LED Warning Light Kits: The Ultimate Buying Guide

LED warning light kit is a set of car door warning lights with light accessories. These LED light accessories aid in setting up and connecting the warning light.

This guide will enlighten you on what you need to know about LED Warning Light Kits.

LED Warning Light Kit

 LED Warning Light Kit

Features of LED Warning Light Kits

The key features of LED Warning Light Kits include:

  • Multiple High Outputs Led Chips: LED warning light kits usually come in sets of two or more. This leads to increased brightness, which offers increased visibility.
  • Fast Mode Control System; this makes it simpler and easier to change between twenty distinct patterns and easily accessible buttons for directional patterns.
  • Easy Installation; Some kits are wireless and therefore easy to install. Others have a single one-inch drill hole that is also simple to execute.
  • Universal Fit; it has a universal design that fits in any car with a 12v power source. Therefore, compatibility with your vehicle is not an issue.
  • Superior Quality Material; it is designed with a solid outer cover that protects the inner components from various situations such as harsh weather.

Components of LED Warning Light Kit

The main components of car door LED warning light kit include:

LED Lights

The LED warning lights have several components. They include;

  • LED Chip; the chips are the critical component that emits the light.
  • Led Lens; the Lens helps in equally distributing and focusing the light being emitted, making it shaped and enhancing visibility.
  • Circuit Board; the circuit boards control the LED by turning it on and off. They also protect the chip from power surges.
  • Housing; is usually made from a translucent durable material that maximizes light emissions and protects the inner components from impact and harsh weather.

Switch Box

This a box that usually houses the electrical switch components of the LED Warning light kit. The switch box can contain several switches at a time.

Cable Gland

The cable gland is a connector that is used to attach the cable to the equipment.


Turns the lights on and off by either connecting or disconnecting the conducting way in an electric circuit.

Power Cord

This is the electric cable that connects the LED warning light kit and the power source.


Cables are a set of wires bunched together. Their primary function is to carry electricity to where they are connected to.

Terminal Connectors

Terminal connectors can be any point in the uninterrupted conductive routing where there is a gap in connection. They help in connecting these gaps to complete the wiring.

Colors of LED Warning Light Kit

LED Warning light kit comes in several colors. White, yellow, and amber are the most common ones used on civilian vehicles and service vehicles.

On the contrary, Red and blue are usually used in emergency vehicles and first responders.

Before deciding the color, you would like to purchase, it is best to first find out your state’s laws concerning warning lights.

Colors of LED Warning Light Kit

 Colors of LED Warning Light Kit

Type of Battery Used with Wireless LED Warning Light Kit

Most LED Warning Light Kits use button battery. These are small battery usually circular, that provide power to wireless LED warning light kits.

The most recommended button battery is the CR2032. This button battery type provides power for a wireless LED Warning light kit.

They are lithium-based batteries that have chromium, and are ratified by IEC standards.

CR2032 can operate even in environments that experience high temperatures. This makes it suitable for the wireless LED Warning light kits as the car’s interior often heats.

Another added advantage is its long lifespan, as it can operate for up to ten years. This removes the need to constantly replace batteries and also saves costs.

How to Install Wireless LED Warning Light Kit

Installing the wireless LED Warning light kit is pretty easy to install and can be done without professional help. Following the user manual is all the experience one needs.

The installation procedure for car door LED warning light kit is:

  • Clean up the place you want to position the wireless LED Warning light kit
  • Open the casing, put it into the circuit board, then shut the base.
  • Heat the white-colored tags for a few seconds before placing them to increase the tag’s viscosity. It is best to avoid close contact at this stage.
  • Remove the light white paper from each LED Warning Light. Press for 5 seconds at least, then stick to the car door that corresponds to the lamp position closing the door.
  • You should have effectively installed the wireless LED Warning light kit.

Number of LED Lamps in LED Warning Light Kit

The LED Warning light kits are usually equipped with multiple LED lamps. The number of lamps depends wholly on the manufacture.

The average number of LED lamps usually ranges from four to eight. However, there can be LED light kits with less than four or over eight.

Therefore, you should choose a car door LED warning light kit with the number of lamps that best suit your needs.

Working Principle of LED Warning Light Kit

There are different LED Warning light kit that serves different purposes. The installing position depends on the type of LED warning light kit.

One example of an LED warning Light kit is the LED Car door warning light.

LED Car Door Warning Light Kit

This type of LED Warning light kit is wireless and therefore does not require any drilling or wiring during installation. It has a magnet that works as a sensor turning the light kit on and off.

The magnet is placed on the opposite side of the LED Car Door Warning light. When the door has closed, the magnet and the lamp connect, causing the lights to turn off.

When the car door is open, the two separate allowing the LED warning lights to light on. The Warning Lights kit automatically begins flashing, illuminating the car door.

The car door LED warning light is an example of a wireless LED Warning light kit.

However, there are LED Warning light kits that require drilling and come with cables for connection. In addition, these LED Warning Lights usually come with accessories such as multiple switches used to turn the lights on and off.

Warning Styles of LED Warning Light Kit

Below are the most common warning styles employed by our LED Warning Light kits.

Rapid Flashing

Just as the name suggests, rapid flashing is a warning style that involves the LED warning lights flashing very fast. The recommended flash rate should be at least seventy-five flashes per minute.

It can go higher but should not exceed 150 flashes per minute. The lights should be off for an average of fifty milliseconds.

These rates were interim approved for the rectangular rapid flashing beacons. They use the highest flash rate with the minimum of time.

Some rapid flashing light kits may not have these exact rates, but the difference should be minimal.

Sequential Flashing

This is a warning style where the flash rate distributes equally between periods when the light is on and when it goes off.

Slow Swirl Flashing

Slow swirl flashing warning style is where the flash rate is prolonged compared to the other flashing styles. This is because the LED warning light stays on for five seconds before going dark, and the cycle repeats.

Types of Vehicles that Use LED Warning Light Kit

The LED Warning light kit has a universal design. That means it is compatible with any kind of vehicle.

In addition, the wireless LED light kit does not require any holes for installation.

Newer version of the LED Warning light kit that uses a single one-inch drill hole that does not interfere with your vehicle integrity.

Car Door LED Warning Light Kit

 Car Door LED Warning Light Kit

Advantages of LED Warning Light Kit

Our LED warning light kits come with the following advantages:

  • Heightened Visibility; boosts pedestrian visibility by reflecting light from where it has been installed.
  • Helps Avoid Accidents; they can prevent accident due to their increased visibility. It does so by signaling nearby vehicles
  • Easy Installation; LED Warning lights kits are easy to install. The wireless versions do not require any drilling.

You can follow a simple procedure and install it at home. The wired versions only require a single one-inch drill hole which is easy to achieve.

  • Energy Efficient; One LED lamp is capable of an output of up to 135 watts.
  • Robust Solid Material; They are, therefore, more durable and do not break or burn out quickly.
  • Prolonged Lifespan.

Importance of Being Keen on the Material Used to Make the Casing of LED Warning Light Kit

The LED Warning Light lamps have a naturally long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

However, this lifespan can be shortened considerably if the casing material is not up to standard.

The cover offers protection to the LED chips and other sensitive inner components essential for the lamp to properly function.

A quality casing should be able to protect the LED light from harsh weather, dust, water, impact, and other things.

You can confirm if the casing of the LED warning light kit casing offers protection against these factors by checking the IP rating.

The rating tells you the level of protection that is offered by your casing. This will help you determine which casing to purchase.

How Proximity Sensor LED Warning Light Kit Works

The LED warning light kit is equipped with infrared sensor, which constantly emits an invisible light of 800nm.

When an object or a person is within close vicinity of the LED warning light, the light is reflected back, triggering the phototransistor.

The phototransistor works when a certain wavelength is passed through it, in this case, 800nm.

It then acts as a switch, and it turns on the light.

In the absence of the light, when there are no nearby objects or people, it goes off. This is because there is no current passing through it.

Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Warning Light Kit

There has recently been an increase of LED warning light kits in the market.

This makes it challenging to determine which LED warning light kit is up to standard.

It is essential to purchase high-quality LED warning kits. Not only are they brighter but they also last for longer, giving you the maximum value for your money.

When purchasing your LED Warning Light Kit, there are a lot of things to put into account, which include:


Packaging is often overlooked by most people. Packaging preludes the quality of the product inside.

If the packaging is superior, then it only stands to reason that the product is equal. A proper package contains a comprehensive label that contains all the necessary information.

The relevant information on the package include ratings, the wattage and voltage, brightness, color temperature, and years of warranty.

 High Quality LED Warning Light Casing

High Quality LED Warning Light Casing


The primary function of LED lights is to increase the illumination of your vehicle, among other things.

Brightness is, therefore, an essential factor that should be taken into considerations.

The brightness of LED Warning light kits is measured in Lumens. The brighter the LED warning light, the better.

The Lumens value is usually part of the labeling.

Therefore, when purchasing your LED warning light kit, you should first know how bright you want your LED Warning light kit.

Quality of the LED Chip

The LED chip emits the light for the LED lamps. Quality LED chips to determine the longevity of your LED Warning light kit.

The quality of the chip is usually determined by its manufacturer. Some LED chip manufacturers are quality standard setters and manufacture high-quality chips.

Doing your due diligence in terms of research could help you identify quality chip manufacturers in your state.

Color Temperature

The color temperature determines the hue given off by your LED warning light kit. It is measured in kelvin.

LED warning light kits with a higher kelvin of over 5000 produce a bluish hue.

In comparison, LED Warning light kits with a lower kelvin of about 2700 to 3000 emit a yellowish hue.

Quality bulbs produce the same color with no discernable difference between one and the other.

Color Rendering Index

This is also referred to as color accuracy. LED warning light kits with a higher color accuracy emit more accurate colors.

Therefore, when purchasing a LED warning light kit, it is best to select the LED with the highest color rendering index. This helps to ensure that your LED lamps emit more realistic colors.

How to Test the Quality of LED Warning Light Kit

There are industrial quality tests done on the LED Warning light kit and are usually showed on the labels.

Here are a couple of onsite tests you can conduct to find out the quality of your LED Warning Light Kit:

Rubbing Label Test

This test is done by rubbing the label twice with a piece of cloth. The first time the cloth is wetted using water.

The second time the cloth should be wetted using rubbing alcohol. The label should be rubbed for fifteen seconds with each liquid.

If the labels come off, then the product has failed the quality test. The label contains important information about the LED warning kit.

Therefore, it should be permanently printed without the writing or the label itself peeling off.

Fatigue Test

Fatigue test is done by adjusting components that are adjustable and testing out functional parts. This is done to ensure that the LED lamps can last for a long time when in use.

Turning on the switches several times, pushing all the buttons as many times as is necessary. If the LED flickers or decreases its brightness, it is inferior in quality and fails the test.

Assembly Check

This test is done by putting together the LED Warning light kit components as instructed by the manual. It ensures that the instructions achieve the desired results.

The test is done on multiple units to ensure that the rest of the products work just as well. Failure to achieve desired results could indicate an error in the manual or a failure in designing the LED Warning light kit.

Torque Test

Torque is measured in newton meter. It is essentially the reasonable force necessary to either turn, shut, or lift the rotating parts of the LED Warning light kit.

The assessment is done by a torque tester. The test determines that the LED Warning light remains in place when fixed and there is no damage to the housing.

Dielectric Voltage Resistance Test

The high potential test measures the total electric current that passes through the insulation material. This test is conducted by applying stress on the insulation by passing a higher electrical voltage than it is designed for.

The quality of the product is found out by its ability to withstand the high voltage for a short period.

Longevity/Endurance Test

This is done to test the longevity of the product. This is done by applying the highest working setting for the LED warning light kit.

You then let the light run continuously for up to four hours.

If there is flickering or a decrease in performance, then the product fails the test.

Importance of IP Rating of LED Warning Light Kit

The IP rating was created by the International Electro-Technical Commission.

IP rating for car door LED light bars indicates how much your light is protected from liquid and solid objects.

There IP system has two numbers; the first number indicates the IP solid rating. It usually ranges from 0 to 6.

The following number indicates the IP liquid rating ranging from 0 to 8. For instance, IP67 Rating indicates complete protection against water and solid.

IP65 Rating indicates the LED lights’ protection against water jets and foreign bodies, perfecting commercial and individual use, and so on.

The legality of Car Door LED Warning Light Kit

There are no fixed laws concerning Car Door LED Warning Lights. They can, however be categorized as internal lights since the Car Door LED Warning lights are located in the car’s interior.

There are states where it is prohibited to drive with your internal lights on. However, the car Door LED Warning Lights are acceptable when the car door is opened.

Service Life of LED Warning Light Kit Battery

LED warning lights kits have a longer shelf life compared to any other warning light. LED lamps can usually last for up to ten years if properly taken care of.

The wireless light kits contain button CR 2032 batteries which have a long lifespan. Therefore, if the battery gets drained, it is easy to replace it following a simple procedure.

 Wireless LED Warning Light Kit Battery

 Wireless LED Warning Light Kit Battery

How to Replace Battery of Wireless LED Warning Light Kit

It is reasonably easy to replace the battery for the wireless LED warning light kit

  1. The first step is to remove the cover carefully, taking extra caution not to drop the motherboard.
  2. Move the edge of the rubber aside
  • The next step is to take away the motherboard from the casing
  1. Then remove the battery from its holding and put it aside
  2. Take the new battery and replace it, reversing the polarity. You will know when the LED light blinks again.
  3. Return the motherboard to its cover, reposition the rubber and cover it again.

Types of LED Warning Light

Some of the most common types of LED warning light include the following.

Rotating LED Warning Lights

Rotating LED warning lights provide a 360-degree illumination angle. In addition, the rotating lights ensure your vehicle is illuminated from all angles.

Flashing LED Warning Lights

These are LED warning lights that come on and off in various set patterns. The flashing lights attract attention and are also illegal in some states.

This is because they can destruct leading to accidents on the road. It is, therefore, best to ensure you look up your state’s laws on flashing LED warning lights.

LED Warning Light Strips

LED warning light strips are basically multiple tiny LED lamps placed on an elastic circuit board.

They are mainly used to add the vehicle’s visibility rather than illuminating a path, although they offer some illumination.

They can be both interior and exterior lights. It is, however, not recommended to have them on in the car while driving.

Cost of LED Warning Light Kit

The cost of an LED Warning light kit depends on several factors such as manufacturer, country of origin, quality size, among others.

There are no set prices, and the price range is extensive.

It is, therefore, more efficient to conduct market research to determine the price that is best suited for you.

Benefits of Importing LED Warning Light Kits from China

There are several benefits of importing LED Warning kits from China. Selecting a supplier is the first and most critical step.

It is best to do market research to ensure that the supplier is genuine and your purchasing is of superior quality. Getting a reliable supplier will make the entire transaction much more effortless.

LED warning light kits from china are of high quality compared to other products in the market. Moreover, the price of LED warning lights is lower, making purchasing the LED lights from china economically workable.

The traders or manufacturers take care of the importation process if requested. This makes it easy for you; all you have to do is pick up your package at the specified place upon its arrival.

How LED Warning Light Kits in China Support OEM Business

When it comes to OEM business, GoldMore will help you in the following key areas.

Help in Design

China has accumulated years of technical expertise in several areas in the lighting business. They assist OEM businesses by providing the technical knowledge required to come with the design.

Help Brand

Several brands have been well established in the market.

In addition, Chinese manufacturers sometimes enter nominal partners, lending their names to OEM manufacturers.

This goes a long way in helping them get established and gain recognition for their superior products.

Competitive Prices

China has carved out a place for itself in the market, gaining recognition for its high-quality products. Components from china are therefore in high demand.

This helps the OEM with equipment originating from china achieve competitive pricing.

Depending on your unique requirements, GoldMore has a perfect solution for all your LED warning light kit needs.

For any inquiry about LED warning light kits, contact GoldMore team right now.

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