Red Led Warning Light: The Ultimate Buying Guide

The purpose of this kind of warning light is to grab the attention of others as an indication of danger.

There are several reasons why a red LED warning light is a common color for use in emergencies.

In this guide, we shall look at what you should know before you purchase a red LED warning light.

Functional Uses of Red Led Warning Light

Red LED warning light

Red LED warning light

The purpose of this light is to warn other motorists or to clear the right of way for different kinds of emergency vehicles.

When the light is on, it indicates a potential hazard meaning oncoming traffic should take extra care.

Also, one can use it to indicate a car moving slower than normal, is slowing down, has stopped, or is pulled over.

One may also use it to indicate a specific direction that other motorists should take like when there is a command to pull over.

Some vehicles use small arrows on a board to direct the traffic.

It is important to know that one should use red LED warning lights as per the law.

This means the law can require one to use it in:

  • Response to emergencies.
  • Exercising a traffic stop.
  • Real training exercises such as the military or police.
  • In instances where there is a hazardous situation on the road.
  • Fire fighting situations.
  • Industrial and construction facilities.
  • Large transit vehicles with large loads.

Also, some private security companies have permits to use the red LED warning light in certain areas.

Types of Red Led Warning Light

There are several types of red LED warning lights that exist in the market.

They include:

  • Sirens
  • Helipad lights
  • Brake lights
  • Tower lights
  • Traffic lights
  • Aircraft warning lights

Limitations of Red Led Warning Light

Here are some disadvantages of a red LED warning light:

Health Hazard

AGA [aluminum gallium arsenide] is a toxic substance when in high concentration and red LED lights to use it.

This substance is hazardous to your health when you come in direct contact with it.

Voltage Sensitivity

It is vital to supply a voltage over the threshold and currents lower than the rating when using red LED warning lights.

The current and durability will change with small changes in the voltage you apply.

This means they need a current-regulated supply which is a series of resistors.

Electrical Polarity

Red LED warning lights only light up when they have the right electrical polarity.

This is unlike incandescent bulbs that will light up on any electrical polarity.

One can use rectifiers to automatically match the LED to the source polarity.

Efficiency Drop

The efficiency of this light will decrease when you increase the electric current.

Higher currents will increase heating thus lowering the lifetime of the red LED warning light.

Components of Red Led Warning Light

Several parts make up this warning light and they include:

Red LED warning light

Red LED warning light

Lens or Optics

This is the part that will distribute light evenly since the red LED warning lights are bright.

It makes the LED emulate the look and feel of traditional light bulbs.

Also, plastic is the main material as it lowers the risk of it shattering.

LED Chips

These are the parts that will create light.

They are usually small and yellow and attach to a metallic plate known as PCB [Printed Circuit Board].

One can use one of these configurations:

  1. Chip on boars [COB] where it has a single LED chip on the PCB creating clean and uniform beam patterns.
  2. Discrete where you place several LED chips on the printed circuit board.

Heat Sink

This is a metallic piece on which the LED chips will sit on.

Besides, one needs to conduct the heat away from the LED then cool it in one way or another.

The heat sink will offer a path in which heat will travel out from the LED light source to other external elements.

Circuit Board or Driver

This part will take energy from the power source and makes the red LED warning light dim, turn on, or off.

It will also protect the red LED warning light from fluctuations of current of voltage.

Changes in voltage can cause a change in the current that goes to the LED light.

Besides, these LEDs can run on low or high voltages.


Circuit boards in red LED warning lights will heat as energy passes through them.

This means it is vital to have a heat-conductive housing that comes from a material such as aluminum.

Also, the housing will be warm to touch but not as hot as fluorescent, halogen, or incandescent lighting.

How Red Led Warning Light Works

They will create light by electroluminescence within a semiconductor substance.

Electroluminescence is where the material will emit light as electric fields or currents pass through it.

This will occur when electrons go through the material to fill the electron holes.

Electron holes exist in situations where the atom lacks electrons thus they have a positive charge only.

One can ‘dope’ the semiconductor material such as silicon or germanium to form and control the number of electron holes.

Doping happens when you add other elements to the semiconductor to alter its properties.

When you dope a semiconductor, you are creating two independent types of semiconductors within the same crystal.

This will create a p-n junction between these two separate semiconductors.

Also, the junction will allow the current to pass through it in a single direction hence making them suitable for use as diodes.

The red LED warning lights have p-n junctions and the electrons will fill the electron holes as it passes to another crystal from another.

When this happens, they will emit red light [photons] with the assistance of gallium arsenide.

How to Mount Red Led Warning Light

Red LED warning light

Red LED warning light

There are different ways one can mount this light.

They include:

Grille Mount

One will place this LED behind the grille which is the front part of a car.

Surface Mount

This light will sit on top of a flat surface such as the ceiling of a hospital.

Magnetic Mount

This mount has a magnetic base that you can place on any magnetic surface.

One application is in police cars that will place the light on top during a high-speed chase.

Permanent Mount

For this mount, you will permanently fix the red LED warning light using screws and bolts on a surface like the top of an ambulance.

A backplate will assist with the connection between the surface and the LED light.

What Causes Red Led Warning Light to Flash

There are several ways you can make a red LED warning light flash.

One can use relays, transistors, or components like inverters to cause the flashing effect.

The flashing effect happens by using capacitors which can hold a charge for a given duration of time.

What happens is that a relay coil with power will make the electromagnetic part disconnect hence causing the LED to light.

When the capacitor is out of power/energy, the relay will return to its original position making the LED turn off.

This cycle continues thus making it flash.

Determining Flash Rates of Red Led Warning Light

Present standard flash rates are to enhance visibility and avoid the risk of photosensitive epilepsy.

Research shows that a faster flashing rate indicates an urgent situation than slower flash rates.

Best Material for Making Red Led Warning Light

Aluminum gallium arsenide is the main semiconductor that will make a red LED warning light.

The doping materials that you will use are either zinc, nitrogen, silicon, germanium, or tellurium.

Gold and silver compounds are important for soldering and heating processes since they form chemical bonds.

The casing is usually plastic and they are lightweight.

Factors Affecting Cost of Red Led Warning Light

These include:


This is the measure of the overall amount of visible light to the human eye, hence, the higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light.

The higher the lumen value, the higher the cost of the red LED warning light.

Mount Type

There are different mounts and they influence the price.

For instance, permanent mounts will cost less than magnetic mounts.

Material Construction

Cheap materials that make the red LED warning light mean the product will cost less than those that use high-quality material.

Also, there are waterproof and high heat resistant materials that will make the LED durable.

Technological Progress

Constant progress in science and technology will make the red LED warning light cost less.


The larger the red LED warning light, the higher the cost.

When is Red Led Warning Light Is More Visible

They are most visible at the night and in dark areas.

Why Red Led Warning Light is Popular

The color red has the greatest wavelength of all meaning you can see it from a great distance.

This means you can use it in a wide array of applications and weather conditions.

Besides, it is the universal color associated with danger.

Power Rating for LED Warning Light

The power rating is a measurement in Watts [W] meaning the power rating for LED warning light is proportional to current and/or voltage.

They need a forward functional voltage of between 1.2 volts and 3.6 volts.

Also, the forward current rating is between 10 mA and 30 mA with the most common range between 12 and 20 mA.

Benefits of LED in Red Warning Light

They include:

Environmentally safe

They do not contain mercury like the traditional lights which poses a health and environmental hazard when you contact it.

Dimming Capability

One can operate the light at any brightness from 0% to 100%.

Solid State Lights

This means the traditional glass that surrounds the light is not mandatory.


The lights are small yet produce a lot of brightness.

This makes them suitable to use in a myriad of applications.


These lights produce minimal heat thus makes them safe to handle.

Immediate Illumination

LEDs will reach the maximum light output immediately since they do not have to warm before producing light.

They will produce the full brightness once you switch it on.


These lights are durable and reliable since they can operate in different weather conditions.

Besides, they can withstand impact and vibration.

This makes them suitable for use in areas where the temperature and weather fluctuate a lot.

Low Heat Output

LED lights will use electromagnetic energy and not heat to produce light.

This makes them operate at low-temperature levels since they use energy and not heat to produce light.

Heat sinks will dissipate the heat these lights produce away from the diodes in a safe manner.

This feature makes them suitable for use in heat-sensitive applications.

High Brightness

The higher the lumen value, the brighter the LED light making them more visible even at a great distance.

This means the watt is not the indicator of brightness for these lights.

Energy Efficiency

These lights have a high lumen output for every watt thus can turn 70% of the energy into light.

This makes them save more energy than other conventional bulbs which use most of the energy to produce heat.

Besides, a 6-watt LED can produce the same amount of light that a 40-watt incandescent bulb does.

Also, the low heat output makes it easy to use.

Long Life

The parts and the way it emits light extends the durability of these red warning lights.

Besides, the lifespan of other bulbs reduces through proper and bad usage.

However, durability, energy efficiency, and low heat output make these lights outlive other bulbs.

The lifespan of the LED depends on the time it takes for the lumen value to lower to 30%.

Besides, affordable LEDs still outlive conventional bulbs by thousands of hours.

Benefits of IP Rating on Red Led Warning Light

Ingress Protection [IP] rating is the level of protection that the light has against liquids and solid materials.

The first digit represents protection against solids with 0 meaning no protection and 6 meaning most protection.

Also, the second digit provides a level of protection against liquids with 0 meaning no protection and 8 meaning most protection.

It is important as it indicates how resistant and the level of protection against such elements.

How to Clean Red LED Warning Light

Always use a soft lint-free cloth to clean the surface and you can moisten it with glass cleaner.

How to Power Red Led Warning Light

These include the use of:

  • Rechargeable battery power
  • Solar power
  • Cables that connect to a power source

Determining Lifespan of Red Led Warning Light

This depends on:

  • Operating environment
  • Power input
  • Frequency of use

Effects of Red Led Warning Light

When using the light at night, the intensity may cause temporary night blindness when using it at high intensity.

Available Sizes of Red LED warning light

They come in varying sizes with the smallest coming at 3 mm.

How to Increase the Service Lifespan of Red Led Warning Light

Red LED warning light

RED LED warning light

Always use it with the right power source and in the right environment as per the specifications.

How Red LED Warning Light Stabilizer Work

It works by stabilizing the voltage hence providing surge protection to the red LED warning light.

The stabilizer provides a constant voltage to the light even if the voltage fluctuated during operation.

It, therefore, protects the light from both high and low voltages which may cause it to malfunction.

Reasons for Installing Red Led Warning Light on Top of Street Lights

This is because it has the longest wavelength thus one can see it from a long distance.

Rules and Regulations for Using Red Led Warning Lights

These lights are important for law enforcement purposes such as ambulances, fire, and rescue, police cars, etc.

Besides, a civilian cannot use these lights on public roads by mounting them on the vehicle as the law prohibits it.

Alternative Warning Lights That Replace Red Led Warning Light.

These include:

Knowing when to Replace Red LED Warning Light.

The lifespan of these lights is between 25000 to 30000 hours of usage before replacement.

Also, you can replace it when you notice the brightness is below 30% of the original.

Connection Options for Red LED Warning Lights.

One can use cables to connect it to an AC power source that will also provide power to charge the battery.

Causes of Failure in red LED Warning Lights.

These are:

Heat Stress

Too much heat can damage capacitors and semiconductors.

Electrical Over Stress

This happens when the LED is receiving more power than its maximum.

Material Defect

When the material on the ‘active area’ has defects, it will worsen due to heat and electrical current.

How Red LED Warning Light Compare to Red Strobe Light

Red LED warning lights will produce a continuous light and are lighter.

Red strobe lights produce a bright flash of light at regular intervals.

Difference Between Red LED Warning Light and Amber Emergency Light

Red LED warning lights are suitable for emergency vehicles.

Amber emergency lights are suitable for parking, construction, and utility vehicles.

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