Goldmore Tube Shaped Outdoor Inflatable Camping Lights

  • Quick and easy inflation and deflation
  • Lightweight and flexible design offers a variety of lighting options
  • Powered by an easy-to-use USB input
  • High IP66 waterproof
  • Thin 0.3mm TPU material
  • 96pcs White LED light up to 270 lumens
  • Magnetic on the back can help to placed
  • Different sizes for difference choices

Tube solar inflatable lights can be installed on iron material or hang on rope or tube by its loop. It can bright up outdoor darkness and bring you brightness.

* Luminosity:

It is designed like a tube. The lighting degree is 360 degrees. It is super bright of 270 lumens, which equip with 96pcs white LEDs. It can light up a radius of five meters.


It is manufactured by 0.3mm TPU material. The weight is only 113g. It is so light that it can float on the water when it is inflated. When you deflate the inflatable lights can put it into your bag, you won’t feel burdened.


Equipped with high waterproof grade IP66, it can be used on the water or even used under water. It will not get broken when it gets wet. High waterproof makes it more occasions to be used. Even when you meet a horrible weather, it can be used as usual.

*Easy Installation:

Two different install ways because it has Hypalon carabiner loop and magnet on its back.


Sleeping mode/ low light/ high light/ flash mode. Four modes can be used in different situations. You can use it when you are sleeping, reading, camping, hiking. Or when you meet some emergency situation, flash mode can help you attract others’ attention and warning others.

Goldmore is a professional and specialized solar inflatable lights manufacturer in China. Goldmore inflatable lights are of great quality, which is highly thought by our customers all over the word who are on LED lights business. Goldmore help them boost their business.

Not only a hot product is a key point for you, but also a reliable inflatable lights manufacturer like Goldmore is secret to success.

Tube-shaped inflatable lights production process is well inspected by specialized person. Every single step is monitored. We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the perfect inflatable lights.

Production- solar inflatable lantern
Production- solar inflatable lantern

With its soft and durable TPU material, solar inflatable light can easily be inflated and deflated.

This special design makes it possible to deflate the lamp and put it into bag.

It takes small space, which makes camper with a light pack and without any burdens.

New Style Camping Lights: Lighten Campers’ bag, Strengthen Your Business!

Video of Solar Inflatable Lights
Video of Solar Inflatable Lights


What parts are new?

New in design: Goldmore inflatable lights’ design always can capture the needs of our customers.  While producing our classic inflatable lights, we are also constantly designing new products and updating them, so that our products can better meet the needs of users.  The new design will always surprise you!

New in shape: This tube-shaped inflatable light is unique. When you inflate it, it looks like a luminous tube. When you deflate it and put it into its equipped bag, it can be used as a lantern! This design is so special that users have two ways to use it.

New in function: This tube-shaped inflatable light can be installed by loop or magnet. It has Hypalon carabiner loop and magnet on its back. Users can use carabiner loop to clasp it to a branch or use magnet to place light on metal surface. No matter where you want to place the lights, this tube-shaped inflatable light can fit.

New in size: These inflatable lights have three different sizes for your choice.




Goldmore: Your Tube-Shaped Outdoor Inflatable Lights Manufacturer in China


Goldmore, as an excellent manufacturer in the lighting industry, strictly controls each batch of goods.

We have professional equipment to test tube-shaped outdoor inflatable light’s lighting lumen, voltage, wattage, waterproof rating and so on. All the data are real data obtained through multiple tests.

Our sense of innovation keeps us at the forefront.

Different sizes to meet different needs. Extremely high brightness, so that you can see the surroundings outdoors at night. Adjustable brightness to meet the lighting needs in different environments. High water resistance allows lighting under water. Magnets and hooks allow the tube-shaped outdoor inflatable light to be placed in different places.

All the raw materials used by Goldmore are fresh materials, which can pass CE/ROHS. It is very friendly to the environment.

If you’re looking for a trusted manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place! Goldmore can do OEM&ODM project to create your own products with your logo and package.  It is our professional and experienced ability to take your business to the next level.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss further!

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