LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks: The Ultimate Guide

An LED warning light bar for trucks will serve a vital purpose for those operating or driving utility or emergency vehicles.

They will provide a reliable light source for vehicles that take part in construction, patrols, monitoring, patrols, and surveillance operations.

In this guide, we shall take an in-depth look at what makes this light, how it works, and its purpose.

Also, we shall get to understand the light patterns it can give, how long it lasts, brightness levels, and mounting options

Besides, we shall cover the regulations that one can associate this light with and assist you in selecting an ideal LED warning light bar for your application.

LED warning light bar for trucks

LED warning light bar for trucks

Benefits of LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

These warning lights will offer a wide array of advantages when you compare them to other types of lighting.

This makes them a popular choice in several kinds of trucks.

Some of the benefits of LED warning light bars for trucks are:

  • These light bars are energy efficient.
  • They also come in varying sizes that are conducive to the kind of application you are aiming at.
  • Besides, they are durable.
  • These lights also last longer when you compare them to other bulbs.
  • The lights can produce different colors as a warning light.
  • They are sturdy and can operate in difficult and harsh environments such as fluctuating temperature and climate.
  • The lights can produce different levels of brightness.
  • They can also serve as illumination light.
  • Besides, they are environmentally friendly since you can recycle LED’s.

Technology Behind LED Warning Light Bars that make them suitable for Trucks

These lights make the road or a site safer since they are bright and visible.

They use less energy when you compare it to the past technology thus making them beneficial for several reasons.

The technology in LED makes them bright in that one can spot the emergency from a safe distance.

Besides, they are brighter than the default factory lights that come with the truck.

They can produce a lot of output making them powerful to light dark areas or areas with limited visibility.

They contain different Watt capabilities which makes them adaptable in various applications.

The other piece of technology in these LED warning lights is multi-color technology.

This will make it possible for the LED warning light bars for trucks to produce different colors.

Also, this capability makes it possible to use clear lenses and not colored lenses.

This will make the light vibrant and eye-catching and you can produce different colors by mixing the different shades.

In the old times, this technology did not make the light intensive.

With this new technology, one can produce two colors by using two microchips.

Also, one chip will have active full power before switching to the next chip, making it possible to create effective and rapid patterns.

This technology has also assisted in producing small yet effective hardware making the installation simple and easy.

New technology is seen on OLEDs that are on most home electrical and it is not clear how it will affect the future of LED warning light bars.

Main Features and Specifications for LED Warning Light Bars

Since there are different types of LED warning light bars, this means they come with different features and specifications.

Some of the features include:

 LED warning light bar for trucks

 LED warning light bar for trucks

  • It is easy to install as you can magnetically mount it or attach it to a metal frame.
  • The light will last for long.
  • Also, it is easy to alter the patterns by just pushing a button.
  • It comes with several strobe patterns.
  • High-intensity light output.
  • Also, it uses high-quality magnets with thick rubber suction cups that can withstand high speeds.
  • Plug and play capabilities.
  • It is durable under any weather condition due to its weather-proof housing.

Some of the specifications are:

  • It can operate between -30 °C to 65 °C.
  • Also, it can come with up to 30 flash modes.
  • It has a good weatherproof rate of IP66 or more.
  • The light is durable and can last for over 50000 hours.
  • It comes with an operating voltage of 12 V and a power of 30 W.
  • Besides, it comes with a high-quality, non-stretch, heavy-duty power cable.

Different Kinds of LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks Available on the Market

These lights have evolved and one can customize them and offer versatile options for different applications.

There are different types available depending on the application and one can categorize them in terms of their size.

The options available are:

Full-size LED Warning Light Bar

This is a powerful and high-performance LED warning light available on the market.

Besides, it is slim and has aerodynamic properties making them suitable for several kinds of trucks.

The size may range from 49 inches to 60 inches and it is possible to have it customized as per your application.

Also, one can configure it to a dual or single color combination or the optic for the light spread.

The light spread can be 40 degrees to offer a focused spread of the light beam.

On the other hand, it can come with 180 degrees or even 360 degrees of light spread.

Mini LED Warning Light Bar

These lights are smaller than the full-size LED warning light bar

Besides, they are suitable when one needs a more compact LED warning light bar.

Despite being small in size, it still packs powerful features, dual-color combinations, several patterns, and optics that you can configure.

Interior LED Visor Warning Light Bar

When you need a powerful yet small LED warning light for your truck, the interior LED visor warning light bar is a suitable choice.

These lights are suitable when you need a powerful yet highly impacting light without permanently fixing it on a truck’s roof.

They also have many light patterns, color combinations, and universal mounting capabilities.

Housing Material Options for LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

The housing material for the light must offer robust housing for the components that are inside it.

The housing should be weatherproof meaning it should offer protection against dirt and moisture.

Also, it should be transparent to make sure you achieve the maximum brightness levels.

There are two main materials that one can use to construct the housing of an LED warning light bar for trucks namely aluminum and polycarbonate.

LED bar warning lights for trucks

 LED bar warning lights for trucks


Using a heave-gauge aluminum is a suitable choice that one can use to construct the housing component.

One advantage of using aluminum is that it is a lightweight material.

Also, one can use an epoxy-based coating to protect it from rust due to exposure to external weather elements.

It provides a suitable visual and paintable housing that can match the vehicle’s aesthetics.

Aluminum will also offer incredible heatsink capabilities.

This is beneficial since on hot days, it will provide protective capabilities to the components inside the housing.

The advantage of this is that it will protect the internal components from damage due to extreme heat.

Also, aluminum is not toxic and is odorless meaning it offers a reliable and sage housing solution.

It also has a tensile strength that will ensure the LED warning light bar is secure.


This is a unique kind of plastic material that has transparent resins meaning it is clear and offers up to 90% of transparency.

With this, bright lenses will have no impediment as polycarbonate will transmit the light efficiently.

Also, the tensile strength it offers will protect the components during hard knocks and extreme weather conditions.

Besides, the material is easy to clean and maintain.

Polycarbonate is also much lighter than aluminum meaning it is a considerable factor depending on the vehicle in question.

This may not be that important but is essential for emergency service firms across the globe.

Also, the measurement of strength-to-stiffness and strength-to-weight is the same across many applications.

Difference between Raw Output and Effective Output in LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

In the raw output, you will use what the manufacturer quotes as the maximum lumen output and the number of LED’s in the warning light bar.

Then, you will multiply these two to calculate the raw output.

For instance, if the warning light has 3 LED’s and each LED produces 100 lumens, the raw output will be 300 lumens.

However, the raw output is not what you will see when you turn on the LED warning light bar for trucks.

It is important to measure the effective output which is the measure of Luminous Flux [lumen].

Effective output is the total amount of light that the LED warning light bar produces.

This takes into account factors such as electrical efficiency losses and optical clarity.

Suitable Operating Voltage for LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

12 volts is the suitable operating voltage since most trucks come with 12 volts DC cigarette adapters.

Power Consumption Rate for LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

It uses between 6 and 120 watts.

So basically, the LED warning lights for trucks are cost effective.

However, this will also depend on the design of the light system.

How to Choose Brightness (Lumens) Level for LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

 LED light lumen vs watts

LED light lumen vs watt

These lights have a high light output and you can know this by checking the power rating of the wattage.

A high wattage result means the LED will have a higher brightness level and a rating ranging from 100 watts to 300 watts is suitable to offer a bright solution.

In certain scenarios, lumens can also describe the brightness levels, and the higher the wattage or lumen value, the brighter the LED warning light bar.

It is important to select the brightness level as per your application since more wattage or lumen value means more visibility.

Most good LED warning light bars will produce 2000 lumens or more.

However, make sure that the light bar is not too bright as it could blind oncoming traffic.

Various Color Options for LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

The LED’s can produce several color variations which will grab the attention of oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

Also, the light color will be a factor of where and how you are planning to use the light.

The different color options are:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Amber
  • White

Size Range for LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

These light bars come in varying sizes that will ensure they fit the truck when you mount them.

Also, the vast sizes make it possible to fit anywhere on the space available on the truck.

The available sizes will range from 8 inches to 42 inches.

Mini Light Bars vs Full Size LED Warning Lights Bars for Trucks

A full-size LED warning light bar will ensure you have excellent visibility when the need arises.

Besides, they are larger and expensive than mini light bars.

On the other hand, mini light bars offer a compact solution and they still offer quality and effective lighting solutions.

Also, it takes time to install a full size LED warning light bar while it is easy to install the mini light bars.

How Curved and Straight LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks compare

Curved LED warning light for trucks

 Curved LED warning light for trucks

 Straight LED warning light bar

 Straight LED warning light for trucks

Straight LED warning light bars do not have angles and they reflect light at an angle of 90 degrees.

Curved LED warning light bars are at an angle and they assist in emitting light at a particular angle.

The curvature will allow you to achieve a wide beam pattern that ensures maximum coverage to the sides.

Mounting Guide for LED Warning Light Bars for Guides

It is important to consider the shape of the truck when mounting an LED warning light bar.

One can mount it on the roof, sides, or the grille of a truck.

Consider the application of the light when selecting the size and the installation location.

Also, the right mounting will assist with convenience.

Here is a guide that will assist you:

Mounting Options for LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

They include the hard and magnetic mount.

  1. Hard mount

This mount uses bracket clamps, screws, or hooks on a platform.

It takes time to install, adjust, or remove but they offer stability even on rough terrain as they absorb shocks.

Also, it is hard for someone to steal as it takes time to uninstall.

  1. Magnetic mount

These are easy to install as they use magnetic force to attach to the truck.

Besides, this ease of installation means one can easily steal, or it can shift in position during operation.

Accessories you’ll need for Mounting LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

The accessories will vary depending on the mounting.

They include:

  1. Bar clamps and hood mount kits.
  2. Rubber suction cups.
  3. Magnets and magnet brackets
  4. Nuts and bolts for permanent installation.
  5. An auxiliary cable from the light bar to the connect.

Mating Connector Options for LED Light Bars for Trucks

They include:

  1. 2 pin female socket connector
  2. 2 pin male-female connector
  3. Y Splitter connector

How to Mount LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

Here is how to install the light bar:

  1. Prepare the truck

Begin by disconnecting the car battery as this will avoid shorting it.

Remove the ground wire terminal then the positive terminal.

  1. Set up the LED warning light bar

In this phase, you will mount the light bar while considering the sturdiness when selecting a mounting location.

Make sure the location can hold the light bar securely.

Also, make sure the area is safe to drill meaning no parts should be affected during installation.

Begin by marking the holes where you will drill and attach screws and bolts.

Hard mounts do come with mounting brackets, bolts, nuts, wires, and a wiring harness.

Always refer to the wiring instructions for your truck and LED warning light bar as wiring can be tricky.

Untangle the wiring harness to identify the wires.

The harness has a switch, black ground cable, red power cable, a pair of connector wires [positive and negative], and a relay.

For the magnetic mounts, you will screw the light bar on the magnetic component which will attach to the car.

  1. Set the switches in place

From the main harness, proceed by detaching the wire segment for the switch.

Locate the firewall on the truck to reach the dashboard.

Use an adhesive to put the switch in a desirable place.

Then, reconnect the wiring harness to the other end of the wiring line.

  1. Place the relay and cables

In this phase, you will place the relay near the firewall so long as it is close to the battery.

Proceed by placing the red positive wire and mount it on the red terminal of the truck’s battery.

Then you will ground the negative black wire by attaching it to the chassis.

Tuck away the excess wire in the engine bay away from the high-heat zones.

  1. Wire harness

Here, you will run the LED connectors to the light bar.

Connect the red connector to the corresponding red connector and black to the black connector wires.

At this stage, you can adjust the LED warning light bar brackets and securely tighten the bolts.

Required Standards for LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

These include:

DOT [Department of Transportation ] Compliance

It is responsible for the protection of the public as it maintains the security and safety of the transport system.

The system covers safety issues like:

  1. Conforming to maintenance and inspection.
  2. Driver qualifications.
  3. General safety requirements.
  4. Adhering to the carriage of hazardous materials.

SAE [Society for Automotive Engineers] Certification

This standard establishes a standardized classification for vehicle warning lights.

For instance, SAE J595 takes a looks at the directional flashing of optical warning lights.

SAE J845 will cover omnidirectional [360 degrees] warning lights.

SAE Class I is for emergency response vehicles like fire trucks, ambulances, etc.

They are four times intense than SAE Class 2 and ten times intense than SAE Class 3 lights.

CE Marking

This ensures the manufacturers comply with the necessary EU legislation.

It applies to products regardless of the country of manufacture.

E-mark Certification

This is a mark in the automotive industry which covers the safety of the vehicles and products in the European Economic Area.

RoHS [Restriction of Hazardous Substances] Compliance

This standard will restrict the use of up to six hazardous materials that you will find in electronic and electrical products.


This will conduct a fog [salt spray] test to evaluate the corrosion resistance of the uncoated and coated materials.

It does this at elevated temperature levels, normally  95°F, for a minimum time duration of 24 hours.

Significance of IP67 Rating for LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

Ingress Protection [IP] rating is the level of protection that the light bar has against moisture and solid substances.

The first digit represents protection against solids with 0 meaning no protection and 6 meaning maximum protection.

Also, the second digit provides a level of protection against moisture with 0 meaning no protection and 8 meaning maximum protection.

Since the mounting of LED warning light bars happens externally, it is in constant exposure to dirt and moisture.

IP67 means the light has maximum protection against solid particles and the light can operate when you immerse it underwater.

Benefits of LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks with Acrylic Lens vs Polycarbonate Lens

These include:

Acrylic Lens

They are suitable for diffusing harsh lights and the sun will not discolor them as they are UV resistant.

Also, they possess durability against scratches and are flexible.

Besides, they are less expensive than polycarbonate and will protect the light from dust.

Polycarbonate Lens

They are non-flammable and are resistant to heat.

Also, they are strong with a high degree of stiffness than acrylics.

One can drill a polycarbonate without cracking it.

They are also resistant to high impacts and moisture.

Control Options you can Request for LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

It is possible to control the entire light bar by using a switch on the dashboard of the truck.

Also, you can select the color that the light will give off thus is suitable for all situations.

Besides, there are wireless control transmitters that can remotely control the LED warning light bar.

They have buttons that allow full control just like the one on the dashboard of the truck.

Beam Patterns for LED Warning Light Bars

These light bars may come with a spot or flood beam pattern.

Spot beams are suitable for illuminating the road for long distances while the flood pattern will light a wide field of view.

Besides, there are LED warning light bars that have a combination of both spot and flood beam patterns.

Always consider the main purpose before installing a beam pattern for your application.

Recommended Flashing Speed for LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

According to research, a faster flashing speed indicates an urgent situation than a slower flash speed.

This means the flashing speed depends on the urgency of the situation.

Comparing LED Warning Light Bars and LED Spot Lights for Trucks

LED spot lights can focus on a long distance than LED warning light bars.

Also, there are several mounting options for LED warning light bars than for LED spot lights.

LED warning lights have multiple beam patterns than LED spot lights.

Consider Longevity of LED Warning Light Bars for Trucks

These lights will last for between 30000 and 50000 hours of usage.

Ask for LED Warning Light Bars Warranty

Even though these lights offer great resistance to water, they may stop working after a short period.

It is advisable to purchase one that has a warranty of 1 year or more.

There are others with a lifetime warranty that will give you peace of mind and longevity.

You can Check for Alternative Warning Light Options for Trucks

These include:

These include:

  • LED Road flares
  • LED warning triangles
  • LED strobe light
  • Car door LED warning lights
  • Emergency roadside flares
  • LED beacon light

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