Led Door Warning Light

This is a type of LED warning light that you will fix on the door of your car.

It will flash or light up when you open the door of the car thereby grabbing the attention of oncoming motorists or cyclists.

In this guide, we shall look at how it works, features, and parts among other things.

LED Door Warning Light

LED Door Warning Light

Why you need LED as Door Warning Light

This warning light will provide the benefit of preventing accidents or incidents from oncoming motorists or cyclists.

When one opens the door, the bright light will make the motorists slow down or swerve as the light is visible.

This is quite an advantage as it prevents accidents mostly when one opens the door without looking at what is behind.

It saves the lives of adults and children alike and also saves money since accidents lead to hospitalization and car maintenance.

Limitations of LED Door Warning Light

The LED door warning lights are only visible when one opens the door.

This will make oncoming traffic who are traveling fast or is close by not to notice on time when the door opens.

Benefits of LED Door Warning Lights

The main features include:

  • When one opens the door, the light will flash rapidly to grab the attention of oncoming traffic thus avoiding accidents.
  • It is easy to install the light by sticking it and it needs no wiring, drilling, or bolting.
  • The light will rapidly flash within the first few seconds once you open the door.
  • Also, it is waterproof, dustproof, and resistant to shocks thus it will offer a long-life span.
  • Besides, it is easy to replace the battery since one can remove the cover with ease.
  • It is also universal meaning one can use it for all kinds of cars.
  • Also, it has a magnetic induction and a wireless fitting thus it only flashes when you open the door.
  • It comes in different warning styles such as rapid flashing, sequential flashing, and slow swirling flashing.

Factors Affecting LED Door Warning Light Price

These include:

Country of Origin

It is known that LED door warning lights from China will fetch a low price when you compare them to those from other countries.

Number of Pieces

Most manufactures will offer you discounts when you purchase LED door warning lights in bulk.

Lumen Value

Those which are brighter will cost more than those with less bright.


LED door warning lights with a longer warranty period cost more than those whose warranty expires in a few months.


When the LED door warning light uses high-quality material and technology, it will cost more than low-quality lights.


When a client needs the manufacturer to customize the light to their liking, they will spend more. This is mostly when clients need a more aesthetic appeal to their cars.

Main Components of LED Door Warning Light

The primary parts and components of LED door warning lights include:

Top Cover

It is the part that will cover the entire component. Also, it is the part that is visible after installation on the car door.

The material construction is mostly polycarbonate as they are strong and optically transparent.


This part will contain the LED that will light up. It also has connections that enable power from the battery to reach the LED.

Button Battery

This is the component that provides power to light up the LED. It is a lithium-ion and lasts for a long time.


The material is plastic or rubber that makes it easy to install on the door of the car. Once you fit it, it will not easily fall off and is also waterproof thus no water will enter and damage the internal parts.

 Parts of LED Door Warning Light

Parts of LED Door Warning Light

How LED Door Warning Light Work

The LED will light by electroluminescence meaning the material will emit light as electric currents pass through it. This occurs when electrons pass the material to fill the electron holes.

Electron holes exist in scenarios where the atom has no electrons meaning they possess a positive charge. It is possible to ‘dope’ the semiconductor substance to form and control the number of electron holes.

Doping occurs when you alter its properties by adding other elements to the semiconductor. This will create two independent kinds of semiconductors in the same crystal thus create a p-n junction.

Besides, the junction allows the current to pass through it in a single direction.

The LED door warning lights have p-n junctions and electrons will fill the electron holes as it passes to another crystal from another. When this occurs, they will emit light and this happens once you open the door of the car.

How to Test Quality of LED Door Warning Light

One can conduct the following quality tests on LED door warning lghts:

Electrical Performance Test

Here, you will apply current to the LED and measure the reading versus the expected reading. This ensures the output is suitable for the application.

Photometric Parameter Test

In this test, one measures the visible light on how a human vision will perceive its brightness. The basic unit is lumen [lm.]

Color Parameter Test

Here, you test whether the LED will emit the right color as per the set parameters.

Best Material for making LED Door Warning Light

The most suitable materials used in the manufacturing of LED door warning lights are:

  • Rubber
  • Polycarbonate
  • Silicon

Uses of LED Door Warning Light

The main application is on car doors to warn oncoming traffic when you open the door. When they flash, it will grab the attention of oncoming traffic thus giving them ample time to slow down.

Type of LED Door Warning Lights

These include:

Circular LED Door Warning Light

These are easy to install as you only need to fix them on the holes that are already in the car. They require no wires and are easy to maintain.

Strip LED Door Warning Light

These are strips of LEDs that you install on the frame of the car door. Besides, they run along the length of the car door.

They produce more light than the smaller circular ones and need a wiring system for them to light. Some have patterns that will flash light that will direct oncoming traffic away from your car.

 Strip LED Door Warning Light

 Strip LED Door Warning Light

Quality Standard and Certifications for LED Door Warning Light

These warning lights need to conform to quality standards as it ensures the safety of users.

They include:

CE mark of Quality

This makes declares that the LED door warning lights meet the EU standards. It ensures health, safety, and environmental protection.

This means one can sell this product in any European Economic Area, regardless of where one manufactured it.

RoHS [Restriction of Hazardous Substances]

This standard will restrict the use of hazardous substances to manufacture electrical and electronic materials.

These hazardous substances are dangerous to the environment and will pollute landfills. Besides, they are dangerous to manufacturers through exposure or recycling.

UL certification

This seal means the LED door warning light has undergone testing by UL to safety and sustainable standards. Also, this standard has national recognition.

IP [Ingress Protection] Certification

This standard will define the level of sealing on the LED door warning light against moisture and foreign bodies.

IES [ Illuminating Engineering Society ]

This standard will define how the LED lights will distribute light from the source using real-world measurement data.

ISO [International Organization for Standardization]

It will ensure the manufacturing process, management, or documentation meets all necessary standards and quality assurance.

Available Color Options for LED Door Warning Light

These lights can come in red, green, blue, or yellow colors since these colors are visible.

Causes of Failure in LED Door Warning Light

Some of the reasons why LED door warning lights fail include:

Heat Stress

When the heat is too much, it may damage the semiconductors and the capacitors.

Electrical Over-stress

This will occur when the LED door warning light receives more power than the recommendation.

Material Defect

When the substance on the ‘active area’ has defects, it will degrade due to heat and electrical current.

Benefits of Wireless LED Door Warning Lights

These include:

Ease of Installation

Wireless LED door warning lights are easy to set up on your car door as they lack wires. One will simply stick it on the hole that is already on the door.

Ease of Maintenance

Since they have no wires, you can easily clean, and replace batteries and the cap.


This makes them small and lightweight hence easy to carry around since they have no hanging wires. One can easily move it from place to place and you can also fit it in your pockets.


These lights are also bright and oncoming traffic can see them flashing from quite a distance.

Maintains Aesthetics

Since they have no wires, you will not need to deconstruct and reconstruct parts of your cars to install. This will leave your car still looking good.


The wireless LED door warning lights are affordable.

 Installing Wireless LED Door Warning Light

Installing Wireless LED Door Warning Light

Recommended IP Rating for LED Door Warning Light

Ingress Protection [IP] rating is a level of protection that indicates the resistance of a substance against moisture and solid particles.

The first digit represents protection against foreign objects and ranges from 0 to 6. When the number is 0, it means the product has no protection against foreign bodies.

Besides, when the number is 6, it means the product offers the maximum level of protection against foreign particles.

The second digit provides a level of protection against moisture content and ranges from 0 to 8. When the number is 0, the product has no protection against moisture from the atmosphere or other liquid elements.

Besides, when the number is at 8, it means the product will offer maximum protection.

An IP rating of IP54 or above is suitable. This will protect it from dust particles and water splashing from any angle.

Here is more detail on the IP rating:

For Protection against Foreign Bodies

  1. 0 means it offers no protection.
  2. 1 is for protection against foreign bodies greater than 50 mm.
  3. 2 protects if from foreign bodies greater than 12 mm.
  4. 3 will offer protection against foreign bodies greater than 2.5 mm.
  5. 4 offers protection against foreign bodies greater than 1 mm.
  6. 5 will protect against low amounts of dust.
  7. 6 is for protection against all dust and harmful deposits.
  8. X means there is no definite protection level or no testing was done.

For Protection against Moisture

  1. 0 is for no protection.
  2. 1 is for protection against dripping water.
  3. 2 protects it from dripping water when at a 15-degree angle.
  4. 3 will offer protection against spraying water.
  5. 4 offers protection against splashing water.
  6. 5 will protect against water jets.
  7. 6 is for protection against powerful water jets.
  8. 7 offers protection against immersion to up to 1m in depth.
  9. 8 will offer protection when immersion is over 1m.

Warranty Period for LED Door Warning Light

Several factors will influence the warranty period of a LED door warning light. It is vital to look for manufacturers who can back up the warranty claims by testing or certification on the items.

Most manufacturers will offer a warranty of 12 months not including the batteries.

Power Requirement for LED Door Warning Light

These lights can work with a voltage that ranges from 3 to 12 and power of between 0.3 W and 9 W.

How to Automate LED Door Warning Light

When you install the LED door warning light, it will automatically light up when the door opens.

Here is how to do it:

  • First, remove the waterproof plug out from the metallic sheet of the door.
  • The next step involves embedding the LED door warning light into the hollow waterproof plug.
  • Then, make sure the LED door warning light is steady and that it is flashing normally.
  • Next, in the rear door, locate the corresponding location in the door shaft.
  • This is the place you will attach a magnet.
  • In case the LED door warning light is not working as it should, place the magnet beside the plate of the door.
  • Confirm that the LED door warning light works as it should when you close and open the door.
  • Next, clean the surface where you will place the magnet with stain remover or alcohol.
  • Peel the sticker out of the magnet and place it in the corresponding position.
  • After this, the LED door warning light will automatically emit light when you open the door.

The Mechanism for Switching ON/OFF LED Door Warning Light

They include:

Induction Switch

The intelligence in this switch makes the LED light up when you open the door and turn it off when you close it. It operates by warning oncoming traffic that your door is open and they should keep a safe distance.

Motion-activated Switch

This will light up the LED when the sensor detects the motion of an opening door and oncoming traffic.

Benefits of Flashing LED Door Warning Lights

When the LED door warning lights flash, it makes it easy for oncoming traffic to see. This is because the on and off pulses of bright light are easy for the human eye to detect in an environment with several lights.

Also, these LED door warning lights come with three flashing modes namely:

Rapid Flashing

In this scenario, the LED door warning light will flash rapidly for a duration of between 0 and 7 seconds. This first phase is important since it is when you open the door and oncoming traffic may be at a close distance.

The rapid flashes will immediately grab their attention as they may have not been expecting one to open a door.

Sequential Flashing

This will occur between the 7th and 60th second. It follows the rapid flashing phase since the immediate oncoming traffic will have passed you by then.

This is for the others who will approach your car after some time as they will have seen the open door from a distance.

Slow Swirling Flashing

This happens between the 60th and 110th seconds upon opening the door. It is important that the flashing continues as you may be removing things from the car for a while.

Besides, it may be an emergency that may attract the attention of oncoming traffic. After the time elapses, the LED will automatically turn off.

Recommended Brightness for LED Door Warning Light

One will determine the brightness of a light by the lumen value. The higher the lumen value, the brighter the LED door warning light.

The recommended brightness value is between 400 and 800 lumens as this will also depend on the wattage of the light.

It is bright enough for oncoming traffic to see without blinding them. Besides, it will make the light visible from a safe distance thus warning oncoming traffic in due time.

Color of LED Door Warning Light

Color of LED Door Warning Light

Benefits of Waterproof Designs for LED Door Warning Light

The light must be weatherproof and waterproof. This is because it will prevent rainwater from getting into the components of the LED door warning light.

Also, it will prevent moisture from entering the light when washing the car in a carwash that uses high-pressure water jets.

When water enters the LED, it will damage the components. Therefore, waterproofing will also increase the lifespan of the LED door warning lights.

At GoldMore, we design and manufacture a range of LED door warning lights depending on your unique requirements and specifications.

We can also support your OEM business.

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