Magnetic Work Light

  • Large Battery Capacity
  • Multiple Lighting Modes
  • AC & DC Input
  • With Output Function
  • Adjustable Angle
  • 4 Power Indicator Levels
  • Portable with Handle

*Input: Work lamp has a very powerful input function and can be charged via AC or DC. You can choose DC5V or DC12-24V. No matter in indoor or outdoor, they can freely choose the appropriate charging method to charge.

*Output: The output function is one of the highlights of the rechargeable work light. The rechargeable work light can be used to charge your electronic devices, which can solve your critical needs in an emergency

*Angle: The angle of portable work light can be achieved by rotating around the connection, and it has strong stability and can be fixed at any angle, so as to achieve the purpose of flexible lighting from multiple angles.

*Battery: The capacity of the battery affects the duration and brightness of the illumination. The bright work light has a very large battery capacity, which allows for steady output while lighting. Large battery capacity to meet the normal operation of high lumen LED. There are different capacity batteries for you to choose from.

*Power indicator: The power display can very intuitively show how much power is left in work light. It has 4 gear display: 25% -50% -75% -100%.

*Multiple modes: Multi-gear lighting meets the lighting requirements of different environments. Press the button of portable work light to adjust the brightness flexibly. The flash feature is perfect for giving signals and warning others.

Goldmore factory has rich experience of manufacturing rechargeable work light with magnetic. We have over 15 years’ experience on B2B business, who are very familiar with the market.

We recommend products suitable for the target market to customers with our professional production knowledge and produce high-quality magnetic work light for customers with professional production equipment.

Goldmore has enough strength to do OEM & ODM projects, supported by our professional sales team, production team, design team, quality control team, purchase team, etc. Many brands have excelled in the industry with our support, winning accolades from their guests and growing their business.

Work Light with Magnet

Battery: The battery capacity can be customized according to your needs: 4400mah, 8800mah, 13200mah. Of course, this also depends on whether there is enough room inside the magnetic work light to increase the battery. The specific situation, talk with us in detail.

Angle: The angle of the bright work light is adjustable, and the threshold of the angle can be customized, for example: 60-degree, 90-degree, 120-degree.

Modes: The portable work light gear mode has four gears: 100% -50% -SOS-Flash. If you want to reduce or add a certain lighting effect, we can do it by changing the circuit board.

Lighting color: The color of lighting can be achieved by replacing LED beads with different color temperatures.

Logo: We can print your brand logo on products or packaging, so that your brand is known by your customers and spread among customer groups. Print logo helps your business grow.

Package: Our work light with stand has the original packaging. If you need to make it into your own packaging, we will provide the packaging die-line artwork to you, so that your designer can design the package. Our designers will also help if you need it.

Magnet: We can choose to install or not install the magnet on the bottom according to your needs.

Please contact us about the details whenever you have custom ideas. We provide low MOQ.

Goldmore Magnetic Work Light Increase Your Profit

Work Light with Magnet
Video of Manufacturing Work Light

Goldmore’s professionalism and responsibility gives us a good reputation among our clients. High quality magnetic work light makes customers trust us more and are very willing to place orders again.

We have our own mold, manufacturing hundreds of work lamps, innovative research and development on the basis of the original, more suitable for the development of the market.

Customers trust us 100% because we devote 100% of our enthusiasm to producing quality products. It is our service, quality and sincerity that win orders one after another.

With the support of our customers, our business has grown several times. We have the following support: free samples, low MOQ, custom products, limited-time discounts, one-stop service, one year warranty, etc.


Detailed Information of Five Rechargeable Work Lights

Work Light with Magnet
Video of Work Light with Magnet

Work Light with Magnet


Detailed Design of Portable Work Light

Work Light with Magnet
Details of Work Light with Magnet

* High quality led bulb allows bright work light longer life span. When you turn the lights on, the lighting distance is far, about 50 meters.

* Press button is convenient for users at any age. Power indicator is more visual that users can know how much power is left.

* Durable wiring is not easy to be broken. The connection is very stable.

* Handle is convenient for carrying by the lights.

* Output port is covered by silicon rubber, which makes it waterproof. And strong magnets on the bottom are stick firmly, allowing place high lumen work light on iron surface.


How to Get Free Sample of Work Lamp?


No need to worry about how to understand the quality of work lamp. We provide free samples to help you visualize it more easily.

Please feel free to let me know if you need sample to check.

Contact us now to get free sample and discount!

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