Table Misting Fan

  • Low Noise Operation
  • Large Battery Capacity
  • USB Recharge
  • Large Water Tank
  • Ultrasonic Nano Mist
  • Foldable Fan Head
  • Multi-gears to Adjustment
  • Long Running Time
  • Efficient Cooling
  • Complete Certificates

Low Noise: Goldmore adapts fantastic brushless motor to operate the table misting fan. One of the main advantages of brushless motor is the noise of operating is silent, which is good to your hearing and will not disturb you.

Large Water Tank: After filling up the water, it will last for more than 10 hours, which avoids the problem of changing water multiple times and causing bacteria to grow, which can affect your health.

Adjustable Gears: Cooling misting fan has 3 modes: sleep mode- nature mode- strong mode, which is convenient to chose suitable mode according the using situation.

Ultrasonic Nano Mist: A fine and gentle mist will not make you uncomfortable and will not wet the table. Indoor misting fan moistens the air quickly and helps keep the skin hydrated, soft and elastic.

Large Battery Capacity: Tabletop misting fan has built-in 18650 Li-Po battery, which is with large capacity. It is large capacity battery that allows humidifier fan can work for 9-20 hours once it is fully charged.

Highly Efficient: It only takes 4-6 hours to charge humidifier fan combo. And table misting fan can use for 9-20 hours, which means working whole night without stop.

Two Buttons: The two buttons of humidifier fan can control two functions (misting and cooling) separately, which create use flexibility. You can use only one of these functions, and you can choose the mode that suits you based on the ambient temperature and your own needs.

As a rich-experienced humidifier fan manufacturer, Goldmore has helped many brands all over the world start their business and made over 100 brands increase their business. Goldmore is not only committed to production, but also to research and development. While meeting market demand, Goldmore is also constantly innovating to lead the market trend.

As a sourcing factory, Goldmore are your ideal manufacturer to customize tabletop misting fan. We accept OEM & ODM projects. And we can provide low MOQ for you.

We have precise mechanical equipment for production, professional workers to assemble and test, have professional knowledge of the business personnel to serve you. Goldmore design department, sales department, production department, quality control department, marketing department, purchasing department at your service.

Table Misting Fan Factory
Table Misting Fan Factory

Blade: the number of blades influence the wind and the silent effect. The more blades, the softer the wind, the better the silent effect. But the more blades also increase motor load.

Size: We can design different sizes for you. Large indoor misting fan also has larger water tank.

Color: Goldmore normal humidifier cooling fan has 2-3 different elegant colors for your reference. If you need to design other colors, we can do any color.

Logo: Print your logo on cooling fan to create unique products of your own brand as most of our customers did. We can print logo in one color or two colors or multicolor. The logo is stable and clear.

Package: If you need to use the package of your own design, we can help you and share our die-line artwork, which will be convenient for your designer to design a new package. Our designer can also help you if you need.

Goldmore will offer low MOQ for you if you contact us now.

Goldmore Table Misting Fan Advances Your Business


Video of Manufacturing Table Misting Fan
Video of Manufacturing Table Misting Fan

Table misting fan can be used on hot summer days or dry winter days. Suitable for all seasons, this product is bound to be a hot seller.

If you want to achieve the effect of increasing the business volume, the good market of products is on the one hand, on the other hand, the good quality of products is also very important. We strictly supervise the production process and strictly control the product quality to make cooling fan stand out from other similar products in your target market.

Goldmore has sold ceiling fan lantern for many years, which means we are professional, experienced and reliable fan light manufacturer.

But this time, we have made something new in our fan lantern. We do some new and fashion-forward designs.


Compare These Three Humidifier fans

Video of Introducing Table Misting Fan
Video of Introducing Table Misting Fan


These 3 humidifier fan have combined humidifier with fan. The two functions can work at the same time and also can work separately. Otherwise, here are something different between them.

Below form shows clearly the differences.

Compare Table Misting Fan
Compare Table Misting Fan

The Advantage of Indoor Misting Fan


2 in 1: Normal fan only has cooling function. Compared with normal fan, this table misting fan cools environment down more effectively. The water vapor, driven by the wind, can evaporate more quickly and take away the heat.

Efficiently relieve pollen disease: Especially in spring, a large amount of pollen in the outdoor air will be brought into the room. Humidifier can make the pollen in the air contain water, increase the weight, so that it will not be scattered randomly. It can relieve the discomfort of hay fever.

Take a little space: This tiny table misting fan is very suitable for being placed on the tabletop. When you are sleeping, working, reading, typing, you can put it beside you to provide comfortable environment and relax your eyes.

Table Misting Fan
Normal Fan VS Table Misting Fan

Why choose Goldmore?

  • 15-years rich experience
  • Sourcing manufacturer
  • 24 hours response service
  • Accept OEM &ODM
  • Over 50 kinds of humidifier fan
  • On time delivery
  • 1 year warranty



Available Free Sample


Goldmore absolutely support your start-up business by providing free sample for your checking and testing. If you are interested in our table misting fan, please feel free to contact us.

Contact us now, you will get both free samples and discount.

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