• Why use USB fans instead of regular battery fans?

USB fans are more versatile since USBs generally are versatile. Plus, other charing methods can be added to a USB fan. 

The USB charging is eco-friendly and easy to use. It also grants a longer battery life. 

USB is the future of electronics, including fans, and with us, your business journey will be a breeze. 

 Figure 1. USB desk fan  What parts do USB fans have? Generally, you’d have a base, a motor with a hub, blades, a protective cage or a grill, and a USB port.   A hub is what connects the motor to the blades, like a bridge.   Also, there could be one set of blades or two. Typically, you would need two sets of blades if you are transforming the air somehow. This could mean that there is a cooling system, a humidifier system, or an ionization system.  If you aren’t planning to change the air, then one simple set of blades is sufficient.   Besides the base, some USB fans also have handles and hooks.

USB desk fan

  • What parts do USB fans have?

Generally, you’d have a base, a motor with a hub, blades, a protective cage or a grill, an

A hub is what connects the motor to the blades, like a bridge. 

Also, there could be one set of blades or two.

Typically, you would need two sets of blades if you are transforming the air somehow.

This could mean that there is a cooling system, a humidifier system, or an ionization system.

If you aren’t planning to change the air, then one simple set of blades is sufficient. 

Besides the base, some USB fans also have handles and hooks.

Parts of a USB fan

 Parts of a USB fan

  • What are some designs for mini USB fans?

Small USB fans include free-standing fans, phone and laptop fans, and handheld fans

Free-standing fans could be very small, or bigger. 

The small ones could also be worn on the user’s wrist like a watch, or clipped onto clothing as a brooch.

Because they are so small, they are not practical, but they do serve as fun appliances. 

Very small fan

Very small fan

Another option for small fans is an around-the-neck fan. It consists of 2 small fans connected by a wire. 

These can be angled in different ways and must be well protected since there is a risk of hair getting sucked into them. 

Plus, they look like and can be combined with a hug LED book light

Hug USB fan

  Hug USB fan

Another free-standing design, but of a bigger size, is a general desk fan with a phone stand. 

It allows the user to place their phone somewhere on the fan, so they can watch a video with a refreshing breeze. 

Fan with phone stands

Fan with phone stands

This segways us into phone and laptop USB fans.

These are also very small and don’t have a base. 

They can be either silicone or have a gooseneck that extends.

The longer gooseneck ones are for laptops, whereas short silicone ones are for phones. 

They are very simple and don’t have buttons, automatically starting to work once plugged in.

Thus, they are cheap, quick, and easy to manufacture. 

However, since these are small, they don’t have grills, which poses a danger. 

Silicone phone USB fan

 Silicone phone USB fan

Finally, we have the handheld fans.

These are useful, especially if the fan has a separate free-standing base. 

These can also be in different designs, such as a panda design that Goldmore has.

Plus, these are especially great with a misting function. 

Handheld USB fan

Handheld USB fan

For more design ideas, contact us today!

  • What are some base designs for USB fans?

Similar to different LED lights that Goldmore offers, the base types for USB fans are free-standing, handle, suction cup, and clamp.

There could also be a hook that suspends the fan from a camping tent. 

Free-standing bases can be separate or intact with the fan.

Separate ones are used with small handheld fans, where there is a separate base to make the fan stand. 

Intact bases can be of any shape: boxy, circular, act as a frame, have wire legs.

All of these you can find on Goldmore. 

Such fans are useful as they can be put anywhere, and the free-standing base lets you experiment with designs.

Free-standing frame base

 Free-standing frame base

Besides these, there are bases that double as handles.

It makes them versatile and easy to carry or hang somewhere.

Such fans are perfect for gardening or camping since they are portable.

Plus, instead of a handle, you can have a hook that makes it easier to hang the fan around. 

Handle base

 Handle base

One of the more unusual bases is the suction cup.

These are great for cars, windows, or any other smooth surface to stick the fan onto. 

It is versatile, but may not be durable and could fall off.

Suction cup base

 Suction cup base

Finally, you can have a clamp base.

It allows your customers to attach it anywhere – on a computer, on a shelf, on a table, or even a chair. 

Typically, the bottom part of the clamp is flat, serving as a free-standing base as well. 

Thus, these are super versatile and can be marketed to busy students or busy parents. 

Clamp base

Clamp base

  • Where can USB fans be used?

USB fans are very versatile and can serve many purposes, especially when crossed with a humidifier or an LED light.

For example, the fans can be hung on a wall with a handle as part of the interior. 

It can also be put in offices, study spaces, dormitories, classrooms, and bedrooms. 

Some fans can serve as night lights and fans

Interior fan

Interior fan


Besides that, USB fans can be put in cars to replace car ACs.

These can either go on the front panel, the window, or the top part of the seat. 

What’s more, Goldmore fans are well adapted to serve your customers in the wild. 

Our camping lights are combined with fans.

These have hooks that allow the fan to hang from the tent. 

Car fans

 Car fans


Returning to the interior, USB fans can be used as computer block coolers.

Just place the fan near the computer, and it won’t suffer from overheating. 

This is especially great for IT specialists or other people that work at their computer all the time. 

 Computer fan

Computer fan

Finally, our mini USB fans deserve a word as well. 

Because of their size and the USB port, they can be taken anywhere.

There are different computer fans, as well as phone fans. 

And not to mention handheld and pocket fans. 

 Mini fan

Mini fan

  • How are USB fans charged?

USB fans are powered via USB ports connected to a laptop, a regular socket, a car charger, and a power back. 

Plus, there is a selection of solar USB fans with panels attached.

Solar fans are especially great with LED fans. 


Solar USB fan

 Solar USB fan

Normally, USB fans use 1200mAh to 2600mAh batteries of the AA and the AAA types.

This gives them enough charge for about 3-5 hours or work. 

  • What buttons can I design?

Aside from regular recessed or 3D buttons, you can also have touch buttons and dials.

Goldmore offers a huge selection of touch buttons.

They are practical, modern, and easy to use. 

Plus, with proper programming and design, you can reduce the chance of accidentally turning the fan on by making it respond to human touch only. 

Dials are an unusual design, but they also are practical.

By turning the dial, you can let your users fine-tune the speed of airflow, as well as creating an interesting aesthetic. 


 Dial on a USB fan

The dial on a USB fan

  • How much voltage and current do USB fans take?

On average, USB fans take about 5 volts and anywhere from 500 to 3000 milliamperes.

Some fans can take up to 12 volts. 

Voltage is basically how much power there is, and current is how fast it’s going.

The two are different and inseparable. 

Voltage controls the speed of the fan’s blade rotation.

Since the current is an effect of voltage, it also indirectly contributes to the speed of rotation. 

  • How much power do USB fans output?

Typically, USB fans can output 0.9-4.5 watts, which isn’t much for a laptop.

Thus, you don’t have to worry that USB fans overload computers. 

This is enough to get the air to flow at 2-4 meters per second. 

  • Does the sound that a fan can create matter?

USB fans create noise from the motor, as well as the blade elements.

Desk fans are more prone to being noisy because they are bigger than mini fans. 

Also, desk fans are likely to be used indoors, where noise is more audible.

On the other hand, mini fans are mostly used outdoors where other sounds drown any noise made by the fan. 

According to some tests, desk fans produce 43-53 dB of noise, but they can also go up to 18 dBA.

Now, the two measurements are different, and you can learn all about them here

Plus, when fans are blowing air, they also get dust mixed in.

This dust sometimes gets stuck and disrupts the blades, causing them to rattle.  

Why is all this important?

Well, the less noise the fan creates, the better its quality – both of the motor and the blades. 



USB fan measured for dB

USB fan measured for dB

  • What is a good size for USB fans?

There aren’t limits on how small USB fans can be.

There are plenty of mini models. However, there is a size that is not recommended to go over. 

As mentioned before, desk fans are the biggest of USB fans.

They usually are for a student’s desk or an office cubicle.

These spaces are usually limited and crowded with other things. 

Thus, the fan shouldn’t be larger than 18 cm, or 7 in, in diameter, because otherwise, it will take up valuable space. 

  • Does the number of blades matter?

It does, but not much. When there are fewer blades, they create less air drag and less pressure on the motor. 

This results in the blades able to move faster, which, in turn, moves air more efficiently.

This means that the air moves faster and feels cool. 

However, if the motor is powerful enough, fans with 4-5 blades can also achieve this effect. 

The number of blades more often depends on the aesthetics of the design rather than on aerodynamics. 

  • Are there bladeless options?

Futuristic bladeless USB fans are on the rise.

There are several designs of such fans, with the 2 most prominent as the Dyson-like ring and the conch. 

Both work on the same principle – playing with air pressure.

There are small blades hidden in the body of these fans. 

The blades draw in the air like a vacuum, creating a low-pressure zone.

Surrounding air then is drawn to balance the void, creating airflow. 

This technology produces a very uniform wind, as opposed to choppier traditional fans. 


Ring and conch bladeless USB fans

Ring and conch bladeless USB fans

  • Can I combine a USB fan with a humidifier?

There are plenty of such versatile options.

You can request either an air cooler or a fan humidifier. 

An air cooler has hidden blades in its body.

The user has to pour water or ice into a special compartment.

The blades will draw in air that will pass over the water/ice. 

This cools the air down, as well as somewhat humidifies it.

Plus, with an additional dust filter, your fan can boast purifying properties. 

USB air cooler

 USB air cooler

Also, there are fan-humidifier hybrids.

Unlike air coolers, these ones have 2 independent from each other systems.

The fan works as usual.

But there is a water compartment that sprays fine mist as the fan is working.

Thus, these fans are commonly called “misting fans”. 

While this is not the typical evaporative humidifier, the airflow from the fan still spreads around the moisture. 

These are usually handheld but can be in any other design as well.

Misting fan

 Misting fan


  • Do I need to know anything about the shape of the blades?

There are several factors in the shape of a blade that determines its aerodynamic properties. 

One such factor is blade pitch.

It describes the angle of the blade relative to the surrounding air. 

Different blade pitches

Different blade pitches 

If the pitch is small, closer to 10 degrees, then the blade is flat.

This means that it will need a smaller motor since flat blades are easier to move, but they don’t propel as much air. 

Conversely, steeper pitch requires a powerful motor, but will also move more air. 

A similar principle goes for straight versus curved blades. 

Curved ones move more air, but generate noise, while straight blades are quiet and move less air. 

Another shape factor is the overall shape, such as length and width.

Blades that are too wide, too long, too short, or too narrow won’t move the air well. 

This also goes for thickness.

Blades that are thick will be heavy, but very thin blades will be too bendable.

Thus, you need to strike a golden mean for all this.

Our engineering team will be glad to help you out!

  • Do I need to include a protective cage for the blades?

Unless you want to import a mini USB fan, you definitely need a protective cage – also called the grill. 

Without it, the user is running the risk of injuring themselves by accident.

Even if the blades are dull, the impact will still hurt, so a grill is necessary. 

  • What are some designs of protective cages?

The designs of the grill matter more than people normally think it does.

But it affects the noise the fan makes as well as the airflow. 

The first design is a circle design.

It is very commonly used and has many different variations of itself. 

Usually, these are wire grills made of many ripple-like circles and diagonal wires.

These wire grills don’t contribute much to noise, unless the circles are wide, which creates a whining noise. 

In terms of airflow, this design does not restrict it. 

Circle grill

Circle grill

Next, we have the turbine grill design.

It is also very common with USB fans. 

It has wires that go from the outside in, like spokes on a bike. 

While it is also a wire grill, it can be louder with the whining. 

Also, it cuts the airflow into chunks, which isn’t too big of a deal as long as the wire is thin.  

Turbine grill

 Turbine grill

A swirl grill has wires going into the center like a tornado.

It produces an average amount of noise and has average airflow. 

However, these grills can be broken more easily, so make sure they are sturdy. 

Swirl grill

Swirl grill

Finally, we have a horizontal grill.

It can be plastic and have wide lines that are angled or thin horizontal wires. 

These also produce a whining noise and restricts the airflow. 

Horizontal grill

Horizontal grill

Overall, grills should have thin wires so as not to tamper with airflow. 

Also, grills can be different on the front and the back since they serve different functions. 

A popular solution for back grills is turbine ones because they effectively draw in air. 

Plus, removable grills are the most useful since that allows the user to clean some dust-out, prolonging the fan’s life. 

For more details, contact us today!

  • What are protective cages for USB fans made of?

Just like the rest of the USB fan body, the grills are made from ABS, PP, and TPE – or plastics and rubber.

Some metal, like aluminum, and silicone can also be used. 

  • What does the USB fan head diameter affect?

The head diameter affects the size of blades, which are directly responsible for airflow strength. 

For example, desk fans range from 12 to 20 cm, or 5-8 in.

Within this range, you can have fans that are too big and breezy or too small and weak. 

At the same time, fans with smaller head diameters tend to have faster blade speeds to match bigger fans.

This results in noise and rattling, so it is also something the head diameters indirectly affect.

  • What is oscillation?

Oscillation is moving back and forth. 

An oscillating fan is one that oscillates or moves the head from side to side to ventilate a wider area. 

These are great for larger fans, possibly wall-mounted USB fans, as well as medium-sides desk fans. 

As for bigger desk fans, the oscillating movement will disrupt the desk space.

Meanwhile, mini fans don’t need to oscillate since they are made to cover a small area. 

  • Can USB fans rotate upwards?

Of course! Some fans can even do a full circle, while some have a certain angle they can’t go past. 

This is great for people who want to be fully ventilated from waist to head. 

You can request both a fan that can be manually fixed into an angle or one that is programmed to oscillate up and down. 

Vertically rotating fan

Vertically rotating fan

  • Are there LED USB fans?

There is a wide variety of USB fans that have additional LED features. 

Generally, they split into 2 categories: LEDs on the case and LEDs on the blades. 

Some case LED fans can have a flashlight part or a light panel.

The flashlight type can be placed anywhere and used as a garden light.

These ones aren’t as useful as panel lights.

Flashlight fan

Flashlight fan

The light panel can be of any shape, including a ring light.

These light panels are very useful as garden lights, decorative lights, and even night lights.

Because some are in a ring shape, you can market these to vloggers since they need ring lights for good lighting in a video. 

Plus, if you add a hook or a handle to the panel LED fan, then you can sell it as a camping light

Panel LED fan

 Panel LED fan

Finally, there are LED fans with lights right on the blades of the fan.

These, of course, don’t have protective cages, so be careful!

You can either program it to show time or a message that the user types in. 

Because these are USB fans, this could be done through an app or program. 

Basically, as the blades are spinning, certain LEDs light up, creating a clock and a fan. 

Blade LED fan

 Blade LED fan

Aside from practical LED designs, there could also be different decorative options where you can be as creative as you want.

Decorative LED fan

 Decorative LED fan

Usually, the LEDs used are 5mm, and sometimes surface-mounted ones.

COB is not usually used because it draws a lot of power and maybe too bright. 

  • Can I have different modes/speeds?

Many USB fans have about 2-3 speed options. Usually, the low one reaches 2 meters per second, while the high one reaches up to 3.5 meters per second.

These modes don’t just regulate the speed and strength of airflow, but also the noise. 

Thus, high speed is great for hot days or the outdoors, while the low speed can actually be used during the night. 

Possible speeds

 Possible speeds

  • How does the USB fan market look?

The USB fan market is forecasted to grow, especially in Asia-Pacific, North America, and Europe. 

Plus, it is better to import to Europe because of the US-China trade war, such as raising taxes. 

For more information, look through an official market analysis or simply contact us

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