LED Road Flares: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about LED road flares.

Whether you want to learn about the classification, uses, features, cost or benefits, you will find all information right here.

So, if you want to be an expert in LED road flares, read this guide.

What are LED Road Flares?

This is a piece of equipment that will offer additional personal safety during an accident or breakdown.

They are important for the police, firefighters, emergency medical technician [EMT], etc.

It is a replacement for traditional flares or plastic road reflectors.

LED road flares

LED Road flares

Why buy LED Road Flares

Here are some reasons as to why you should buy an LED road flare:

Create a Warning Sign

It will alert other drivers on an impending danger, such as a tree branch in the middle of a road.

Thereby, it will keep everyone safe.

Increase the Visibility of your Car to Others

A car may breakdown, or an accident may happen anytime and anywhere.

For instance, you might be on a dark road when such an instance happens.

The LED road flares will assist in lighting up the environment.

This makes it possible for other motorists to have a clear view of your location and adjust accordingly.

Create a Safe Area

Oncoming traffic will detect the flare, thereby slowing down hence not coming close to the emergency zone.

Drivers will know the importance of the flare, thus avoid getting close to the accident.

Use it as a Backup Flashlight

A flashlight is a handy tool to keep by your side when you have a vehicle.

There are scenarios where your flashlight may break or run low on battery.

An LED road flare may come in handy as it shines bright and lasts for a long time.

Lower the Safety Costs

LED road flares are a security and safety feature for you and others.

Using it at the right time will prevent further accidents and incidents.

This means that your already faulty vehicle will not incur further damages from incoming traffic.

Therefore, it will keep your safety costs to the minimum during such emergencies.

As a Gift to Others

This piece of equipment can help in keeping your friends and family members safe.

It is vital for beginner drivers as they continue learning how to drive well and during emergencies.

Types of LED Road Flares

Some of the most common type of LED road flares are:

Battery-powered Flares

These are rechargeable LED road flares.

Some of its pros are:

  • Portable and easy to store.
  • Work in all kinds of environmental conditions.
  • They are bright.
  • Can last for up to 5 days.
  • They can float in water and are waterproof.
  • Some are magnetic and can easily attach to the vehicle.
  • Substitute for lanterns during a power failure.
  • Easy to use and are reusable.
  • Safe to use as they rarely heat up.
  • They can be a form of decoration.
  • Can give out various lighting patterns and colors.
  • Dimmable depending on the lighting condition present.
  • Durable as they are crush-proof.
  • They are not toxic and not combustible.

Some of the cons are:

  • Expensive than traditional pyrotechnics.
  • Not that bright during day times.

Traditional Pyrotechnic LED Road Flares

Some of the pros include:

  • Relatively cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Are self-contained
  • It is possible to use it to ignite other materials.
  • They produce a bright light.
  • Also, they are waterproof.

Some of the cons include:

  • They are flammable thus are difficult to store, transport, and purchase.
  • Furthermore, they are a health hazard since most of them will produce perchlorate.
  • They have a short life span ranging from 10 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • They can go off when another vehicle runs over the burning part.
  • It is also difficult to extinguish.
  • Besides, they are also a fire hazard as they can ignite foliage beside the road.
  • They leave debris from the burning that takes place.
  • Besides, they produce toxic fumes.
  • They are a single-use flare.
  • They have an expiry date.

Battery-powered Road Flares vs. Traditional Pyrotechnic Road Flares

LED Flares

 LED Flares

Battery-powered road flares are environmentally friendly than traditional pyrotechnic road flares.

Also, battery-powered road flares are safer than traditional pyrotechnic road flares.

Traditional pyrotechnic road flares can cause injuries if you handle them improperly.

On the contrary, battery-powered road flares do not cause injuries.

How to Operate LED Road Flares

The first step before using an LED road flare is to pull your vehicle off the highway as possible.

If possible, turn on the vehicle’s emergency flashers if it is possible.

Take your LED road flare, turn it on, and place it at least 15 feet behind the vehicle.

If you have magnetic LED road flares, stick them on the side of the car facing the road.

Place additional LED road flares an additional 10 steps from the first flare.

The less visible the environment is; the more LED flares you should use.

Warning light effect

 Warning light effect

Safety Considerations when using LED Road Flares

It is vital to use an LED road flare in the best way possible.

Place the flare away from faces as it may irritate the eyes due to its brightness.

Place the LED road flare at least 15 feet from the emergency spot.

This allows other motorists to have enough time to adjust their driving lanes.

Always place it in an open area that will make it visible for others from a distance.

Place the LED road flare in an open spot for other motorists to see.

Advantages of LED Road Flares

There are several advantages to using an LED road flare.

Some of them include:

Ease of Use

These devices are easy to store, use, and install without much know-how.

SOS Code

Some of these lights have preinstalled US coast SOS code.

This will make it flash when you press the button.

It will relay information via a traditional Morse code hence alerting the local authorities.

This is useful when you are in a remote area with a limitation when it comes to communication options.

Illumination Patterns

Several of these LED road flares have varying illumination sequences.

This means they can produce a bright white flash or an amber light.

It enables the operator to input the best light depending on their preference and road condition.

They are Bright

This feature stands a lot in modern LED road flares.

It enables other motorists to see the flare from quite a long distance.

Therefore, drivers will have enough time to adjust their driving, thereby minimizing additional accidents and incidents.

Also, they are bright in rainy, snowy, or foggy weather conditions.

They are Weatherproof

LED road flares can withstand several environmental conditions.

This includes rain and snow.

A metallic casing will protect all the inner electronic elements against dirt, dust, mud, etc.

They are Crush-proof

Most of today’s LED road flares can withstand getting run over by other vehicles.

They contain a metallic case that covers them.

This makes them able to resist crushes and shatters either intentionally or unintentionally.

Therefore, they will last long periods without the need for replacements.

Besides, you will save money due to this capability.

They are Rechargeable

LED road flares, just like other electronics, have a lithium-ion battery.

It does not rely on external power to light as the battery is within the LED road flare.

This battery is rechargeable, meaning you can use it repeatedly for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

This longevity means you can use the LED road flare for a long time as you wait for help to arrive.

Also, they continue to advance making them usable even after several months of inactivity.

A layer of protection always surrounds this battery from shocks, fluids, pressure, and vibrations.

They will Not Catch Fire

LED road flares do not produce heat during their operation.

This makes it possible to use it in environments that have fuel or oil spillages.

On the contrary, incendiary and other chemical road flares will produce fires when they contact fuel and oil spillages.

This will increase the already available hazard.

For this reason, LED road flares are safe for use by any driver and in any situation.

Some come with Magnetic Bases

Some LED road flares have magnetic bases.

This makes it possible to attach one on the side of your vehicle.

It makes it suitable for use in scenarios that offer little space for placing them.

This may include corners and foggy areas.

It enables oncoming motorists to identify it from a distance and have enough time to slow down.

They Produce a 360- degree Light Output

An LED road flare will emit light in all directions.

This is unlike directional headlamps.

The 360-degree light output makes it easy to use since you can place it in any position.

It makes it possible to use it on any part of the road and within distance from the scene.

Some are Better for Marine Applications

LED road flares can operate in various conditions aside from road accidents or incidents.

It is possible to attach some on the side of boats.

This will increase the visibility and determine the location of the boat from a distance.

Also, they are suitable for this condition as they are waterproof and can float.

This makes it possible to place these lights around the boat, thus boosting the visibility.

Universally Understood

It is known that LED road flares pass a message warning or alerting incoming drivers of impending dangers.

This guides you to gain control in hazardous scenarios.

They are Durable

LED road flares are advancing since they do not use conventional bulbs.

These gadgets can last up to 10 years.

Also, you can use it for 100,00 continuous hours.

This will save you a lot since there is no need for frequent replacements for a long time.

They will not Distract or Blind Oncoming Motorists.

This device produces a steady flicker, thus gets the attention of other drivers and adding no confusion.

They are Lightweight

These devices are easy to store and weigh just s few pounds.

Also, you can securely stack them one on top of the other.

Some have hangers that allow you to attach them on hanging branches or poles.

This is vital when it comes to increasing visibility from a distance.

Main Functions of LED Road Flares

 LED Road Flares

 LED Road Flares

The main function of an LED road flare is to alert oncoming motorists of impending danger.

Applications of LED Road Flares

Here are some applications of this device:

  • As an emergency light
  • As a flashlight
  • They can be suitable for novelty lights
  • They provide workshop safety
  • As a party light
  • Illuminating your vehicle

Operating Modes for LED Road Flares

An LED road flare can operate in several modes.

This allows one to use it as per the application they intend to fulfill.

Such operating modes include:

LED Road Flare Lighting Mode

 LED Road Flare Lighting Modes


This means the device will turn on and off for some time.

The on and off feature makes it easily visible and will grab the attention of motorists.

Permanently On

This means the machine will be on the same way a headlight functions.

This provides a continuous lighting condition.

Torch Function

In this mode, you can use the LED road flare to illuminate an area.

It will provide a continuous stream of light.

How many LED Road Flares should you Buy?

It is possible to have several LED lights, but three should be enough.

When on a highway, you can place them 10 feet, 100 feet, and 200 feet from the vehicle.

If you are on a two-lane, place one LED road flare 100 feet in front of the vehicle.

Place the other two beacons 10 feet and 100 feet on the rear part of the vehicle.

Mounting Options for LED Road Flares

Some LED road flares have a magnetic base.

This makes it possible to attach them to the top, bumper, or side of the vehicle or nearby guardrails.

Difference between LED Road Flares and Distress Signals

An LED road flare is suitable for use by the road to alert oncoming drivers of impending danger.

A distress signal or a distress call is a means of obtaining help, and it is internationally recognizable.

LED road flares will emit light with the help of batteries to communicate with oncoming drivers.

Operating a distress signal involves relaying radio signals, showing a visual cue, or producing an audible sound one can hear from a distance.

An LED road flare simply prevents or minimizes additional hazards from oncoming motorists.

A distress signal will indicate that a person or group of people, plane, boat, or other vehicles need immediate assistance.

It is possible to use an LED road flare even in circumstances that are not an emergency like parties.

Using distress signals means one has to be in severe or critical situations as the law stipulates.

The type of LED road flare you use does not show the distance from where you are with your vehicle.

How you use a distress signal will approximate your distance.

For instance, long-lasting handheld flares may indicate a precise position that the distress call is coming.

Short-lived aerial distress flares that last a minute or so will indicate the vessel’s general direction.

A distress signal may be a rocket that launches in the atmosphere to grab the attention of rescuers.

For LED road flares, simply place it on the road, vehicle, or branch to be visible to oncoming motorists.

Distress calls will ask for assistance, while LED road flares will prevent hazards.

An LED road signal will alert of an impending danger thus warns oncoming drivers to slow down and drive carefully.

Distress signals can come in several categories and can include:

  • Red star shells
  • Foghorns
  • Flames on vessels
  • Firing a gun at intervals
  • Using different colors on a flag
  • Arm wave
  • Radio-telegraph alarm
  • Smoke
  • Mayday by radio
  • Parachutes with red flares
  • Using dye markets

Cost of LED Road Flares

Several factors may influence the price of an LED road flare.

These include:

Types of Operating Modes Present

An LED road signal that offers several operating modes will cost more than those having one operating mode.

Discounts and Sales

It will cost less to purchase a machine that is on sale.

Number of Devices

Some manufacturers will offer you huge discounts when buying several LED road signals at the same time.

Model and Features

Devices that employ the best and latest features will fetch a high price.

Brand of an LED Road Flare

Some manufacturers have a good reputation when for manufacturing the best LED road flares.

Since they have a lot of experience and expertise, their devices will cost more.

County of Manufacture

LED road flares from China will cost less than those from other countries.

Type of Battery it Uses

There are LED road flares that use inbuilt lithium batteries while others replaceable batteries.

Those with in-built durable batteries will cost more.

Supply and Demand

When the supply is high, and demand is low, these devices will cost less.

The opposite is also true.

Market Conditions and Economy

When there is political tension or ethical and tribal differences, the supply is low, and prices may go up.

The physical Condition of the Device

Brand new LED road flares will cost more than second-hand devices.

Design of the Device

LED road flares that use durable steel body will cost more than plastic devices.

This means the price may be anywhere between 2 US dollars and 300 US dollars.

Features of a Good LED Road Flare

These features will make the device stand out from the competition.

They include:

  • An in-built rechargeable lithium body battery
  • Easy to use and easy to replace batteries
  • A long-lasting battery life
  • Water and weatherproof capability
  • Several operating functions
  • No external moving components or switches
  • 360-degree illumination
  • It has to be portable

Accessories you might need for LED Road Flares

These are additional devices that are optional when using an LED road flare.

They include:

  • Traffic cones
  • Road flare tripod
  • Hooks for easy hanging

Disadvantages of LED Road Flares

These disadvantages should not inhibit you from using one.

They include:

  • Some are expensive to purchase.
  • There are instances where built-in batteries leak after a couple of charges.
  • The level of brightness may not be noticeable during sunny days.
  • Some have flashing lights that might not be suitable for those with photosensitive epilepsy.
  • Those that use replaceable batteries may have batteries running out even when not in use.
  • Using a battery-powered LED road flare can be expensive as some require up to 12 AAA batteries to operate.
  • Some of these devices are bulky and occupy a lot of space.
  • Some LED road flares come with only a few operational modes like flash and steady mode.

Available Battery types for LED Road Flares

There are two kinds of batteries that provide power to LED road flares.

They include:

LED Road flares with battery

LED Road flares with battery

Replaceable Batteries

These are either AA or AAA batteries.

Depending on the capacity of the LED road flare, these batteries will not last for long.

These LED road flares are relatively cheap but will cost you a lot since you need to replace batteries.

The batteries will leak, releasing toxic substances if you happen not to use them for a long time.

This can eventually ruin the LED road flare.

In-built Batteries

These are lithium-ion batteries that the manufacturer embeds within the LED road flare.

They are rechargeable thus one can use them over and over again.

These LED road flares might cost extra but will save you a lot in the long run.

They are environmentally friendly since replacing batteries will not be a thing.

Also, they come with varying capacities meaning they can last for a few hours to several days on a single charge.

As long as you have a power source, you can recharge these batteries.

LED Road Flares Battery Installation and Lifespan

The lifespan of an LED road flare depends on several factors such as usage and material design.

Some will last a few months, while others will last for several years.

Plastic devices will not last long since they can easily damage when run over by cars.

Also, they may break when you fail to handle them carefully.

The battery installation also depends on the type of LED road flare.

Some need a screwdriver to open the battery component to replace dead batteries.

This may take time, and you may end up not using them if you have no screwdriver.

Some have battery flaps that you can open by using your fingers.

These kinds are the cheaper versions as they are not that secure.

How LED Road Flares have changed in Recent Years

In the past, fusee flares were the most popular.

These flares are easy to use and will combust to produce bright lights.

They are pyrotechnic flares, and once you light them, they will brightly glow for around 10 minutes to 60 minutes.

The color of the flame can either be bright orange or red.

If you do not have the experience, it can be difficult to light it and can be dangerous to you and those around you.

Modern LED road flares do not produce heat or flames during operation.

They have in-built lithium-ion batteries or replaceable batteries.

Also, they are easy to operate and can come in several operating modes.

This allows you to achieve different looks such as flashing, or a constant light source.

Things to consider when buying LED Road Flares

There are several things that you need to take in mind when buying this device.

The market has several kinds and models available, and this might be confusing.

Here are some factors that will assist you in choosing the best LED road flare to meet your needs:


LED Road Flares

Number in the Kit

The road flare kit can come with one, two, three, or several beacons.

Having three beacons is satisfactory to warn others of impending danger.

Besides, the more beacons you have, the more safety and protection you can provide around your car.

Also, when one fails, you have others for backup.


Some manufacturers include a carry bag when you purchase an LED road flare.

This will secure the flares.

When the manufacturer provides no bag, you must purchase one.

Light Patterns

An LED road flare may produce a steady light or a strobe pattern.

Strobes are more effective than steady lights.


Ensure the LED road flare will not damage when you expose it to rain, fog, dust, etc.

This means that components inside the flare will remain functional, and the flare will be durable.

Crush Resistance

In some scenarios, cars may run over LED road flares.

Ensure the flare can withstand such pressure.

Build and Design

Cheap flares will not last as much as metallic flares.

Poor designs may lead to easy breakages and damage from nature.

Consider sturdy solid LED road flares since they are durable.

Tips and Advice for using LED Road Flares

They include:

  • Place the flare at a reasonable distance from your car for them to work effectively.
  • When placing the flares, ensure you are far from moving vehicles as you may not be visible.
  • Store the flares and batteries apart since leakages may damage the devices.
  • The brighter the LED road flare, the more battery it will need.
  • Store the flare in a dry place.

Depending on your unique requirements and specifications, Goldmore, offers a range of LED warming lights.

All out LED road flares are IP54 rated and meets all the safety regulations.

Contact us today for all your LED road flares needs.

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