High Lumen Work Light

  • Super Bright
  • High Lumen
  • Flexible Angle
  • USB Output
  • High IP Grade
  • Large Capacity Battery
  • With Strong Magnets

*Battery: Equipped with super large 6600mA battery, work light has a very sufficient electrical capacity for long periods of illumination, and the voltage is stable.

*High waterproof: High lumen work light has excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, which allows it works as usual in terrible rainy day and dusty day.

*Magnet 4 Strong magnets on the back of portable work light allows it can be attached on metal surface, such as car body. Powerful magnetic portable work light will free your hand when you need to do repairing.

*Output: Rechargeable work light can steadily charge your electronic devices, such as cell phones. You only need to use the USB cable provided by us to connect work lamp to your phone, and you can easily charge your phone as a power bank.

*Angle: The flexibly adjustable angle of portable outdoor work light allows it to achieve multi-angle lighting. This feature is very useful in use, fixing the work light in one place and requiring only adjustment to achieve a 120-degree illumination angle. The handle can also rotate at 90 degrees. When not used, the bright rechargeable work light can be greatly folded up and does not occupy space.

* Brightness: Bright rechargeable work light is super bright. The brightness of work light can be changed according to different lighting gears. The maximum brightness of work light can reach 2300LM, which is in the state of 100% full light. Super bright is suitable for lighting in different places, and can also be effective lighting in extremely dark places. Gear adjustment meets the different lighting requirements.

Goldmore factory has advanced manufacturing machines to produce magnetic work light. The whole production process is subject to strict supervision, and each product is tested to confirm normal function and good appearance before packaging and delivery.

We are the source factory, accept OEM and ODM, and have over 15 years of production experience. We are very attentive to any one project. When you send us an enquiry, we will arrange professional personnel to follow up the whole process of your order: enquiry-order-production-delivery.

We put the needs of customers in the first place. While trying our best to meet the needs of customers, we will give them professional advice to create a perfect magnetic work light.

high lumen work light

We can help customers customize their own bright work light.

Logo: We can print your logo on bright work light or package. No matter how many colors logo is, we will print the logo according to the logo style you give. We can do sticker logo, silk logo, laser logo. Logo will be printed on work light very well and will not get color fading.

Package: If you prefer a uniquely designed package, we can make it for you. We provide you with the packing diecut, you can design on this basis. Our packaging printing technology is mature, there is no color difference, every package is exactly the same.

Color: The surface color of portable work light can be customized according to your needs. Every color in PANTONE is available.

Lighting modes: the lighting mode of rechargeable work light is 100%-50%-SOS-OFF. If you need to reduce any mode or add mode, we can make it reality through redesign electronic circuit board.

Battery: The 6600mah rechargeable battery of rechargeable work light can be replaced with a larger battery that will discharge longer.

Size: The size of portable work light can be designed.

Magnets: The four magnets can be removed or upgraded as you like.

Goldmore Portable Work Light Surprises You


high lumen work light
Video of Introducing High Lumen Work Light

Goldmore adheres to the belief that customers come first. We will be your solid backing force, provide you with high-quality 2000 lumen rechargeable work light, and establish a solid foundation for your future expansion and development in the industry.

We have won the trust of our customers with extremely high quality, one-stop service and extremely high efficiency.

We are very sure that our rechargeable work light with magnetic can bring you many benefits: standing out among peers; acclaim among customer groups; growing business and broadening development path.


Detailed Information of Rechargeable Work Light with Magnetic

These three rechargeable work lights are the same in terms of appearance and function, but not exactly the same. Here are the differences: LED, weight, and light brightness. Below is detailed information for your reference.

high lumen work light


Detailed Design of High Lumen Work Light


high lumen work light

high lumen work light

Why Goldmore Bright Work Light Is Better?


* Unique shape design: The shape is very compact; also designed with portable folding handle and folding lamp head.

* Perfect for any detail: The bright work light details are also very perfect: surface is smooth and the joint is firm.

* Advanced material: We use high quality aluminum alloy to make the shell of portable work light, all the screws of it are made of stainless steel.

* Good waterproof performance: A good sealing silicone plug is used to cover the button and input and output port for protecting away from dust and water.

* Meet the use needs of users: The functions, portability multiple adjustment, power indicator and USB output function, fully meet the needs of users.



Free Sample of Rechargeable Work Light


To demonstrate our sincere intention to cooperate, we are willing to offer you free samples so that you can get a full understanding of this rechargeable work light.

Click here and send your inquiry of the product you like. Get free samples and limited time discounts right now!

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