Wholesale Flashlight Supplier to Support Your Start up Business

With Goldmore, you will get access to more than 5000 LED flashlight designs in stock, a 1-year warranty, certified products, and bright wholesale business opportunities!

LED Flashlight for Your Wholesale Business

Goldmore supports flashlight wholesaler businesses by offering a wide range of flashlight designs in bulk. You can request wholesale tactical flashlights, wholesale rechargeable flashlights, wholesale mini flashlights, and much more.

We can customize your LED wholesale flashlights with different styles, colors, lumen capacities, and additional features. We offer free samples of your order, 1-year warranty, necessary certifications like CE and RoHS, and excellent OEM capabilities.

Our high-quality wholesale flashlights are sure to fulfill your needs. Simply contact us, and we will bring your ideas into the light.

Goldmore Flashlight Series

GM11442+300LM Multifunctional LED Flashlight USB Rechargeable battery Powerful Tactical Flashlight

Goldmore Tactical Flashlights are built from sturdy and ultra-strong materials. And its’ feature with lightweight, compact and water-proof aspect.

GM11173+Portable USB LED Rechargeable Work Light Magnet Solar Flashlight

With CE, ROHS, UL, and ECM certificates, the rechargeable flashlight can offer you durable, high performance, and guarantee quality.

GM11156+Mini Pocket Ultraviolet Pen Glue Curing Invisible Ink Detector 395NM 365NM 380NM 1 LED uv Pen Flashlight

Designing with extra-strong long-wave UV and eco-friendly materials, Goldmore UV flashlight can meet your detection and investigation requirement.

GM11483+Waterproof high Lumens LED Zoomable Emergency Flashlight

High Lumen Flashlight can be manufactured from aluminum or plastic material. And it brings powerful luminosity, impact resistance, and a long-lasting life span.

GM11454+9 led Mini Flashlight white Light color Lamp powerful Flash Light small pocket flashlight

Designed by high-skilled engineers, Mini Flashlight can be easily carried. It has durable batteries and can light up the night like a normal flashlight.

GM11144+Light-Up Toys Keychain Party Favors Kids Toy Gift Gadgets Bag Pendant Kids Flashlight

With the best raw materials and designs,Goldmore Kids Flashlight is high quality and reliable. Kids Flashlight can be highly portable and lightweight, with more models for customers.

100% Support for Flashlight Retailer

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Goldmore is always ready to supply wholesale LED flashlight retailers with premium stock to start a new business. If you plan on selling flashlights on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or other online platforms—look no further. We also support local store owners, shops, and small businesses.

We will take care of everything: product development, labeling and packaging, and general consultation. Our goal is the success of your wholesale flashlight business, and we dedicate ourselves to manufacturing unique LED flashlights for you.

Rechargeable Flashlight
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