Solar Lights Outdoor: Ultimate Buying Guide

Choosing suitable solar lights outdoor can be an overwhelming task.

A reason this guide will explore everything you must look for before investing in new solar lights.

Whether you want to learn about the components, features, power rating or solar type – all information you need is right here.

So keep reading to learn more.

Main Components Of Solar Lights Outdoor?

Solar lights outdoor

Solar Light Outdoor

Solar lights are slowly but gradually becoming part of the outdoor lighting systems with their power-saving capabilities.

There are specific components to look out for whenever you look for the most appropriate solar light for outdoor applications.

Here are the four main components that make up the outdoor solar lights.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panel

Your solar photovoltaic (PV) panel will take the light and convert it to electrical energy as the sun shines.

It will transfer the electric energy to charge the solar battery, thus providing more electric power for solar lighting.

Control Electronics

You will also look at the control electronics, which will assist in controlling the solar lighting parameters.

The control electronics are of different dimensions and capabilities, such as remote control and sensory systems.

Light Fixtures

The light fixtures are the most important components of the outdoor solar lighting system that produce the light.

Like the control electronics, you will have different light fixtures, consisting of the fixture body and different lamps.


You will depend on the battery to store and release the electric charge from the solar panels.

These are deep cycle batteries capable of handling frequent, prolonged, and deep charges from the solar panels and discharges.

Key Features Of Solar Lights Outdoor?

Solar lights outdoor are very efficient, especially when saving electric energy to about 95% power-saving mode.

The best way to identify the most suitable outdoor solar lights is by checking the main features.

Here are the main features that you should look out for on the outdoor solar lights.

Sun Oriented Powered Lighting

It has a solar panel that will charge the battery to store power for a longer period for later release.

The energy stored will be able to accommodate the off-matrix lighting system, especially at night.

Color Temperature

There are different color temperatures that you can opt for in the solar light outdoors.

You can opt for the day white light shading color temperature, perfect for the outdoor lighting system.

Lower Power Consumption

You will also save a lot of power by integrating the LED lighting system into solar outdoor lighting.

It can save the power it consumes by about 95%, thus saving on the life of the battery.

Condition Friendly Light Fixtures

It has special conditions such as lead and mercury-free conditions that make them safe for you and the environment.

Apart from that, such conditions also make it one of the most user-friendly appliances easy to operate.

Shatter Proof

Solar lights outdoor systems are made of very strong materials such as polycarbonates, which safety is guaranteed.

It can withstand a lot of pressure from the outside weather as well as hits from flying objects and debris.

Movement Sensors

It also has microwave movement sensors that can detect any form of movement and automatically light up.

This system is connected to an automatic lighting system that will force the light fixture to illuminate upon detection of movement.

Flicker-Free Lighting

It also works on an extraordinary basis where it maintains a steady light with minimal flicker.

In addition to that, it requires a split second to light up and proceed with warm, bright lights.

How Solar Lights Outdoor Work?

Solar lights outdoor work due to the photovoltaic effect from the solar cells of the photovoltaic.

Here is a procedure that will guide you through the working procedure of the outdoor solar lights.

As the sun shines on the solar photovoltaic panel, the solar cells will help convert the solar energy.

The solar panels have solar cells, which help in converting solar energy into electrical current.

It consists of numerous chemicals and crystalline silicone that create positively charged spaces and negatively charged electron layers.

As solar energy goes through the solar cells, it will cause excitement on the negatively charged electrons.

After that, the negatively charged electrons will move to the positively charged spaces.

The positively charged spaces will then move electron streams as a direct electric current through wires to the solar battery.

The battery will charge and store the electric energy until the need is to use the electric power from the battery.

The process continues throughout the day until the most appropriate time to switch the solar lights on.

You might as well install a photoreceptor that will automatically switch on the solar lights when darkness sets in.

Electric energy will then flow through the wires up to the solar light fixtures, converting it to light energy.

You will note that solar lights outdoor will illuminate all night long until daylight emerges and the charging process resumes.

Uses Of Solar Lights Outdoor?

You will use the solar lights outdoor to illuminate dark spaces or provide light for proper visibility at night.

Here are some of the uses of outdoor solar lights.

Pathway Lighting

You will use the solar lights outdoor to provide proper illumination for your pathway during dark hours.

Highway And Street Lighting

You can also use the solar lights outdoor to provide enough light along the streets and highways in the city.

Backyard Lighting

You can also make sure that your backyard is properly illuminated with enough light during the night.

Security Lighting

You will need the solar lights outdoor to provide light around the home of the official establishment, thus increasing security levels.

Types Of Solar Lights Outdoor Available In The Market?

You can choose among the different types of outdoor solar lights depending on your application specifications.

Here are the main types of outdoor solar lights that you can use on different applications.

Driveway And Border Lights

You will use this solar light outdoor to illuminate the gardens as well as the pathways within your compound.

Drive way solar lights

Driveway Solar Lights

This type of solar light outdoor is very stylish, cost-saving, and practical in replacing the traditional electric lights.

String Solar Lights

You may also opt for the traditional string lights, which source the electric power from the solar panel and batteries.

String solar lights

String Solar Light

Outdoor Solar Lamps

You can also use portable solar lamps, especially when outdoor activities such as camping, among others.

Outdoor solar lamps

Outdoor Solar Lamp

Glowing Solar Globes

These are fancy orbicular solar lighting systems that you can place anywhere in your backyard, especially for lighting and decorative purposes.

Glowing solar globes

Glowing Solar Globes

Factors Determining The Cost Of Solar Lights Outdoor?

You will realize that the cost of outdoor solar lights varies considerably.

Numerous factors will affect the amount of money you will pay for the outdoor solar lights.

Here are the main factors that will affect the cost of outdoor solar lights.

Type Of Solar Lights Outdoor

There are different types of solar lights outdoor that you will use for different purposes.

You will note that these lights are available for different prices due to the varying manufacturing cost.

Size Of The Solar Lights Outdoor

You will also pay different costs for the outdoor solar lights depending on the different sizes of the lights.

The bigger and more sophisticated the solar light systems are, the higher the amount of money you will pay.

Type Of Solar Light Fixtures

Here, you will have to choose the type of solar light fixture according to the price tag on the fixture.

For instance, you will pay more for solar lights outdoor with solar panel installations with more watts.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Solar Lights Outdoor?

Selecting the most convenient type of outdoor solar light may prove to be a very difficult task.

To simplify the selection process, you can depend on various factors that influence the selection process.

Here are the main factors to look at when selecting the most appropriate outdoor solar lights.

Outdoor solar light circuit

Outdoor solar light circuit

Type Of Lighting Fixtures

Depending on the application specifications, you can choose to use the LED lights or the HID lights.

If you want to save more energy, you should look at the most energy-efficient option, such as LED solar lights outdoors.

Lighting Efficacy

You should look at lighting efficacy in lumen per watt to show how much light is generated compared to consumption.

Here, you will look at the lumen of light and how the luminaire focuses its light on particular points.

Illumination Levels

There are different light levels or illumination levels for the solar lights outdoor that you can consider.

You can use the illumination guidelines to show how much light you need for different outdoor applications.

PIR Motion Sensors

You should consider solar lights outdoor with passive infrared sensors to help in the conservation of the battery charge and life.

These sensors have the capability of sensing movement, thus switching the lights on and off automatically.

Battery And Solar Storage

You need to have the application demands and capacity at hand when choosing the most appropriate type of outdoor solar light.

If your applications demand lighter, you will have to use bigger solar panels and batteries for more power.

Benefits Of Using Solar Lights Outdoor?

Numerous reasons should compel you to choose the solar lights outdoor as your lighting option.

Here are the main benefits associated with the use of solar lights outdoor.

Environmentally Friendly

Using solar lights will go a long way in reducing the carbon footprints as it produces enough energy from non-renewable sources.

It is one of the options that you can use to decrease environmental pollution while producing proper lighting.


You will also spend less on outdoor solar lights since most appliances are cheap to acquire.

In addition to that, it is a one-time investment that you can use for a long time with proper maintenance of the systems.

Unlimited Source

Since you will use energy from the sun, you are sure of getting power daily as the sun shines.

After installing the solar panels and the solar lighting system, the panel will harness the inexhaustible energy source.

Easy To Maintain

In addition to the above benefits, you will have an easy time maintaining the solar outdoor lights by simply cleaning.

Apart from that, it is important to do a few checks now and then and replace the broken parts in case of any.

Wide Range Of Styles

Solar outdoor lighting is available in various styles, sizes, types, and shapes for different applications.

The wide range of styles serves the functional option and increases the aesthetic value of your outdoor.

Amount Of Heat Dissipated By Solar Outdoor Lights?

Solar lights do not produce much heat when producing light or illuminating a surface.

You should note that the process of producing light through the solar panel system does not involve heat.

It is a direct process from the electric current stored in batteries to the light energy on fixtures.

In other words, the solar lights outdoor dissipate very little heat, if any.

Limitations Of Solar Lights Outdoor?

Despite having so many benefits, there are quite a number of limitations you will experience with the solar lights outdoor.

Here are some of the disadvantages of using solar lights outdoor.

  • Solar lights are not actively charging at night due to a lack of sunlight which powers up the system.
  • You must also use the high initial capital investment to purchase solar outdoor light appliances.
  • You must also purchase big-size batteries, especially when you are using very large applications.
  • Despite having very low maintenance, you will have to maintain the batteries regularly.
  • You must also be very careful with the solar panels since the solar cells are very delicate.
  • It also poses a great danger to your health, especially if you expose yourself to dangerous silicon cells.

Area Of Coverage Of Solar Lights Outdoor?

To ensure that the outdoor area is well lit, you must look at the coverage area for the outdoor solar lights.

There are various aspects of outdoor solar lights that you have to consider for proper area coverage.

Here are the main factors to consider for a proper area of coverage of the outdoor solar lights.

Beam angles

Beam angles

Position Of The Lights

You have to plan on the most appropriate location to place the solar lights outdoor for a proper area of coverage.

In most cases, you should consider placing the solar lights outdoor at an interval of every six to eight feet.

Lighting Technique

You should also consider checking out the different types of light techniques for proper coverage.

In this case, some of the lighting techniques that you should consider are:

  • Uplighting Technique
  • Downlighting Technique
  • Silhouetting Technique
  • Grazing Technique
  • Solar Spotlight Technique

How To Install Solar Lights Outdoor?

Installing the solar lights is a very simple process that you can do with the help of a technician.

Here are the main steps to follow when installing the solar lights outdoor.

1.      Installing The Solar Panels

You will begin the whole process by assembling all the necessary solar light outdoor appliances.

After that, you will decide on the most appropriate position for the placement of the solar panels.

You should place the solar panels on a raised platform exposed to proper light and heat from the sun.

You should also secure the solar panel to the spot using nuts to prevent it from falling due to raging winds.

2.      Connecting The Solar Batteries

After placing the solar panel, you will proceed with the placement of the solar batteries.

You should consider placing the battery in the most appropriate position closer to the solar panel.

After that, you will align the wires and connect them from the solar panel straight to the batteries.

3.      Connecting The Light Fixtures

At this point, you will have identified the most appropriate location and spacing for the outdoor solar lights.

You will connect the wires from the batteries to the solar light fixtures at different locations.

Make sure that you protect the wires and prevent them from exposure to adverse weather effects.

You can also use weatherproof materials to cover the switches to prevent them from damage.

Finally, you will allow the batteries to charge for a while before testing the installation.

Causes Of Failure Of Solar Lights Outdoor?

Using the solar lights outdoors may prove a challenge, especially if it does not work well.

Numerous reasons may lead to the failure of outdoor solar lights.

Here are the main reasons leading to the failure of the solar outdoor lights.

Lack Of Enough Sunlight

You may experience failure on the solar lights outdoor due to a lack of enough sunlight.

The best way of resolving the problem is by placing the solar panel in a better position for proper lighting.

Close Proximity To Other Light Sources

You may experience failure due to the effect of the photocells, which might detect a closer light source and automatically turn it off.

Ensure that the solar outdoor lights are in the proper position to avoid confusion from other light sources.

Battery Failure

Your solar lights outdoor batteries may also fail to charge during the day due to poor connections or spoilt batteries.

The best way of solving the problem is by replacing the batteries and ensuring proper cord connections.

Dirty Solar Panel

You may also have problems with the solar light outdoors simply because the solar panel is dirty, thus hindering light reception.

The best way of solving the problem is by cleaning the solar panel regularly to allow proper reception of light.

Precipitation Buildup

You may also experience problems due to water buildup on the solar panels, which hinder proper charging.

In this case, you can replace the solar panels with a better one or remove the water and block the water entry points.

How To Repair Blinking Solar Lights Outdoor?

In case you experience blinking solar outdoor lights, the problem might be a lack of enough power.

In other words, there might be a problem with the solar panel, such as too much dirt on the panel.

Apart from that, the problem might be with the batteries, which might not charge properly.

In such cases, you will have to clean the solar panels well and ensure proper connection to the battery.

If the problem persists, you can simply replace the batteries and make sure you connect them well.

When To Replace Solar Lights Outdoor?

You will replace the solar lights outdoors when the system is broken and not working well.

In such a case, you will have to inspect the whole system and identify the source of the problem.

In many cases, the problem is usually with the batteries on the solar light outdoors.

To avoid such problems, you should replace the batteries after three to four years of using them.

The replacement is also subject to how often you use the solar lights outdoor.

How To Clean Solar Lights Outdoor Fixtures?

Depending on the amount of dirt accumulated on the solar lights outdoor fixtures, you have to clean them well.

Implying that there are different cleaning techniques and materials that you will use in cleansing solar lights outdoor fixtures.

Some of the tools you need include alcohol, sandpaper, tape, soft brush, detergent, washcloth, and towel.

All you have to do is mix the detergent with water and then wipe the fixtures with a washcloth.

In case of stubborn stains, you will use a soft brush to scrub off the stains or alcohol to sanitize the fixtures.

Finally, you will wipe off the wet surface using a dry towel to ensure that it is clean enough.

How To Prevent Solar Lights Outdoor Fixtures From Rusting?

The best way of preventing the solar lights outdoor from rusting is by keeping them away from corrosion agents.

In other words, you should use weatherproof covers that will keep the fixtures protected from water.

Apart from that, you should consider using corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminum that do not rust easily.

In addition to that, you have to clean and maintain the solar lights outdoor regularly to prevent corrosion.

Best Solar Outdoor Lights?

The best solar outdoor lights should perform the basic functions accordingly.

In other words, you have to ensure that the outdoor lights perform the following functions.


The best type of solar outdoor lights should be large enough to provide enough light at night, thus increasing security.


The solar outdoor light must also provide bright light capable of covering the designated area accordingly.


In addition to that, you should also consider stylish outdoor lights that will increase the area’s aesthetic value.

Effects Of Low Temperatures On Solar Lights Outdoor?

Solar lights outdoor

Solar lights outdoor

As long as there is enough sunlight for the solar panel, low temperature will not affect the outdoor solar lights.

Most solar lights outdoors have a unique design to withstand the harsh cold winter conditions depending on the season.

All you have to do is ensure that the solar light outdoors is properly installed to prevent damage from other factors.

When To Replace Batteries In Solar Lights Outdoor?

You should consider replacing the batteries on the solar lights outdoor after a period of 3 to 4 years.

The time might vary according to the usage of the solar lights outdoor and application demands.

Apart from that, there might be unexpected damages that might affect the batteries.

In such a case, you will also have to replace the batteries in the outdoor solar lights.

Factors Determining The Service Lifespan Of Solar Lights Outdoor?

Numerous factors will affect how long the solar lights will serve you.

Here are the main factors to look at to extend the service life of the outdoor solar lights.

Working Environment

Here, you will look at the environmental factors such as dust, humidity, temperatures, and rainfall patterns, among others.

Sunshine Time And Climatic Conditions

The longer the sunshine time within different climatic conditions, the higher the efficiency of the solar lights.

It will also increase the usage of solar lights outdoor, thus decreasing the overall service lifespan.

Material Components

The type of materials that you will use to manufacture the solar lights outdoor will affect the lifespan accordingly.

The stronger the materials you will use are, the longer the service life of the outdoor solar lights.

How To Charge Solar Lights Outdoor Without The Sun?

You can charge solar lights outdoor without the sun by placing them under artificial light.

It is important to make sure that the panel is closer to the light source to increase the charging speed.

Charging solar lights without sunlight

Charging Solar Outdoor Light Without Sunlight

How To Test Solar Lights Outdoor?

Solar light outdoor works in the darkness or at night, mainly due to the presence of sensors.

In other words, the best mode of testing the solar lights is by waiting for the cover of darkness at night.

Apart from that, you can simply cover the sensors to create an impression of darkness to test the lights.

Purpose Of On/ Off Switch On Solar Lights Outdoor?

You will use the on/off switch on the solar lights to switch the whole system off during maintenance.

The switch will turn off the system to allow you to conduct maintenance on the solar outdoor lights.

You will also use the switch to activate or deactivate the solar light outdoors when the need for use is out.

How Long Does Solar Lights Outdoor Take To Charge?

You should leave the solar panels exposed to enough sunlight for about 6 hours for a full battery charge.

On a complete battery charge, you are sure of having about 8 hours of light during the night.

Brightest Solar Lights Outdoor Available In The Market?

The brightest outdoor solar lights available in the market have about 200 lumens for about 4 to 8 hours.

You should note that the brightness will dim, considering as time goes by and the battery charge reduces.

A Number Of Lumens Needed For Bright Solar Lights Outdoor?

The number of lumens you will need for the bright solar lights outdoors depends on the application.

Here are the number of lumens that you need for the outdoor solar lights in different locations.

  • 100 lumens for the step and path lights
  • 700 lumens for the motion sensors and floodlights
  • 200 to 400 lumens for underwater lights
  • 50 to 185 lumens for the wall lights
  • 50 to 300 lumens for general landscape

How To Calculate Wattage For Solar Lights Outdoor?

You can calculate wattage by dividing average hourly wattage requirements by peak sunlight hours.

This will result in the amount of energy that solar panels will produce every hour for proper lighting.

The wattage will also give you more information about the number of panels you need for proper outdoor lighting.

Why Is IP Rating Important For Solar Lights Outdoor?

Ingress protection (IP) rating is very important for outdoor solar lights because it helps determine the protection needed.

In other words, it will help determine the kind of protection that the light needs against solid and liquid elements.

It is also the most important rating that helps determine the durability of the solar light’s outdoor fixtures.

IP rating for lights

IP rating for lights

Quality Standards Solar Light Outdoor Should Comply With?

When purchasing solar lights outdoor, you have to make sure that they are of very high quality.

Here are the main quality standards that the solar lights outdoor should comply with.

  • RoHS Quality Standards
  • CE Quality Standards

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