brushless motor is almost silent during use, and the sound of operation is low, less than 23 db.

Stepless speed regulation: Rotate the button of camping light with fan to control the wind speed, the fan does not set the gear, can realize stepless speed regulation, according to their own situation to choose the appropriate wind speed.

Multiple lighting: Multi-level lighting meets different lighting needs, using ultra-bright light beads, enough to repel the darkness.

2 in 1: Fan combines with lighting. Not only can bring brightness, but also can bring coolness. The multifunctional fan can be used indoors and outdoors and is ideal for emergency lighting.

Power display: Four power display is convenient for users to understand the remaining rechargeable camping fan light power, so as to timely charge.

USB charging: Goldmore comes with a Usb cable for each tent lantern with fan. Convenient to charge outdoor fan light.

Long endurance: When the ceiling fan with lights is fully charged, it can last up to 20 hours.No need to charge ceiling fan light frequently.

Rotation: The cooling Angle can be adjusted up and down at will. The joint has proper friction, and the fan head can be fixed after adjusting the Angle.

Multi-placing options: Can be carried or placed on a flat surface. The bottom of the camping light with fan is very stable and will not shake during use. There are hooks at the bottom, which can be hung on the crossbar to meet the needs of different environments.

Grid design: The head of camping lantern with ceiling fan is grid design, which can effectively pass through the wind, but also to some extent prevent fingers from touching the leaves and causing damage.

Goldmore’s factory has extensive ceiling fan light manufacturing experience. There are skilled workers in production, inspection. After the production and assembly of each outdoor fan light, corresponding tests are carried out to test its performance, such as usage time, charging time, normal display of electric quantity, normal working of buttons, etc.

Goldmore has the ability to handle large orders and deliver on time with high quality and high quantity.

We will check the ceiling fan light in every production process, so as to find defects in time and adjust production. In the final bulk goods, we will also arrange quality inspection personnel for spot inspection. Of course, we welcome your company or your designated a third party company to inspect the goods.

Our customized projects not only but include the following:

Logo: We can print your logo pattern on the camping lantern with ceiling fan.Printing technology is very mature, firm, clear and very color display.

Package: The packaging can be designed to be in your own brand packaging.

Motor: You can choose a Motor with different rotating speeds, or a brushless motor or a brushed motor.

LED: By changing the number of LED and the type of LED, the brightness and power of the lighting can be changed.The lamp can also change the bead color of the LED.

Battery: The capacity of the Battery can be increased or decreased according to your needs.

Size: You can design a more portable smaller portable camping lantern with fan for you, or a more powerful larger ceiling fan light for you.

Color: Black and orange is the classic color we offer, and there are no sales restrictions on the Amazon.If you need other colors, we have other colors for you to choose from.

Other details of the design, can also be discussed. If you already have a design sketch, be welcome to customize it.To support your start-up, our custom MOQ for you is very low.

Now to inquire, you can get a low-MOQ quota.

Goldmore Welcome OEM & ODM Projects

Video of Camping Lantern with Fan Factory
Video of Camping Lantern with Fan Factory

Goldmore, as professional camping fan light manufacturer with over 15-years-experience, accepts OEM & ODM projects.

We can help you to create your own ceiling fan light on logo, package, size, color, battery, LED, motor and so on. We have professional team to make it a reality with high quality materials.We have already helped with the over 100 brands to double profits..

As you can see, our production experience, including customization experience, is very rich.Our strength is very strong.We face customers with a positive and easy-going attitude, and face produce with a serious and rigorous attitude. During the production process, we strictly check and provide you with high quality ceiling fan light.

We will arrange free samples to you so you can check the performance and quality of ceiling fan light. If you need free samples, please contact us.


Advantage of Goldmore Outdoor Fan Light

Video of Camping Lantern with Fan
Video of Camping Lantern with Fan
  • Advantage of Goldmore outdoor fan light
  • Stable and durable
  • Efficient daily waterproof
  • Efficient daily dustproof
  • Premium Material
  • Environment friendly
  • Low noise
  • Easy to install



Comparation of Three Ceiling Fan Lights

These three ceiling fan lights looks same. And there is still some differences between them, like output function, battery, etc.

Below form for your better comparing.

Camping Lantern with Fan
Compare Ceiling Fan Lights



Why choose Goldmore?


  1. You will get 24 hours service. You can call, email, or leave a message on instant messaging, and we’ll get back to you in time.
  2. You will get 1 year warranty of camping lantern with fan. Within one year after you place an order, any quality problems of the product, we will replace for you free of charge.
  3. You will get OEM or ODM outdoor lighted ceiling fan. OEM &ODM are welcomed. Goldmore has professional design team, production team and service team that help you to create a fantastic portable camping lantern with fan.
  4. Over 50 kinds of fan light for your reference.
  5. You will get safety guaranteed ceiling fan light. Goldmore ceiling fan light has FCC/CE/ROHS certification, which guarantee safety and eco-friendly.
  6. You will free from worry by choosing us. From your inquiry to the whole process of production and shipment, we have specialists to provide one-stop service for you, every progress of the order will be reported to you, so that you can fully know the order situation.


Professional people do professional things. Contact us now to get free samples as well as discount.

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