Your Cob Camping Lantern
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COB Camping Lantern

  • 360° Ultra-Bright Battery-Operated Electric Lamp – Safer than Gas-Powered Lights
  • Up to 12 Hours of Runtime
  • For Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Made with Water Resistant Plastics
  • Portable and Compact
  • Collapsible Design
  • Foldaway Handles and Hanger
  • Magnetic Base – 3 Strong Magnets Provide a Powerful Grip

Fish aquariumCOB Lantern with Magnetic Base

This reliable and practical, general purpose LED lantern is the perfect gift for a father, husband, wife, scout, or college student for any occasion. It gives off 360° of high lumen brightness making dog walking, hiking, hunting, backpacking, and exploring a breeze. Use it to easily light up a tabletop, tree house, or campground.

The lamp’s lightweight, small, and collapsible design also makes it easy to store in your cabin, out house, home, RV, truck, glove compartment, cabinet, backpack, camping gear, or survival kit. The all-season tough body allows it to function in rain or snow. You can count on it during natural disasters, storms, power outages, earthquakes, and roadside emergencies.

With the ability to stand, hang, suspend, and attach to almost anything, this lantern is a better option than a flashlight when you need your hands free or overhead lighting. Quickly light up your surroundings at night, in the wilderness, on the trail, at the beach, or during a picnic. Decorate your backyard or a garden party with one of the brightest and most rugged lanterns around!

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