Goldmore Circular Cone Shaped Bag Inflatable Light

  • Large 3L Storage Volume
  • Easily Replaced Dry Batteries
  • 1 Dancing Flame LED
  • 8 White LED
  • 180 Hours Super Long Endurance
  • Automatically Timing
  • Toggle switch Controlled
  • 70 Lumen Brightness


The storage volume of circular cone shaped bag inflatable light is 3L. It can put your belongings and become your portable bag. The opening at this top cannot be closed. Put the water in the bag and become a decorative fish tank, which can light LED bulbs up at the same time.


This inflatable lantern has 2 lighting modes, one is dynamic flame mode with 1 flame light bulb, the other is white light mode with 8 white light bulbs. Inflatable led lantern with dynamic flame mode can be used as an indoor night light, which has automatic timer function. It can reach to 30 lumens. White lighting mode with 8 LED bulbs has 70 lumen brightness.


Endurance depends on different lighting modes. When you turn on the inflatable light with flame mode, the endurance can be super long, which is 180 hours. The working time of white light mode maxes to 60 hours.


The timer function of Christmas inflatable lantern is automatic. When you turn on the flame mode, it will automatically set timer function. The light will work 5 hours. After 5 hours, the light will turn off automatically. After 19-hours-off, the flame mode will be on. There is no need to open manually. This function of inflatable lamp is very suitable for using as indoor night light.


Circular cone shaped bag inflatable light is powered by 3 pcs AAA batteries, which is easily replaced.


2 stickers will be provided with this outdoor camping lantern. One of the stickers is Halloween theme, the other is Christmas theme. Stickers can be sticked on the body of lamp easily. The sticker pattern can be easily cleaned by alcohol.

Goldmore, in the lighting industry for many years, is committed to bringing light to the world. Our professional production and quality service enable us to win an endless stream of guests praise from guests.

Golmore’s visual production process has reassured our guests greatly. We have our special QC department to check the quality of the products produced to ensure that the products in your hands are high quality products.

We also accept your team to do factory inspection, or your authorized third party to conduct factory inspection.

OEM project and ODM project are welcomed. Please read on what we can customize!

Goldmore accepts customized design. They are not limited to the following points.

Design in Logo: We welcome to print your logo on the inflatable light. Please send us your logo source file. We can do silk print.

Design in Mode: This inflatable lamp has flame mode and white light mode. Two modes are controlled by switch. If you are interested in multi-modes, please let us know what kind of mode you want to add. Goldmore can design the circuit board and make your ideal inflatable lamp come true.

Design in Size: The size of Goldmore camping lantern is 13*13*18cm. If you need to design different size, which can be held different volume, please let us know. We can help you to draw artwork and send it to you for checking.

Design in Appearance: This inflatable light is circular cone shape. The pattern on it is from our own design. If you need design the outlook shape and pattern on the surface, please let us know your idea. Goldmore will make it a reality.

Design in LED: Inflatable led lantern has 1 flame bulb and 8 white light bulbs. LED quantity and LED color both can be changed. We can add LED bulbs or reduce LED bulbs to change the brightness or lighting modes. LED bulbs with other color is also accepted to change lighting color.

Design in Sticker: Goldmore provides you Christmas them sticker and Halloween theme sticker for free. We can design other themes of sticker pattern for you to make your inflatable lantern more personalized.

Goldmore will provide you a sample of your own design, which is helpful for you to check its function and quality.

Contact us to get a sample of your ideal inflatable light!

Goldmore: Your Ideal Supplier of Circular Cone Shaped Inflatable Light!


Video-Bag Shaped Solar Inflatable Light Production
Video-Bag Shaped Solar Inflatable Light Production

Goldmore factory meets the standards of BSCI certification and obtains this certification. Our customer group of solar inflatable light includes retailers, Amazon stores, offline super stores and so on.

Not only do we have small order production experience, but we also have very rich experience in producing large orders. Our production lines can completely handle it.

We have professional testing instruments to test the parameters of camp light, such as lumens, power, waterproof rating, etc. We are very strict about product quality control and strive for every outdoor light to be perfect.

Video of Introducing Inflatable Light
Video of Introducing Inflatable Light


What Do We Offer in a Set?

Normally we offer items as below:

Circular cone shaped bag inflatable light

2 stickers (Christmas theme and Halloween theme)

Normal package

A Set of Inflatable Lantern
A Set of Inflatable Lantern



What Are the Precautions before Your Use?

The shape of the battery powered inflatable light is deformed due to the long folding time.

You need to unfold the light, and pour water into the bag, then make it keep for 5 hours at least.

After 5 hours, you can pour water out. Inflatable light will be perfectly stand up.


Why Do Goldmore Design AAA Battery Powered Inflatable lantern?

More quickly and easily re-power Circular cone shaped bag inflatable light. It only takes you five seconds to replace the battery. It is a great solution to the problem of long charging time.

AAA battery-powered camping light is not limited by sunlight and USB lines, achieving real light emitting anytime and anywhere.

On the other hand, AAA battery power supply reduces the cost of light and meets the needs of different people.



Do You Have Solar Panel Type?

Yes. We also have solar powered type with the same outlook and shape.

If you are interested in solar powered type, contact us to get data sheet!



How to Get Free Sample of Circular Cone Shaped Bag Inflatable Light?

Please contact us and let us know you need a sample. We will ship sample to you in 3 days!

If you need sample with customized design, please let us know your detailed requirement. We will produce a sample of your own design for you.

Please contact us now to get sample.

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