Flood Light: The Complete Buying Guide

Floodlights are large and powerful lights that you can use to illuminate large grounds such as sports stadiums and stages.

In this guide, you are going to learn everything about floodlights and its importance in modern lighting solutions.

Let’s dive right in:

History And Invention Of Flood Light

LED flood light

LED flood light

The floodlights were invented during the world war to help in illuminating the flying targets.

You could shine the light on the enemy’s plane in order to see it well before shooting it down.

It was invented to help in prevent the enemy planes from causing more damage on army camps.

Apart from that, you could use it as a zoning tool which could illuminate an area that was to be protected.

Factors Determining Cost Of Flood Light

You ought to understand that the floodlights are available at different prices.

In other words, there are quite a number of factors that will affect the amount of money to pay for floodlights.

Here are some of the main factors that will affect how much you will pay for a floodlight.

Dimensions Of The Floodlight

You should look at the dimensions in terms of the size and weight of the floodlights.

Implying that, the bigger the floodlights, the more money you will pay for them.

Design Of The Floodlight

You must also look at the design of the floodlights when looking at the cost of the floodlights.

Highly complicated designs with greater features will definitely cost you a lot more than simple designs.

Type Of Floodlights

You should also know that there are numerous types of floodlights that you may choose from such as LED floodlights.

Well, since different types came with different features and performance capabilities, you should expect variation in price of the floodlights.

Wattage Of The Floodlights

It is also very important to look at the wattage of the floodlights that you intend to purchase.

In this case, the higher the wattage, the more money you will spend in purchasing the flood lights.

In addition to the above factors, you have to look at other factors such as cost of installation and warranty period.

The type of mast for mounting the floodlights will also have a great effect on the price you will pay.

Generally, you will spend between 10 to 1500 US dollars to purchase a good flood light.

Flood light system

LED flood light system

Applications Of Flood Light

In case you are looking forward to illuminating a wide area or ground, the best option for you is the floodlights.

Well, you can use the floodlights in quite a number of applications to provide bright and powerful lighting systems.

Here are the some of the main applications for the floodlights that you may consider looking at.

Construction Sites And Manufacturing Plants

Due to the high intensity of light that the floodlights produce, you will use them on construction sites and manufacturing plants.

Sea Ports And Airports

You will use the floodlights to illuminate the airport runways and also provide proper lighting at the sea ports.

Façade Lighting

You will use the floodlight to provide proper lighting on the front area of the building that is closer to the streets.

Architectural Monuments And Buildings

To increase visibility even at night or on darker days, you will use the floodlights on architectural monuments and buildings.

Sports And Entertainment Industry

You will need floodlights to increase visibility in sports stadiums especially for the games that are played at night.

It also comes in handy to illuminate entertainment grounds and stages where different artists will perform.

Difference Between Spot LED Light And LED Flood Light

When it comes to lighting a place or s spot, there are numerous types of lights that you can use.

Among the main types of lights that you can use include the spot LED light and the LED flood lights.

Here is a comparison between the LED floodlights and the spot LED lights.

Spot LED Lights

LED spot light

LED spot light

You will use the spot LED lights to illuminate spots that are far away from the source of light.

The lights from the LED spot lights travel longer distances and are narrower in comparison to LED flood lights.

LED Flood Lights

LED flood light

LED flood light

LED flood lights are different from the spot LED lights in terms of the lighting pattern.

You should note that the LED flood lights have shorter and very wide patterns in comparison to that of spot LED lights.

You will use the LED floodlights to illuminate wider grounds.

When To Use A Flood Light

You should know that the flood lights have a wider and shorter pattern of light.

Implying that, you will use the flood lights when you intend to illuminate bigger grounds from a short distance.

It is a suitable type of light that you can use to illuminate driveways, warehouses, stages, and parking lots among others.

Apart from that, you should consider using the LED flood lights especially when you intend to conserve energy.

LED flood lights offer a strong beam of light which will shine over a short distance by using a faction of energy.

Area Of Coverage Of A Flood Light

You can determine the illumination of a particular area in lux as well as the necessary source lumen.

Apart rom that, the area of coverage will also depend on the amount of lux you need per square meter.

In addition to that, the height at which you will install the lights will also play a major role.

To balance the lighting, you might also do proper spacing which will cross-over or overlap the lighting accordingly.

In other words, the area of coverage for the LED light is not specific and will depend on the factors mentioned above.

On top of that, you should note that the flood lights cover wide areas over very short distances.

Area of coverage by flood light

Area of coverage by flood light

Where To Place A Flood Light In A House

When planning to light up your house, you have to be careful with the type of light that you choose.

You have to know the exact location for placing specific types of lights for better performance.

When it comes to placing the floodlights, you should consider placing them in large spaces and walls next to entryways.

Some of the areas where the floodlights will come in handy include:

  • Above the garages, patios, and decks
  • Next to or over particular entrances of the home and windows
  • On the sides of your house such as the pathways

Apart from that, you can use the flood lights as security lights outside the house and most preferably in the yard.

Advantages Of LED Flood Light

Flood lights are special types of broad beamed lights that usually emit very high intensity of artificial lights.

It is the most suitable type of lighting that you can use to illuminate large areas that do not have proper lighting.

Other than the lighting purpose, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy from using the LED flood lights.

LED flood light

LED flood light

Longer Service Life

You are sure of using the LED flood lights for a longer period because they are very strong and highly durable.

LED flood lights last over 10 times longer in comparison to other types of lighting filaments.

Energy Efficiency

You will also use very little energy to light up the LED flood lights even though it produces very strong and bright lights.

It is one of the best lighting systems that will ensure sustainability while saving on energy at the same time.

Controlled Heat Emission

LED floodlights usually control the heat it produces as it converts and conserves electricity into light energy.

This form of conservation not only limits too much heat production but also increases the durability of the flood lights.


LED flood lights do not produce toxic elements such as mercury, glass, lead or carbon thus making them safe.

It is the best lighting solution that is safe for the environment as well as the people using the LED flood lights.


In comparison to other types of lights such as halogen lights and HID lamps, flood lights are cost efficient.

You will spend less and save more by purchasing the LED flood lights while spending less in the process of maintenance.

Benefits Of Compact Fluorescent Flood Light

Other than that LED flood lights, you can also opt for the compact fluorescent flood lights.

There are numerous benefits that you will enjoy with the use of the compact fluorescent flood lights.

Here are some of the benefits of using the compact fluorescent floodlights.

Compact flourescent flood light

Compact flourescent flood light

Energy Efficient

Compact fluorescent flood lights are among the most energy efficient types of lighting systems that you can opt for.

In other words, the compact fluorescent flood lights do not use a lot of energy in producing bright illumination.

Compact Size

Apart from energy efficiency, you will find the compact fluorescent flood lights in compact sizes hence the name.

There is very little, if any, form of variation when it comes to the sizes of the compact fluorescent flood lights.

Lumen Maintenance

When using the compact fluorescent flood lights, it will maintain the lumen thus leading to brighter lights for longer periods.

In other words, the lumen of the compact fluorescent flood lights is constant from the beginning to the end.

Long Service Life

You should also rest easy knowing that the compact fluorescent flood lights are durable and will serve you for long.

It is a very strong type of lighting system that does not break easily thus increasing the overall service life.

Low Cost Of Operation

When it comes to the operation cost, you will spend less in operating the compact fluorescent flood lights.

The cost of maintaining the lights is low since you will rarely find broken parts in the compact fluorescent floodlight system.

Less Heat Radiation

In addition to the above advantages, the compact fluorescent flood lights radiate less heat thus reducing overheating of the environment.

Despite releasing heat energy during the production of light, the system does not radiate the heat to the surrounding environment.

Shortcomings Of Compact Fluorescent Flood Light

Despite having numerous benefits, you will also experience a few limitations with the compact fluorescent flood lights.

Here are some of the limitations of using the compact fluorescent flood lights.

Cold Sensitivity

You will not be in a great position to use the compact fluorescent lighting systems during the cold winter season.

There is a possibility of damage on the compact fluorescent lighting system due to the sensitivity to cold weather.

Not Proper For Closed Systems

Apart from that, you should avoid using the compact fluorescent flood lights within closed systems.

This is because it generates a lot of heat that might cause a lot of damage if the heat is not managed properly.

High Initial Cost

You will also spend a lot of money in the initial purchase of the compact fluorescent flood lights.

Implying that, the initial cost of the compact fluorescent lighting systems is high thus requires proper planning.

How LED Flood Light And CFL Flood Lights Compare

When it comes to choosing different types of floodlights, you may opt for the LED or CFL floodlights.

In order to get the best type of floodlights between the two, here is additional information for proper comparison.

LED Flood Lights

You should opt for the LED floodlights over CFL floodlights since the LED lights are more energy efficient.

The LED flood lights are also very strong and highly durable and will serve you for a very long time.

Due to the above benefits, you should also note that the LED flood lights will cost you more money.

CFL Flood Lights

Despite being a good option for outdoor floodlights, CFL flood lights are not energy efficient and consume more energy.

CFL flood lights are also great but fragile since they can break very easily when hit by flying debris.

You will spend less in purchasing the CFL flood lights in comparison to the amount you will spend on LED floodlights.

Factors Determining Flood Light Power Consumption

There are quite a number of factors that determine the amount of power that the floodlight consume.

In other words, you should be looking at the wattage that the flood light uses to illuminate an area.

The amount of power that the flood light consumes will dictate the brightness of the light it will produce.

Here are the factors that determine the flood light power consumption.

Waste Light Factor

You should look at the amount of light that overlaps and also falls on areas that do not necessarily need light.

Depreciation Factor

Dust and dirt depositing on the surface of the reflector and source of light also affects the power consumption.

In other words, you will have to increase light intensity, which consumes more power, to provide proper light.

Coefficient Of Utilization

In this case, you will look at the ratio of the lamp lumens to the ratio of the beam lumens where some of the light is absorbed.

Implying that, the more light is consumed or absorbed other devices, the higher the level of power consumption.

When To Replace LED Flood Light

One of the benefits that you will enjoy with the LED flood lights is longer service life.

Implying that, you do not have to change or replace the LED flood lights on a regular basis.

According to the durability period, you can use the LED flood lights for between 25,000 to 50,000 hours.

Implying that, you may not have to change the LED flood lights for a period of about 10 years.

How To Determine Wattage For A Flood Light

The best wattage for the flood lights will depend on the area that you would like to illuminate.

Apart from that, there are numerous factors that will determine the wattage that you need for your applications.

Here are the main factors that determine the wattage for the most appropriate type of flood lights.

Flood light wattage

Flood light wattage


The location where you will place the flood light will determine the wattage that you will need for the flood lights.

Depending on the location of the flood light, you can either choose to use low wattage, medium wattage, or high wattage.


You should also look at the kind of brightness that you want to illuminate a particular area.

The brighter the light that you need, the higher the wattage of the flood lights that you will use.


In addition to the above features, you should look at the coverage that you need with the floodlights.

The greater the coverage area of the flood lights, the higher the wattage of the flood lights you will use.

Design Features

You should also understand that the flood lights come complete with different features that use different wattages.

Well, in case you consider a floodlight with complicated features such as motion sensors, expect to have high wattage floodlights.

How Indoor LED Flood Light Compare To Outdoor LED Flood Light

The main difference between the indoor and outdoor LED flood lights is in the UL rating.

In this case, you will look at the ratings of the floodlights from the Underwriters Laboratory.

Floodlights that have a UL listed tag is most suitable for indoor use and not for outdoor specifications.

Such kind of floodlights are most suitable for room within the house such as your bedroom or corridors.

These light systems do not want exposure to moisture thus making them more suitable for the dry indoor environment.

On the other hand, when looking for the best LED floodlights, you should consider looking at the outdoor ratings.

In this case, you should opt for LED floodlights that are suitable for dump locations or wet locations.

Wet location UL rating means that the flood light is suitable for outdoor use characterized by rainfall and snow conditions.

On the same note, dump location ratings may also be suitable for indoor areas such as the bathroom.

Factors Determining Service Lifespan Of Flood Lights

Flood lights will serve you for a long time only if you take good care of it.

Implying that, there are particular factors of the flood lights that you should pay very close attention to.

Here are the main determining factors that will affect the overall lifespan of the flood lights.

Heating Factors

Heat is one of the factors that affect the lifespan of the flood lights as it can cause damage to the floodlights.

You should consider using flood lights that produce considerable or low heat to avoid causing too much damage.

LED Output

Within the lighting system, there are areas responsible for the production of light for illumination purposes.

You have to make sure that this area is well developed to a greater lifespan since it is prone to great damages.

Poor Components

You may also have very poor components on the flood lights that have very short life span.

In such a case, you should consider having better components that can survive the lighting requirements of the flood lights.

Type Of Fitting

You must also be very careful with the mode of fitting that you will have for the LED floodlights.

In this case, you should consider the most suitable fitting mode with proper heat management to avoid damages.

Environmental Factors

There are particular environmental factors that affect the durability of light such as airflow, roof space and ambient temperature.

You must avail the right environmental factors according to the UL ratings of the flood lights for longer service life.

How The Brightness Of LED Flood Light And Halogen Flood Lights Compare

Halogen flood light

Halogen flood light

When it comes to brightness, you will note that the LED floodlights are brighter that the lumen floodlights.

In this case, you will look at factors that affect the brightness of the floodlights in terms of lumens.

LED flood lights have greater lumen in comparison to the lumen produced by the halogen floodlights.

LED floodlights are also brighter than the halogen counterparts while consuming very little energy.

How Wattage And Brightness Of Flood Lights Compare

Watts vs Lumens

Watts vs lumen

You have to look at the wattage and the brightness of the floodlights when choosing a good floodlight.

The wattage of the floodlights indicates the amount of power that the floodlight consumes.

Implying that the brighter the lights, the higher the amount of energy it consumes thus indicating high wattage consumption.

On the other hand, you will know the brightness of the floodlight by looking at the lumen rating.

In other words, the higher the lumen rating of the flood lights, the brighter the flood lights.

How To Choose Solar Powered Flood Lights

There are different factors that affect your choice for the solar powered flood lights.

Here are some of the important factors that you have to know before choosing the most suitable solar powered floodlights.

Type Of Solar Powered Flood Lights

You should know the right type of solar panel that you will use to power your flood lights.

Here, you will have to choose between monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous solar panels.


In this case, you will look at the amount of power that you will need to produce certain brightness of light.

It will bring you down to the type of solar panel you intend to use and the amount of power the solar panel produces.

Size Of The Flood Lights

You should also be careful with the size of the solar powered flood lights you intend to use.

The bigger the flood lights, the higher the wattage rating and the bigger the solar panel you need.

Choosing Best Colour Temperature For Outdoor Flood Light

Light color temperature

Lights color temperature

First, you have to understand that the most suitable kelvin range for outdoor floodlights ranges between 2500 to 4000k.

In outdoor settings you should use warmer color temperatures between 2500 to 2700 k on the architectural elements.

For plants and trees, you should use floodlights between 3000 and 4000k to provide cooler color temperatures.

Benefits Of Smart Flood Light

You may also decide to settle on the smart type of flood lights.

Well, the smart flood lights have the capacity to detect and sensor the environmental changes.

As soon as it notices change in the environment, it is capable of acting accordingly.

For instance, it can automatically power on when the darkness approaches and off when daylight comes.

Here, you can choose solar motion sensor outdoor or solar motion sensor light.

How To Install Outdoor Flood Light

The installation process of the outdoor floodlights is quite simple.

Depending on the mode of installation, you will begin by digging a hole for mounting the pole.

After that, you will place the pole inside the hole and reinforce it by filling the hole.

As soon as that is complete, you will proceed with mounting the lights on the pole.

Finally, you will connect it to a power source to provide the power needed for illumination.

Accessories You Need During Flood Light Installation

During the installation process of the flood lights, you will need particular accessories to help in installation.

Here are the main accessories that will help in the installation process:

  • Cable Connectors
  • Proper Housing
  • Flood Light Holders
  • Surge Protectors
  • Flood Light Support Systems

Number Of Lumens Required For Outdoor Flood Lighting

You will use floodlight with about 700 or more lumen for outdoor lighting systems.

On the garden pathways, you will require between 100 to 200 lumens of the floodlights.

Comparison Between Flood Light And Heat Lamp

In choosing the most suitable type of lamps, you can settle on heat lamps or floodlights.

Flood lights produce brighter light than the heat lamps over a shorter distance.

Apart from that, the flood lights do not produce too much heat in comparison to the heat lamps.

It comes complete with heat sinks which help in absorbing more heat from the system.

On the other hand, heat lambs produce heat and is suitable for heating and lighting purposes.

The Working Principle Of A Smart Flood Light

Smart floodlights are the modern type of floodlights with sensors that will switch it on and off.

Implying that, it has the capability of detecting the environmental conditions as well as movement.

The smart floodlights will automatically switch on when darkness approaches and off when daylight approaches.

Apart from that, it will also detect movement and switch on when the moving object approaches the light.

Best Wattage For Outdoor Flood Lighting

When considering the best floodlights for outdoor flood lighting, you must make sure it is 80 watts and below.

You will use the 40 watts floodlights to light pathways and between 40 to 80 watts for small yards and driveways.

Limitations Of Flood Light

Despite the numerous benefits of using the flood lights, it also comes with particular limitations.

Here are some of the limitations of using the floodlights.

  • It costs higher to purchase than the original types of lamps
  • It may not be powerful enough to suit other specifications

Types Of Flood Lights Available In The Market

There are quite a number of floodlights available in the market for different uses.

Here are the main types of floodlights that you can opt for.

LED Floodlight

This is the best type of floodlight that uses light emitting diodes to illuminate different surfaces.

Metal Halide Flood Lights

This type of floodlight can suit a wide spectrum of applications starting from 70 watts to about 2000 watts.

Sodium Floodlights

This type of floodlight produces soft orange light that is ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

Portable Floodlights

This is the most suitable type of floodlight that you can move from one place to another and it uses batteries.

110 V Floodlight

You can also opt for this type of flood light which operates at a convenient voltage of 110 Volts.

Advantages Of Fluorescent Flood Light

You may also opt for the fluorescent flood lights because of the numerous benefits it comes with.

Here are the main advantages of using the fluorescent flood lights.

  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Great Lumen Maintenance
  • Compact Sizes
  • Numerous Shapes and Sizes
  • Easy Retrofit

Types Of Light Bulbs Used In Outdoor Flood Lights

You should be very careful when choosing the most suitable light bulbs for outdoor flood lights.

Here are the main types of flood light bulbs that are suitable for outdoor installation.

  • LED Bulbs
  • CFL Bulbs
  • Halogen Bulbs
  • HPS Bulbs
  • MH Bulbs

Why IP Rating Is Critical in Flood Light

IP rating is a very important features that will indicate the kind of protection that housing offers.

In other words, it provides details on the best environment that the flood light work without damage.

Flood light rated IP66

Flood light rated IP 66

IP Rating for flood lights

IP Rating

Quality Marks And Certifications For Flood Light

You must also make sure that you get the highest quality of floodlights for your application demands.

In this case, you will look at particular quality marks and certifications to ensure high quality.

Here are some of the quality marks and certifications you should consider.

  • RoHS Quality Certification
  • CE Quality Certification
  • ICE Quality Certification
  • TUV Quality Certification
  • UL Quality Certification
  • ISO Quality Certification
  • DLC Quality Certification
  • CB Quality Certification

How To Choose Flood Lights Housing

You will choose the right flood light housing according to the application specifications.

In other words, you should have the most appropriate housing that will protect the lights from external factors.

For instance, you have to get a good floodlight hosing that will protect it from extreme weather conditions and flying objects.

Why Heat Sink Is Critical In Flood Light

You will need a heatsink in the flood lights to help in management of the heat produced.

In other words, the heatsink will absorb the excess heat from the lighting system and dissipate the heat away.

It will help in maintaining very cool temperatures on the flood lights thus increasing its durability.

Key Components of Flood Light

There are three key parts of the flood lights that work in conjunction with one another to produce light.

Here are the three main parts that you should look at.

Optical Component

The optical components are the parts of the flood lights that help in illuminating or reflecting light further.

Mechanical Component

These are the tangible parts of the flood lighting systems that help in production and propagation of light.

Electrical Component

This is the main part that produces the power you need to produce proper light for the flood lights.

Mounting Options to Consider When Buying Flood Light

You may have different ideas on how you would like to mount your flood lights.

There are quite a number of ideas that you can explore depending on the light application specifications.

Here are the most common mounting options to consider when purchasing the flood lights.

  • U-bracket Mounting
  • Slip Fitter Mounting
  • Knuckle Mounting
  • Pole or Wall Mounting

Benefits Of Flood Light With Motion Sensor

Flood lights that come complete with motion sensors are more durable in comparison to others.

In other words, it has the capability of sensing motion and then lighting up to provide light.

You will only use the lights when there is need for light thus limiting the usage and increasing durability.

Apart from that, the flood lights with motion sensors also conserve a lot of energy.

It will not be on all the time thus providing the chance to conserve more energy when the lights are off.

Recommended Power Factor For Flood Lights.

The power factor for the flood lights is the real power ratio on the load compared to apparent circuit power.

You should note that the power factor is not constant and will vary from one type of floodlight to another.

Implying that, there is no recommended power factor for the flood lights as it will vary depending on the light.

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