LED Beacon Warning Light

This guide will help you choose the best LED beacon warning light for all your applications.

So, before you import LED warning light from China, read this guide.

Let’s dive right in.

Components of LED Beacon Warning Light

LED beaconwarning light

 LED Beacon warning light

Several parts make up these warning lights and they are:


This part holds and contains all the components of an LED beacon warning light.

It is sturdy and can withstand external environmental effects like fluctuating temperatures and impacts.

Also, it has to be transparent to allow one to experience the full brightness of the warning lights.

The housing material one can use include:


It is a transparent plastic that offers a transparency level of up to 90%.

This means it will offer no limitation thus effectively transmit the light.

Besides, it is strong enough to shield all the components from adverse weather conditions.

One can also drill this material without forming cracks as they have a high degree of stiffness.

Also, it is easy to maintain, is resistant to heat and moisture, and is non-flammable.


This material is resistant to UV rays meaning it will not have discolorations when you expose it to sunlight.

Besides, it is flexible, suitable for the diffusion of harsh lights, resistant to scratch, and cheaper than polycarbonate.


One can use this part to construct the external metallic component of the light as it is lightweight.

It offers heat sink capabilities and you can coat it with epoxy to protect it from rust.

In hot climates, the heat sink capabilities will protect the internal parts from malfunctioning.


There are battery-powered LED beacon warning lights which are ideal when a permanent or outlet source is not available.

This means you can take the light anywhere as long as the battery has a full charger and it comes in varying capacities.

Power Cable

This part will connect the LED beacon warning light to a power outlet.

It can be a hard wire, a vehicle adapter, or a plug-in system.

Circuit Board

This part takes energy from the power source making the LED beacon warning light dim, turn on, or off.

It also shields the LED beacon warning light from voltage fluctuations as changes in voltage can cause a change in the current that goes to the LED.

Also, these LEDs can run on low or high voltages.

LED Chips

It is this part that is responsible for emitting light and is usually small and attaches to a metallic plate known as PCB [Printed Circuit Board].

One can use one of these configurations:

  1. Chip on boards [COB] containing a single LED chip on the PCB to create clean and uniform beam patterns.
  2. Discrete in which you place several LED chips on the printed circuit board.

Heat Sinks

It is a metallic piece that contains LEDs.

Besides, it is vital to conduct heat away from the LED to ensure it continues to operate optimally.

The heat sink provides a path in which heat will conduct out from the LED  to other elements.


This is the part that will turn ON or OFF the LED beacon warning lights.

It works like a normal switch meaning you turn it on to make the LED produce light.


It is this part that you will use to place the LED beacon warning light in place.

There are different types of mounts on different lights.

These include magnetic, permanent, surface, or pipe mounts.

How LED Beacon Warning Light Work

 LED beacon light system

LED beacon light system

They will emit light by electroluminescence that is within a semiconductor material.

Electroluminescence is the process by which a substance will produce light when an electric current or field passes through it.

This happens when electrons pass to the substance and fills the electron holes.

The presence of atoms that do not have electrons will make an electron hole exist.

Besides, the atoms that do not have electrons have a positive charge.

It is possible to “dope” a semiconductor to control or form the electron holes present.

Doping is a technique in which you will add elements to the semiconductor to change its properties.

Such doping substances include germanium or silicon.

Doping a semiconductor leads to the creation of two types of semiconductors in the same crystal.

This creates a p-n junction between the two independent semiconductors.

The junction allows electric current to pass via it in one direction thus making it suitable as a diode.

LED beacon warning lights have p-n junctions in which electrons will fill the electron holes as current passes from one crystal to another.

As this happens, they will emit light or photons which is visible to the human eye.

Difference between LED Beacon Warning Light and Regular Lights

Here is how these two compare:

Energy Efficiency

LED beacon warning lights are 70% to 80% more efficient than regular lights as it uses diode lights and not filaments.

For instance, an 11 watt LED beacon warning light will give the same output as a 50-watt incandescent light.


LED beacon warning lights will last for several years than regular lights.

Heat Production

LED beacon warning lights will produce less heat than regular lights.


The main purpose of LED beacon warning lights is to grab the attention of others who are approaching a certain location.

They are bright and can produce several colors which work best in such situations as airports.

On the other hand, regular lights are mainly for lighting purposes.


The usage of LED beacon warning lights has to comply with the legal requirements of a certain country.

Any citizen can use a regular light with no need to look for documentation for its usage from legal bodies.

Why IP Rating is Important for LED Beacon Warning Light

 IP rating

 IP rating

Ingress Protection [IP] rating is a universal protection level that LED beacon warning light possesses against moisture and solid substances.

The first digit represents protection against solids with 0 representing no protection and 6 representing maximum protection.

Also, the second digit provides a level of protection against moisture with 0 representing no protection and 8 representing maximum protection.

It is worth noting that one will use an LED beacon warning light in external environments.

These environments tend to be harsh with effects such as heavy rainfall or high winds.

A higher IP rating will mean that the LED beacon warning light is highly weatherproof.

This means it will withstand environmental elements thereby increase its durability and effectiveness.

Here is an informative IP parameter:

For Protection against Solid Substances

0 means no protection.

1 offers protection against solid substances greater than 50 mm.

2 protects if from solid substances greater than 12 mm.

3 will offer protection against solid substances greater than 2.5 mm.

4 offers protection against solid substances greater than 1 mm.

5 offers protection against low amounts of dust.

6 protects against all dust and harmful deposits.

X represents no definite protection level or no testing was done.

For Protection against Moisture

0 represents no protection.

1 protects against dripping water.

2 protects it from dripping water when at a 15-degree angle.

3 offers protection against spraying water.

4 protects against splashing water.

5 offers protection against water jets.

6 represents protection against powerful water jets.

7 protects against immersion to up to 1m in depth.

8 represents protection when immersion is over 1m.

Safety Features of LED Beacon Warning Light

These include:

  • The lens optics is resistant to heat and is fire-proof.
  • A heat sink will draw away heat from the LED thus protecting it from damage.
  • The LED beacon warning lights produce less heat meaning it is safe to handle with your hands.
  • A fully insulated power cable to prevent electric shocks when in use.

Factors Determining LED Beacon Warning Light Cost

Several factors will influence the price of this lighting system.

The price will range anywhere between 4 USD to 1000 USD.

These factors include:

Rotating LED beacon warning light

Rotating LED beacon warning light

Type of LED Beacon Warning Light

Lights with several patterns and colors will cost more than those with few lights.

Also, the mount type will affect the price as magnetic mounts tend to cost extra than permanent mounts.

Size and Number

Large LED beacon warning lights will cost more than the smaller versions.

This is because they have a higher light intensity.

Also, when you purchase several of these lights at one go, you will spend less than when you purchase one piece.

Supply and Demand

When the supply is high and the demand is low, the prices of LED beacon warning lights will decrease.

However, when the supply dips and the demand rises, the prices will skyrocket.

Market Conditions and Economy

Situations like political tension will cause the prices of these items to increase as borders may be inaccessible.

Discounts and Sales

Some manufacturers will offer large discounts if you purchase in bulk.

Benefits of LED Beacon Warning Light

These include:

Level of Maintenance

These lights need low levels of maintenance since they have no moving parts thus need no regular or constant checkups.


LED beacon warning lights come in various sizes to suit every application.

They are also easy to move around thus easy to transport from one location to another.

Also, you need not remove them from I.e. automobiles when transporting thus saves labor and time.

Energy Efficiency

These warning lights will consume up to 85% less energy than incandescent lights.

This means they consume less electrical energy meaning your electrical bills will not be high.


These lights are easy to install and maintain.

The parts that make up an LED beacon warning lights require no frequent replacements thus they cost less during the installation process.


LED beacon warning lights are capable of operating in extreme weather conditions.

There will be no compromise in cold, hot, or stormy weather conditions.

Besides, they have a higher IP rating making them able to withstand such situations for long periods.


These lights are safe and convenient as they can function at low voltage levels.

On the contrary, traditional motor beacons need high voltage amounts making them a potential safety hazard.

Level of Brightness

These lights are bright and they light up instantaneously.

Besides, their age does not affect their brightness levels.


LED beacon warning lights can last up to 50000 hours as they have rigid construction and a weatherproof design.

Shock Resistance

These lights are resistant to hard impacts, shocks, and vibrations.

This feature makes them durable.

Limitations of LED Beacon Warning Light

These include:

High Initial Cost

When purchasing this light, you might spend a lot depending on the capabilities you are interested in.

Potential Color Shift

This happens over time after using the LED beacon warning light for several years.

Aging and exposure to UV might cause the bulb to change its color.


In instances when the heat sink is below par, overheating will lower the lifespan of the LED beacon warning light.

Uses of LED Beacon Warning Light

Flashing beacon light

Flashing beacon light

One can use this light for several applications such as:

  • Agricultural industries
  • Construction firms
  • Commercial and specialist vehicles
  • Hospitals
  • Events and gatherings
  • Retail stores
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Offices
  • Aviation industry

Benefits of Importing LED Beacon Warning Light from China

China offers several benefits than other countries when it comes to the additional advantages they have.

The reason for this is because they are the leading manufacturers and offer the following benefits:


China will offer different varieties of LED beacon warning lights at various price ranges.

One can even bargain the price to a very cheap offer from the original price.

High-profit Margins

Since the price is relatively cheap, you can resell the LED beacon warning lights at a higher price and earn more profit.


They manufacture high-quality LED beacon warning lights using the best materials.


They produce a wide array of LED beacon warning lights for every application need.

When it comes to the best LED beacon warning light, you can count on GoldMore.

We have energy efficient, durable and reliable LED beacon warning light.

Quality Standards LED Beacon Warning Light should Conform to

Conforming to quality standards ensure they are safe for use and to users.

The standards include:

ISO [International Organization for Standardization]

It ensures the entire manufacturing process, management, or documentation meets all required standards and quality assurance.

So, only buy your LED beacon warning lights from ISO certified manufacturer.

CE Mark of Quality

This quality ensures that the LED beacon warning light alights with the EU standards.

It ensures health, safety, and environmental protection.

Also, it is possible to sell this light in any European Economic Area, no matter the country of origin.

IES [ Illuminating Engineering Society ]

This quality standard defines how the LED beacon warning lights distribute light from their source using real-world measurement information.

RoHS [Restriction of Hazardous Substances]

This standard restricts the use of hazardous materials in the manufacture of electrical and electronic products.

These hazardous materials are a danger to the environment and will lead to the pollution of landfills.

Besides, they will be toxic to the handlers of these products either through recycling or exposure processes.

IP [Ingress Protection] Certification

It defines the sealing level of the LED beacon warning light against solid substances and moisture.

UL Certification

This quality standard ensures the light has passed testing by UL  to safe and sustainable standards.

Besides, UL certification has national recognition.

Power Rating for LED Beacon Warning Light

Depending on the type and application, these lights can use a voltage of 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 110V, 120V, or 220V.

Meaning of Different Colors of LED Beacon Warning Light

Different colors convey a different meaning and this assists others to understand the urgency.

These are:

Yellow or Amber

It indicates that you need to be careful as it brings attention to something i.e. road constructions or heavy vehicles.


This color associate with stopping, hazardous conditions, or an emergency.


It will indicate a warning and stands for a critical situation that needs human intervention.


This color indicates a situation that will need a definite action by the operators.

White or Clear

This color has no specific meaning as you will use it in situations that do not require red, blue, green, or yellow colors.


One will use this color as an alternative to the color red in situations where red signals i.e. a fire hazard.


This means everything is in order as they associate with safety.

It is common in gas and oil industries where it represents a specific dangerous situation.

Types of LED Beacon Warning Light available in the Market

There are various types of LED beacon warning lights depending on their assemblies.

These include:

  • Rotating LED beacon warning lights
  • Flashing strobe LED beacon warning lights
  • Flashing LED beacon warning lights
  • Single-bolt LED beacon warning lights
  • Three-bolt mount LED beacon warning lights
  • DIN mount LED beacon warning lights
  • Magnetic fixing LED beacon warning lights

Flash Patterns available for LED Beacon Warning Light

This light can produce single flash, double flash, quad flash, strobe, or continuous rotating flash patterns.

How to use LED Beacon Warning Light for Emergency Applications

One should use the correct color that signifies a specific emergency to alert others promptly.

Rules and Regulations Regarding the use of LED Beacon Warning Light

These are:

  • Specific emergency cars like ambulances or fire engines can use a blue rotating or flashing LED beacon warning light.
  • The use of amber LED beacon warning lights should be on vehicles that cannot exceed 25mph.
  • Also, other vehicles involved in road clearances, huge load escorts, road maintenance vehicles can use amber lights.
  • Ensure the location of the light is in a clear location where others can see it easily.
  • For towing vehicles, fit the LED beacon warning light on one or both vehicles as long as they are visible from all directions.

Difference between LED Beacon Warning Light with a Flash Discharge Tube and with Flashing Signals

LED beacon warning lights with flash discharge tubes will produce an extremely high-intensity flash for a short time.

This happens in a glass tubing that has gas and electrodes on either end.

When you ionize the gas, it conducts a high pulse of voltage to produce light.

On the other hand, those with a flashing signal will use an electric current that passes a bimetallic strip.

When the strip heats up, it will bend and avoid contact thus cutting off the electricity flow making the light blink off.

Then the strip will cool and form contact again, completing the circuit, and the light turns on.

This happens over time to form a flashing pattern.

Advantages of LED Rotating Beacon Over an Incandescent Lamp

LED rotating beacons to grab attention more quickly than incandescent lamps.

Incandescent lamps are as energy-efficient as LED rotating beacons.

It is easy to maintain an LED rotating beacon over an incandescent lamp.

Also, LED rotating beacons are brighter and visible than incandescent lamps.

LED rotating beacons can come with different patterns that relay the form of urgency.

Besides, LED rotating beacons are more durable than incandescent lamps.

Warranty Period for LED Beacon Warning Light

These lights are weatherproof meaning they offer great resistance but may stop working after a short time.

Most of them come with a warranty of 1 year or more while others offering a lifetime warranty.

Mounting Options for LED Beacon Warning Light

Some of the available mounting options are:

Surface Mount

The LED beacon warning light will sit on a flat surface like that of a ceiling of a building.

It uses screws and bolts to hold on these surfaces.

Pipe Mount

This is a bracket that you will fix on a pipe and attach the LED beacon warning light to.

The brackets are semi-circular and will fit on circular pipes anywhere.

After placing the brackets on pipes, you will fasten the bolts and attach the LED beacon warning light.

Magnetic Mount

It has a magnetic base that you will place on magnetic surfaces for it to hold on to.

One usage is on fire trucks or ambulances in which you will place the light on the metallic surface of the vehicle.

The magnets are powerful enough to hold on to these metallic surfaces.

Permanent Mount

With this mount, one will permanently fix the LED beacon warning light by the use of screws and bolts on a surface.

One will use a backplate to assist with the connection between the LED light and the surface.

How to Install LED Beacon Warning Light

One should begin by carefully removing the LED beacon warning light from its package then placing it on a flat surface.

Proceed to examine all the parts to make sure all components are available.

Also, examine to ensure there are no damages to the light.

If you happen to find damage or any component is missing, do not proceed to use or install it.

One can reach the transit firm for further assistance.

Let’s have a look at how to install a permanent mount.

Begin by selecting a suitable flat surface where you will install the LED beacon warning light.

Ensure the location is visible and that wiring will be easy before installing.

Use the base gasket as the template and mark the mounting holes using a visible marker.

Drill holes on the surface using a drill that matches the screws you are using on the permanent mount.

One can drill an extra hole that you will use to access the wiring system for connection purposes.

Connect all power wires and then mount the light and secure with the screws.

Available Sizes of LED Beacon Warning Light

These lights come in varying sizes depending on the application.

There are small sizes that you can mount on roof cars to large ones you can install on towers.

Causes of Failure in LED Beacon Warning Light

Be it an erratic or intermittent failure, one can trace it back to a wiring or battery failure.

Solve this by inspecting the wiring, fuses, connections, battery voltage, and switch.

Ensure that the correct voltage reaches the beacon light.

In extreme cases, when this does not solve the issue, contact the manufacturer for a warranty replacement.

Brightness Levels for LED Beacon Warning Light

This can range between 5 and 30000 lumens.

It will depend on the type of LED beacon warning light you need.

Benefits of LED Beacon Warning Light with Solar

LED beacon warning light with solar

LED beacon warning light with solar

The benefits include:

No Wiring

One can operate these lights with no wiring as all they need is solar energy to charge them.


They are lightweight and this makes them easy to install anywhere as the need arises.

Highly Resistant

Solar LED beacon warning lights are resistant to corrosion, shocks, and extreme temperatures.

Provide a Better Light Output

They can output different light colors for different situations.


These lights are as bright as those that use hardwiring systems.

Energy Efficient

They will use a fraction of the power that incandescent lights use.

Besides, this does not affect the brightness of the warning light.


One can use this light to produce different colors during operation at different levels of brightness.


They can last over 20 years which is still more than traditional lights.


It is easy to maintain this system as there are no visible wires or moving parts.

Environmentally Friendly

They rely on solar energy to charge the batteries and they do not contain hazardous substances.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when choosing LED beacon warning lights.

You can contact GoldMore for all your LED beacon warning lights – we guarantee quality, support OEM businesses and competitive prices.

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