Goldmore Bag Shaped Solar Inflatable Light

  • 90 Lumen Super Brightness
  • 2000mAh Large Battery Capacity
  • TPU Case to Protect
  • Solar & USB Charging
  • Charging Phone
  • 100 Hours Long Endurance
  • IP66 High Waterproof
  • Large Capacity to Hold Items

This solar inflatable light has 10 white color LED bulbs, which is super bright. The lumen can reach to 90lumen. The darkness around 5 meters can be lighten up, when you use it in the dark environment. How bright it is!

*3L Volume
Bag shaped inflatable solar powered light makes it possible to put your items into bag. And the volume of solar inflatable lantern is 3L, is very big. This inflatable lamp combines lighting light and handy bag very well. No need to worry get your things wet.

*Charging Way
Two charging ways of inflatable solar camp light are solar powered and USB powered. When this lantern is powered, it needs 10-12 hours to be charged due to the equipment of high efficient solar panel. It needs only 2 hours when you charge it by USB cable.

*Charging Phone
Not only does this inflatable lamp has input function, but also it has USB output function. 2000 mAh large battery capacity allows it charge you phone with 15%-20% electricity. This function plays an important role in meet emergency situation when your phone is power off outdoors.

*Long Endurance
The working time of this outdoor camping light can max to 100 hours. It has 4 lighting modes: sleep mode, low light, high light, SOS mode. Using solar inflatable light with different lighting modes will have different working time. 100 hours for sleep mode; 8 hours for low light; 4 hours for high light; 6 hours for SOS mode.

*IP66 Waterproof
Solar inflatable lantern has IP66 waterproof grade, which allows it been used under 1 meter water and will not get fault.

*TPU Material
Using TPU durable material, inflatable solar powered light can be used for longer time. All the material we use for inflatable lamp is fresh material. TPU is very environment-friendly, which will not volatilize toxic gas. It is harmless to human body.

Goldmore, as a professional solar inflatable lights manufacturer, has more than 14 years supplying experience. We are trusted by our customers.

Not only we, but our guests are also very confident in the quality of our inflatable solar camp light. Because we have a very professional team, professional manufacturing equipment, professional production knowledge. Our expertise makes guests trust us much and are willing to give orders to us. We can handle with big orders.

We attach great importance to the human rights of workers and our factory is certified by BSCI. The materials used in our solar inflatable lantern are all fresh materials, and all can be certified by CE / ROHS / EMC.

The production process of Goldmore is strictly regulated, and the unnecessary production risks are well controlled. The material suppliers we work with are all very top in their industry, and the quality of our raw materials is one of the best. Because we firmly believe that good quality can make us go further, will make our customers more firmly choose us.

We also accept customization. If you’re interested in making a custom of inflatable light, then look down.

Goldmore can design the outdoor camping light for guests who have custom needs. Color / size / light color / LED quantity / battery capacity / pattern / solar panels / added features that we can customize for you.

Color: inflatable solar powered lantern is white and translucent. If you want to customize the color, please tell us the Pantone number of the color you want. Any Pantone color can be customized.

Size: If you want to customize the dimensions, please let us know and we will provide artwork for you.
Light color: the color of lighting is white. We can customize the light colors according to your needs, such as warm white / yellow / red, etc.

LED quantity: The inflatable lamp we provide has 10 LED. We can customize it with multiple LED for you.

Battery capacity: The battery capacity of inflatable solar camp light is 2000mah, and we can customize a larger capacity battery for you to choose from.

Pattern: The black pattern on solar inflatable light we are now producing is from our own design. If you have a favorite pattern, please tell us your idea, send the design source file to us, and we can customize it for you.

Solar panels: The specification of solar panels is 5V / 1200mah. We can customize more efficient solar panels for you.

Added features: Goldmore can satisfy your ideal products with multi-functions.

Goldmore has a very low MOQ for inflatable lamp customization, and if you are interested, please contact us.

Bag Shaped Solar Inflatable Light Supplier- Goldmore

video-bag shaped solar inflatable light production
video-bag shaped solar inflatable light production

Goldmore thinks this kind of inflatable light, very effectively solve in the outdoor lighting, convenient to install carry-on items, reduce outdoor luggage. This solar inflatable light is undoubtedly a wonderful design, convenient for outdoor home use. Especially in the seaside, it can effectively prevent the items contained inside from getting wet.

Goldmore outdoor camping light production process is very perfect, there is a perfect system to control the whole production plan. Each step of the production process is supervised by a special staff to control the production quality. To make the product shipped to your hands so perfect.

We are committed to making high quality products,being shipped safely to you and taking your business to the next level, doubling your profit.

Video of Bag Shaped Solar Inflatable Lantern Introduction
Video of Bag Shaped Solar Inflatable Lantern Introduction



How to Let Air in to Inflatable lamp?

Bag shaped inflatable solar powered lantern is easy to be inflated and used. No need to use a pump or your mouth to inflate the lamp like the normal old type inflatable lights.

Open the lock, grab top woven tape, and let air in. Then close it, roll down and lock. It’s easier to take it back. Open the lock and exhaust the air to fold it.

The size of the inflated outdoor camping light depends on the volume of the filled gas.



Why Choose Goldmore Bag Shaped Solar Inflatable Light?

Goldmore solar inflatable lamp is multi-functional.

It can be input and output by USB cable. Also it can charge your phone for 15%-20% electricity.

It is very convenient fr users to store your items especially by the sea or other water shore.



Why Will Bag Shaped Solar Inflatable Light Become Next Hot Light?

In terms of customers, the camping group is growing, and people gradually realize the importance of the natural environment and enjoy feeling an affinity with nature. The increase in the number of camping people greatly increases the demand for camping products, among which outdoor lights are just needed.

Bag shaped solar inflatable lantern’s versatility makes it stand out from the many outdoor lights. It holds things, illuminates, and serves as a power bank. USB charging and solar charging are very convenient for outdoor players.

New design, let the buyer’s eyes a bright, become special. Traditional solar inflatable lantern does not have the function of installing things, can only light. The function is relatively single. This inflatable lamp is different, it breaks the conventional market and is unique in the solar inflatable lamp market. The earliest people with inflatable solar powered lanterns, is the first to grasp the business opportunity, will double you profit.



Can I Get a Free Sample?

Yes, you can.

We can provide you a free sample to check product’s quality and function. If you have customized requirement, we can also make a customized sample for you to check.

Contact us now and get sample!

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