Solar Wall Light

  • Angle adjustable
  • Remote control
  • Large 2400mA Capacity Battery
  • Super Bright LED Bulbs
  • Human Body Motion Sensor
  • Multiple Modes
  • Wide Angle Lighting
  • High Waterproof
  • Easy to Install

Battery: The battery capacity of outdoor wall lamp is 2400mA. The large capacity battery allows outdoor led wall lantern to store a large amount of power and work for a long time when fully charged. After a full charge, it can be used for 10 hours to 1 month.

Solar Panel: Solar wall lamp uses high-efficiency solar panels, which can absorb sunlight more effectively and give solar wall light a quick charge. It is fully charged during the day and can be illuminated normally at night.

USB Input: Solar powered wall lamp can be charged not only by the solar panel, but also with a USB cable, just in case when the weather is not very good. You can take down the garden wall lamp. It is very easy to take down, charge it indoors with the USB cable and then put it back on the wall. Do not need to take down every day to charge. A full charged garden wall lamp can be used for at least a month.

Remote: Outdoor led wall lantern can be controlled by remote to control mode, which is convenient for buyers to change the mode. There is no need to take the solar wall light off the wall to control it by pressing the button. The remote control of solar wall light has 6 keys that correspond to different functions.

Motion Sensor: Solar powered wall lamp has a human sensor function to save energy. In a dark environment, infrared detects someone walking by, it will illuminate, and the light will turn off after the person leaves, which is one of the sensing modes. The second mode is that when people pass, solar wall lamp emits a bright light, and after people leave, the light becomes slightly bright. The third mode is slightly bright steady on.

USB Output: In case of an emergency, you can take the outdoor led wall lantern off the wall and use it as an emergency power source to charge your phone with the USB cable we provide.

Integration and Separation: We have solar panel and lamp head integrated type, and also separate type. The separate solar panel is more flexible and can be installed in a sunny place with a 4.8m long connecting cable in the middle.

Solar wall lamp with motion sensor is one of Goldmore’s best sellers. Goldmore has successfully won the favor of customers by virtue of its own strength. Customers trust our quality, speed and service and are willing to give us bulk orders. Goldmore lived up to the customer’s request and completed outdoor solar wall lamp in accordance with the customer’s product requirements as scheduled.

As the source factory, Goldmore is not only committed to production, but also to independent research and development. We will fully investigate the overseas market demand for the product based on the customer’s previous requirements for the product and update the new product.

If you are exactly looking for source factory, you have come to right place. Please contact us to inform us of your interest in outdoor solar wall lamp and we will reply to your email soon.

solar wall light

Logo: We can print your logo on outdoor led wall lantern for you. Usually, our customers choose one color logo, of course, we can also print multi-color logo.

Package: We can do customized package as you designed. Our printing machines are very professional, with clear printing and correct position.

Color: We can do customized color of solar powered wall lamp.

Solar panel: We can customize solar panels for you with different power and different materials.

Battery: The capacity of the battery can be customized according to your needs. Of course, this needs to take into account whether the internal structure of solar wall lamp can hold it. If you have any idea of customized battery, please contact me for details.

Line: The length of the wire can be customized to be longer or shorter according to your needs.

Size: The size of solar wall lamp can be customized.

Goldmore: Solar Wall Light Factory

solar wall light
Video of Introducing Solar Wall Light

Goldmore as one of the best outdoor led wall lantern suppliers. Our solar wall lamp has the following advantages: durable, strong, good material, not easy to stick to dust, not easy to aging, easy to clean.

Solar wall lights outdoor is definitely the first choice for home patio lighting. The human body sensor function solves the problem of freeing up your hands to turn on the lights, and can effectively save energy and contribute to the earth’s environmental protection. The added remote control function is convenient to switch modes.

Solar wall light is easy to use and install, and can be removed at any time.

solar wall light
Video of Manufacturing Solar Wall Light


Reasons for Choosing Us


* Goldmore is rich-experienced manufacturer. We have more than 15 years of manufacturing experience, and have very mature production technology and advanced production equipment in garden wall lamp manufacturing.

* Production requirements are strict. We all believe that quality determines our long-term development. We strictly control the product quality in the production process and check each final product to ensure that garden wall lamp meets the production standards in terms of appearance, function and internal structure.

* Goldmore provides a sincere service. We will arrange special sales staff for your project, and the same person will be responsible for the inquiry, order and shipment, so as to reduce the problem of poor information caused by multiple handovers. For any requirements you may have, such as packaging, we will carefully calculate the cost and provide professional advice to ensure that you get the best value garden wall lamp at the best price.

* OEM & ODM projects are available. As the source factory, we welcome you to customize solar sensor light, print logo or design and produce new solar sensor light for you. We have the R&D department to design and draw the artwork for you.


Easy Way to Install Solar Sensor Light


  1. Drill three holes in the wall with an electric drill. Align the holes with the screw holes reserved for the base.
  2. Knock the plastic expansion bolt into the hole.
  3. Align the holes in the base with the expansion bolts, insert screws into the expansion bolts, and secure the base to the wall.
  4. Hang the lamp head easily on the wall light


Detailed Information of Solar Wall Lamp


Below are 6 outdoor led wall lamps for your reference.

Comparing their details, you will find out there are some differences between them. If you are interested in any garden light, please e-mail us and tell me the number of garden light. We will reply to you fast.


solar wall light


Samples of Garden Light is Available


In order to facilitate you to know the quality of Goldmore’s outdoor garden light, we provide free samples to you and send them to your foreign company or your purchasing office in China.

If you want to customize solar sensor light, we will arrange customized samples for you so that you can check the customized effect.

Contact us now and get free samples.

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