LED Flares: The Ultimate Buying Guide

LED Flares are light-emitting

diodes that flashes bright light which can be seen from a very long distance.

With the improvement in technology, companies are creating modern LED Flares that are more powerful than they were before.

This guide will help you understand more about LED Flares, applications, types, use and features among others.

LED Flare

LED Flare

Traditional Flares vs LED Flares

LED Flares are an improvement from traditional flares, and this is due to the advancement in technology.

LED Flares are, therefore, an improvement and better flares.

Traditional and LED Flares therefore compare in the following ways:

 LED flares system

LED flares system

  • While traditional flares are more likely to start fires if they come into contact with fuel, LED Flares do not catch fire. They do not release any heat, as such, they cannot start a fire when they come in contact with oil or fuel spilled on the roadside.
  • LED Flares can work under all weather conditions including adverse weather conditions such as snow or fog. They can also be used both day and night, and this is due to their efficiency.
  • As compared to other traditional flares, LED Flares are built excellently for emergency situations. These LED Flares can self-consume ensuring that they can recover in different situations unlike the traditional flares.
  • Since LED Flares are self-contained, therefore users do not have to carry any more batteries to make the flares work.
  • LED Flares have several illumination patterns lighting the surrounding areas making it an excellent signal as compared to traditional flares. They have a 360 degrees visibility.
  • LED Flares are eco-friendly and cost-effective as compared to traditional flares.
  • LED Flares are brighter than traditional flares.
  • LED Flares are multi-functional. They have several applications than traditional flares.

Why buy LED Flares

If you are looking to buy LED Flares, below are some of the features to look for:

i. They are easy to operate

ii. Have a backup flashlight. It shines brighter and lasts longer. When your batteries die or flashlight breaks, LED Flares can act as your backup light.

iii. To make your car visible to other people. when you get into an accident, you can use the LED Flares to make your car visible to other people.

iv. To keep the safety costs down. During an emergency, you can use your LED Flares. Besides, the initial cost is less than the costs to be incurred if it were to be used over a long time. It is more affordable than the other flares.

v. They lack an expiration date

vi. They are buoyant and waterproof

vii. LED Flares do not have mandatory disposal requirements. There are some traditional flares that are considered illegal in some places because they contain hazardous materials contrary to LED Flares.

viii. Since there is no burning flame, pets owned by users are safe.

ix. It has 3600 visibility

x. Has a durable design; it is not only corrosion-resistant but also fungus, oil, and fire-resistant.

Power Rating of LED Safety Flare

The power rating of LED Safety Flare is around 6 V and 12 watts of circuit.

You can reduce the power you consume to 6 watts or around here.

Applications of LED Flares

Since LED Flares are versatile, you can use them for different purposes.

Besides, they are important equipment for different professionals.

Some of the applications include:

  • Police
  • Firefighters
  • EMTs
  • rescue first responders
  • members of emergency response teams
  • truck drivers
  • everyday civilians
  • parking lots
  • highways
  • stand-alone traffic

Note: Individuals install LED Flares in their vehicles, or workplaces to help with giving signals during emergencies or lighting.

Different types of LED Flares

There are two main types of LED Flares:

· Non-rechargeable Battery Powered

This type of LED Flare is the most common in the market today.

They use LED lights making it a safe choice for power.

The AAA batteries guarantee a constant supply of power for lighting the LED Flares.

Since the batteries have a long shelf-life, you can use them for a very long time.

Besides, they are compact, buoyant, waterproof, and versatile.

Sadly, with the several batteries, the LED Flare takes up much cargo space depending on where you store it.

Rechargeable Battery Powered

This LED Flare connects to a dedicated charging cord, a USB cable, or a cigarette lighter (12V) adapter plug.

Since you can charge the batteries, they do not take up much cargo space.

You just charge the batteries and use them on the go until they are finished.

It is, therefore, a more convenient LED Flare.

The only pro of this LED flare is that once the power is finished, you have to wait till you can find a place to charge it.

Parts that Make Up the LED Flares

For LED Flares to effectively function, they must have the following parts:

 Parts of LED flares

Parts of LED Flares

A built-in Hook

It allows you stick the device anywhere on the exterior of your vehicle

Also, it is hands-free use


They power the LED Flares; lithium or Alkaline batteries.

Plastic Carry Case

This device protects the LED Flare from any potential damages such as physical and weather-related damages.

LED Bulb

This part of the device is responsible for the production of light needed to signal or light a place.

Indexing Loop

It can be used to hang the device on a fence or a metal surface.


Helps stick the device on the exterior of a vehicle/boat/another machine

On/Off Buttons

Located at the top of the LED flare to light/switch off the device.


Key Features of LED Flares

When you are looking to buy LED Flares, you have to focus more on the features of the device.

Below are the key features of LED Flares:

  • Have different flashing lights and settings.

Some LED Flares flash between solid lighting effects and strobes while others have specific safety patterns.

To signal to others and still light your way, strobe and flash are better LED Flares.

  • Come in different colors, most especially Amber and white colors.

One can choose from a number of different filter colors that can tint the light to a designated color.

  • They come in different shapes and sizes
  • Have magnetic base and an in-built hook
  • Are sturdy and strong
  • Have superior visibility
  • Are versatile
  • 3600 coverage
  • Are easy to carry
  • Are compact
  • Are waterproof

How much LED Flares Cost

LED Flares are sold at affordable and competitive costs.

Their pricing starts from $10.

A single flare that costs $10-$20 does not last longer, especially if undergoes hard use.

An LED Flare costing $20-$60 has around 2-6 lights and this depends on the brand. At this price range, you can get a storage/carrying bag for the LED Flare.

An LED Flare that starts from $75 has excellent safety features. It has rechargeable sets for easy transport/storage, is encased and has a variety of color choices.

Standards and certifications for LED Flares

An LED Flare must comply to a number of standards and certifications such as:

  • DOT Compliance
  • RoHS
  • CE
  • IP67

What are the Operating Modes for LED Flares?

There are around nine operating modes for LED Flares. They are user selectable with varied running time.

The operating modes include:

  • Torch high takes 6 hours run time
  • Torch low takes 9 hours run time
  • Full low takes 35 hours run time
  • Full high takes 5 hours run time
  • Morse Code takes 14 hours run time
  • Alternating pulse takes 9 hours run time
  • Single pulse takes 60 hours run time
  • Quad pulse takes 9 hours run time
  • Rotation takes 9 hours run time

Technical specifications for LED Flares

LED Flare light on car bonnet

LED light on car bonnet

Here are some of the technical specifications for LED Flares:

  • LED Flares are very bright. They have a lumen of approximately 300
  • An operating temperature of -400 – 2100 Fahrenheit
  • 128,000 Millicandela
  • Color rendering index of 123
  • Operating life of up to 150 hours
  • Internal rechargeable battery, especially Lithium 3.7V and 5+ shelf-life
  • Weight varies depending on the specific LED Flare. Could be around 10 oz or more depending on device.

How to use LED Flares

LED Flares are easy to use/operate.

Hold LED Flares right above the eye then twist the base of the LED Flare.

Click the on/off switch button then scroll through the functions.

To change the operating mode, you can press the power button repeatedly.

After this, hold the switch for 3 seconds before turning the flare off.

You can then use LED Flares for different lighting options such as:

· Automobile

Incase you have an accident in the night, you can use LED Flare to signal others of your presence on the road.

It can be used to signal for traffic safety need or to slow down traffic.

· Water

While on board a boat/ship, you can use LED Flare to signal your presence. You can use it underwater as a flashlight.

Underwater scuba divers can use LED Flares as an emergency flare to call for help or mark exploration sites.

· Personal safety

It is the best emergency signaling device. It has a versatile design that enables it lie on edge or flat that encouraging emergency signaling.

Types of Batteries used on LED Flares

LED Flares are super bright LED lights that mainly help signal for help.

They require batteries to power them for the general functioning.

Some of the batteries that you can used on LED Flares are:

· Lithium-ion Batteries

These are rechargeable batteries using Lithium-ion for functionality. They have a voltage of 3.6 Volts.

They also have approximately 500 – 100 charging cycles. The shelf-life is up to 10 years.

· Alkaline Batteries (AAA Batteries)

AAA batteries have a volateg of 1.5V. The shelf-life is 5-7 years.

While some Alkaline batteries cannot be recharged, there are a majority that are rechargeable.

What are some LED Flares Safety Features

LED Flares are used as safety tools.

Below are the safety features of LED Flares:

· They are Bright

LED Flares flash a bright light that can be seen from a distance.

They also have a long lifespan and is visible in different types of weather conditions.

They have different illumination patterns. LED Flares can flash white light intermittently and show classic amber light.

At the press of a button, LED Flares flash their light.

· Are Rechargeable

LED Flares have a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

They hold their power very well thus lighting for long.

The batteries can last up to 8 hours.

As such, you can remove the LED Flare charge it and return it back for use.

· They are Crushproof and Waterproof

LED Flares can withstand different extreme weather conditions. as such, you can use LED Flares when it snows/rains.

This device has a metal casing helping in the protection of electronic components against dirt, dust, debris, mud and other impurities.

Even if you run over your LED Flare, you can survive because the device is crushproof.

You can, therefore, use LED Flares for a very long time without having to replace them frequently.

· They have a 3600 Head Light.

LED Flares can spread light in every direction.

You do not necessarily have to position your LED Flare in a particular direction to make the lights visible.

· They have a Magnetic Base.

With the magnetic base you can stick the LED Flare at the highest place on your car making it visible for each person from a distance.

· Long Lifespan

LED Flares have a long-life span. It can have a shelf-life of 10 years and be used for up to 100,000 hours.

You end up saving a lot of money because you do not have to constantly change your flare.

· Are easy to Store and Lightweight

LED Flares do not occupy a lot of space in garages or junks.

They can be stored one on top of the other because they are lightweight.

LED Flares with hangers can be placed anywhere they are needed for use.

Besides, they are made using plastic material which is lightweight.

 Different colors of LED Flare light

Different colors of colors of LED light

LED Flares Shelf Life

LED Flares have a shelf life of at least 10 years.

You can use the light for continuous 100,000 hours.

Once expired, LED Flares cannot light like they are supposed to.

When using LED Flares on the road, you may not be able to signal to other people that you are on the road, water or another environment.

If there are any holes or weaknesses on the LED Flares, you should stop using them because hot flames/gasses can pass through the weakness areas.

Note: LED Flares will never explode because they are not built in that way.

Their chemical composition is designed to make them burn for a long time and burn right.

You have to store your LED Flares properly if you want to extend their shelf life/prolong use.

Store your LED Flares in a good packaging away from heat or flame sources.

The LED Flares will remain dry extending their shelf-life significantly.

You can keep them in your vehicle or in places with a temperature of 40 and 90 Fahrenheit.

Note; avoid storing LED Flares in places with extreme cold, temperatures, heat and exposure to moisture more than normal.

Comparison between LED Flares and Laser Signaling Devices

Laser Signaling Devices and LED Flares just as pyrotechnics are suitable emergency lighting devices on water, road or other places.

However, the two devices compare in the following ways:

  • Laser Signaling devices use AA batteries producing fan-shaped beam, while LED Flares use AAA batteries while spreading 3600 light beam.
  • LED Flares are waterproof and buoyant while Laser Signaling devices are waterproof but not buoyant.
  • LED Signaling devices have a 20-mile range at night and the visible horizon reduces by 5 miles. Laser Signaling devices can light over 5-mile distance.
  • LED Signaling devices are directional thus cannot pinpoint light on a specific direction while LED Flares have a 3600
  • Laser signaling devices are more powerful than LED Flares

Considerations to make when Buying LED Flares

Choosing the right LED Flare does not have to be difficult.

You, however, have to put into consideration a few factors.

Some of these factors include:

Build and Design

A good LED Flare has excellent protection against physical impact or corrosive chemicals.

They are, therefore, made using plastic.

They should be made using a material that makes them lightweight so they can fit different applications.

An LED Flare should not weigh a lot of pounds.

A circular design with a 4-inch diameter is excellent.

A good LED Flare has excellent visibility.

Battery Life

You have to determine what types of batteries you use on your LED flares.

The battery life has to be long enough for the device.

Brighter LED flares are capable of burning all through a battery power at greater rates.


Depending on your intended use, the brightness of your LED Flare is very important.

If you reside in a place where the weather conditions or visibility is poor, LED Flares are the best choice.

You can check the lumen output of the LED Flares.


LED Flares can be easily carried in a car trunk, backpack or storage bag.

You only have to choose one that can easily fit into your bag and does not take a lot of cargo space.

They are often small in size and lightweight.


You can find an LED Flare that costs from as cheap as $10.

The cheaper ones are not as safe and effective as the expensive ones.

As the prices increase so are the features of the LED Flares.


There are prominent LED Flare brands such as Aervoe, Heliar, Stonepoint LED lighting that are high quality, efficient and affordable.

You can choose from these brands.

Tips for Caring for and Maintaining LED Flares

Before you store your LED flares, you have to ensure that they have fresh batteries. Further, ensure that the flares are working properly by testing them.

Check the battery life of the LED Flares periodically. This process does not take a lot of time.

You can always keep the manual for LED Flare so you can refer to it when operating the flashing/operating modes.

Place your flare at the highest point whenever you are lighting it. Cover the lowest and highest points around you at all times.

Recommended Lumen for LED Flares

The recommended Lumen for LED Flares is 300Lm.

This lumen is responsible for the degree of brightness of the LED flare making it suitable for its intended purposes.

Best Material for making LED Road Flares

Plastic is the best material for making LED Road Flares. This material protects the device from bad weather conditions such as snow, fog or rain.

Plastic also protects the device from physical impact.

ABS plastic does not contain any carcinogens making it relatively harmless.

You can also use polycarbonate material to manufacture your LED Road flares.

Features of DOT Approved Road Safety Flares

Here are the features of DOT Approved Road Safety Flares setting them apart:

  • Are powered using AA battery
  • Dustproof/waterproof Rated IP67
  • Are safe as they do no emit any heat
  • Are DOT Compliant
  • Have 2 Hanging Hooks which are responsible for its magnetic backing
  • Have white LED colors and LED Colored lights
  • Have 6 lighting modes (1 work light and 5 flashing).

Beam Angle for LED Flares

The beam angle for LED Flares is 3600 which ensures maximum visibility.

With this beam angle, light reaches every direction/area of focus.

In short, considering beam angle is critical when choosing LED warning lights.

Depending on your unique requirements and specifications, Goldmore offers a number of LED flares guaranteeing optimal performance.

Contact us today for competitive prices on all LED flares.

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