LED Flood Light: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Today, I will show you the fundamental aspects to look for when buying LED flood lights.

From features, design, working principle, to wattage – you will find all information you have been looking for right here.

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Factors Affecting The Cost Of LED Flood Light

Several factors will affect the cost of LED flood lights, and they include the following:

LED flood light

LED flood light

Type Of Battery

LED flood lights using inbuilt lithium batteries cost more than those using replaceable batteries.

Type Of LED Flood Light

When the LED flood light has several patterns and colors, the cost will increase.

Besides, the type of mount you use will affect the cost since permanent mounts will cost less than magnetic mounts.

Size And Quantity

Large LED flood lights are costlier than small LED flood lights as they have a higher light intensity.

Besides, purchasing LED flood lights in bulk will cost less than when purchasing in small quantities.

Operating Modes

LED flood lights with several operating modes will fetch a high price than those with a single operating mode.

Model And Features

LED flood lights employing the latest technology and features will cost more.


Manufacturers with a good reputation and expertise make LED flood lights that cost more than those with little expertise.

Supply And Demand

An increase in supply when the demand is low causes the cost of LED flood lights to increase.

However, when the demand is low and the supply is high, the LED flood lights will fetch a lower price.

Physical State

Brand new LED flood lights cost more than second-hand LED flood lights.

 Discounts And Sales

Several manufacturers will offer you some discount when you purchase LED flood lights in bulk.

Applications Of LED Flood Light

The broad beam of light from the LED flood lights finds their way in many applications.

These include:

Outdoor LED flood light

Outdoor LED flood light

  • Ports
  • Construction sites
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Homes
  • Business premises
  • Façade lighting
  • Monuments
  • Architectural buildings
  • Stadiums
  • Parking lots
  • Warehouses
  • Sports fields
  • Streets
  • Indoor and outdoor arenas
  • Streets

Types Of LED Flood Light Available In The Market

The available types of LED flood lights entail the following:

Solar LED Flood Lights

Solar LED flood light

Solar LED flood light

These lights require less power to operate than other types of LED flood lights making them suitable for use with solar power.

They have solar panels that collect solar energy and store in batteries within the LED flood light.

This feature means they can operate at night as the inbuilt batteries will supply electrical energy to light up the LEDs.

Also, they are waterproof, dustproof, and some are dimmable.

Besides, you will know the level of dustproof and waterproof the light offers by referring to the IP rating.

Dimmable LED Flood Lights

Dimmable LED flood light

Dimmable LED flood light

These LED flood lights have LED drivers and controllers enabling you to dim them.

Besides, a majority of dimmable LED flood lights are surface mounted, but COB dimmable LED flood lights are available.

Since not all LED flood lights are dimmable, ensure you confirm by checking the specifications of the device.

Color Changing LED Flood Lights

These lights allow you to change them to certain colors depending on your preference.

Besides, Bluetooth enables color-changing LED flood lights to synchronize with music.

This effect is impossible with standard versions.

Also, you can use these lights for outdoor parties, concerts, etc.

Color changing LED flood light

Color changing LED flood light

Commercial LED Flood Lights

These lights are suitable for use in various commercial setups.

For instance, you can use them on construction sites or filming projects so that you can work overnight.

Also, you may use them in large stadiums, labs, or factories.

Commercial LED flood light

Commercial LED flood light

LED Motion Sensor Flood Lights

This light will turn on once it detects motion within a specific area with the assistance of infrared [IR] technology.

Besides, they are energy efficient since they only turn on when they detect motion instead of remaining on continuously.

LED flood light with motion sensor

LED flood light with motion sensor

When To Use LED Flood Light

Since LED flood lights have a high IP rating, it means they are waterproof and dustproof.

This feature makes them suitable for use in outdoor environments and various weather conditions.

Besides, they are suitable for use when you need to illuminate a large area since it has a wide beam spread.

How To Determine Brightness Of LED Flood Lights

There are various factors you need to consider when determining the brightness of the LED flood light.

Location plays an important role as it determines how much of the area you need to light up.

If the area is large, you require brighter LED flood lights so that they can illuminate the whole area.

For instance, large stadiums require brighter LED flood lights than private homes.

Also, confirm if you will be intruding on other people’s property as bright light will likely spill over to surrounding areas.

This is vital when you are using the LED flood lights in your private home.

Besides, the brightness level may distort the vision of oncoming traffic if it is near roads.

For this reason, you can angle the light downwards so that you do not distract oncoming drivers.

Advantages Of LED Flood Light Over Other Alternatives

LED flood lights offer a myriad of advantages such as:


LED flood lights are durable and sturdy than normal flood lights.

Once you install the light, it operated efficiently for several years without needing replacements.

Also, they will not phase out as it nears the end of their lifespan like normal flood lights.

Minimal Heat Emission

Normal flood lights consume a high amount of energy which converts to heat, which is a waste end dissipates to the air.

LED flood lights rarely produce heat hence they use up energy efficiently.

This feature makes them suitable for use in cold storage or regions as they will not cause a temperature rise.


Unlike other flood lights, LED flood lights can save up to 80% of the energy while still producing more brightness.

Ease Of Maintenance

LED flood lights are durable and have a longer lifespan than other flood lights.

This feature makes them cost-effective and time-saving as the replacement cost will be minimal.


A high IP rating means the LED flood light can withstand dust and moisture.

This feature makes it suitable for use in varying environmental conditions.

Besides, unlike other flood lights, LED flood lights can operate in subzero temperatures.

High-security Level

LED flood lights have a high lumen value meaning it offers security personnel ease of monitoring the premises.

Besides, it makes it easy for night shift workers to operate safely.

More Illumination

LED flood lights are much brighter than other types of flood lights.

For instance, it can give the same amount of light as three halogen flood lights.

This feature helps you save costs and time since it needs fewer replacements unlike halogen flood lights


LED flood lights are cheaper than normal flood lights yet they still produce more light.

The cost is less since they are durable than other flood lights which require regular replacements.

How Compact Fluorescent And LED Flood Lights Compare

Here is how these two compare:

Flourescent flood light

Fluorescent flood light

LED flood light

LED flood light


LED flood lights will last for up to 50000 hours while compact fluorescent flood lights last for 8000 hours.

Besides, compact fluorescent flood lights are fragile than LED flood lights


The initial price of LED flood lights is more than compact fluorescent flood lights.

Besides costing more, they will save you more money in the long run due to their durability.

Energy Efficiency

Compact fluorescent flood lights use about 30% less energy than incandescent or traditional flood lights.

Besides, LED flood lights use up to 80% less energy than compact fluorescent flood lights.

Additionally, compact fluorescent flood lights will emit about 80% of their energy in form of heat.

LED flood lights will emit minimal to no heat hence, increasing their efficiency.

Limitations Of LED  Flood Light

Some of the limitations include the following:

  • The initial cost of acquiring LED flood lights is high because they are durable and consume less power
  • It is costly to manufacture large complex LED flood lights since they need large heatsinks to dissipate heat

Amount Of Electricity LED Flood Light Consumes

The amount of electricity that LED flood light uses depends on their wattage.

LED flood lights with high wattage value consume more electricity than those with a low wattage value.

How To Calculate Wattage For LED Flood Light

The formula for calculating wattage for LED flood lights is multiplying its voltage [volts] by its current [ampere].

This will give you the watts which is the amount of power the LED flood light uses.

For instance, LED flood lights with a voltage of 10 and a current of 20 amperes gives you 200 watts of power.

The Lifespan Of LED Flood Light

LED flood lights can last for up to 50000 hours, or more.

Relationship Between Lumen And Wattage In LED Flood Light

Lumen vs wattage

Lumen vs wattage

Wattage is a measurement of the power the LED flood light uses.

Lumen is the measurement of the quantity of light the LED flood light produces.

How The Brightness Of LED And Halogen Flood Lights Compare

Halogen flood light

Halogen flood light

LED flood light

LED flood light

LED flood lights are brighter than halogen flood lights.

The output of LED flood lights is between 80 to 100 lm/W while that of halogen flood light is 16 to 24 lm/W.

This feature means LED flood lights will produce more light while using less energy.

Also, you can dim some LED flood lights to alter the level of brightness while halogen flood lights retain their original brightness.

Benefits Of Solar Powered LED Flood Lights

There are several advantages to using solar-powered LED flood lights, and they include:

Solar powered LED flood light

Solar powered LED flood light


Solar-powered LED flood lights have a high IP rating since they operate in different environmental conditions.

Besides, you need to install them outside for them to receive solar energy to operate.

Power Consumption

Solar-powered LED flood lights use less power than other flood lights use.

Besides, they use less wattage but still produce more illumination.


Solar-powered LED flood lights get their energy from the sun hence need no wiring with the main power source.

For this reason, you can use solar-powered LED flood lights in remote areas with no power grids.


These lights can operate for thousands of hours without needing frequent replacements.

Environmentally Friendly

The sun will provide energy that operates solar-powered LED flood lights without connecting to other energy sources.

Besides, the sun is a renewable source of energy.

Also, they contain no mercury or other hazardous substances making them safe for the environment and easy to recycle.

Energy Bills

Since you are using solar energy to charge these lights, you do not need to worry about incurring electricity bills.


Solar-powered LED flood lights will operate in the presence of solar energy hence are portable.

This feature means you can relocate them with ease.

How To Determine The Amount Of Heat Dissipated By LED Flood Light

Despite the LED flood lights having a high lighting efficiency, they still produce heat that affects their durability and brightness.

When the internal temperatures get high, it will destroy the electronic components quickly.

Heat sinks within LED flood lights will assist with the distribution of heat to the surrounding environment.

How To Choose Best Color Temperature For Outdoor LED Flood Light

There are various color temperatures available for outdoor LED flood lights that fit different applications.

The color temperature you select relies on your choice but will vary depending on the purpose.

Here is a guide that will assist you to choose the best color temperature:

3000 Kelvin

This is a warm color and is rare to find in outdoor environments.

4000 Kelvin

This is a natural color that you will normally find in workspaces.

5000 Kelvin

This is the most popular color temperature since it is cool and white, thus resembles daylight situations.

Besides, this color temperature is suitable for large outdoor areas.

Color temperature of lights

Color temperature of lights

Mounting Options For LED Flood Light

There are various mounting options for LED flood lights, and they include the following:

Extruder Arm

This is an L-shaped LED flood light mount that enables you to mount the flood light on a fixture and offer illumination on a specific area.

Besides, extruder arm mount is the most popular type of mount for LED flood lights.

Slip Fitter Mount

This mount offers you the ability to mount the LED flood light on a pole.

Here, you will attach the LED flood light to a pole enabling it to offer light on a broad area.

Besides, a slip filler mount is suitable when using LED flood lights in parking lots.

Knuckle Mount

This mount is adjustable and enables you to cast the illumination from the LED flood light up or down.

Besides, it operates the same way as a spotlight and is applicable for billboard lighting.

Yoke Mount

This mount will enable you to attack the LED flood lights on a wall hence apply as a wall lighting fixture.

Trunnion Mount

This mount will use pivoting points that allow the LED flood light to cast light from side to side.

How To Calculate Lux For LED Outdoor Flood Lighting

Lumens will show us the amount of light that the LED outdoor flood light will create but will not show where the light goes.

Lux will consider a specific area and may focus on the LED flood light intensity in a 3-D space.

Besides, lux is an SI unit and a one-foot candle is equal to 10 lux.

1 lux is equal to the amount of illumination of one square meter surface that is one meter from a single candle.

The Working Principle Of A Smart LED Flood Light

Here are some characteristics of a smart LED flood light:

  • They increase security and peace of mind
  • Operate depending on your schedule
  • Provide a suitable outdoor experience
  • Reduces energy costs

Smart LED flood lights have motion detectors and light sensors enabling you to manage and control the light with ease.

Also, they have a wireless communication capability between the smart switches and your smartphone.

For instance, you can control the smart LED flood light via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Besides, you can set timers as to when the lights will go on and off thereby lowering your energy costs.

Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor LED Flood Lights

Outdoor LED flood lights can handle extreme weather conditions, unlike indoor LED flood lights which can short circuit in such conditions.

The weather sealing of outdoor LED flood lights is suitable than that of indoor LED flood lights.

Outdoor LED flood lights are suitable for use in outdoor areas such as large stadiums, industries, etc.

Indoor LED flood lights are suitable for use in enclosed locations such as manufacturing industries or even balconies.

The IP rating of outdoor LED flood lights is higher than that of indoor LED flood lights.

Indoor LED flood light

Indoor LED flood light

How To Test LED Flood Light

Here are some methods you can use to test LED flood lights:

Electrical Performance Test

This test entails the application of current to the LEDs and then measuring the actual reading versus the expected reading.

An electrical performance test will make sure the output is suitable for the application.

Photometric Parameter Test

This test entails measuring the visible light and how humans will perceive the brightness of the light.

The unit of measurement is lumen [lm].

Color Parameter Test

This test will measure if the LED flood light will emit the correct color as per the design specifications.

Quality Certifications And Marks LED Flood Lights Should Have

LED flood lights have to conform to international, national, and regional standards to ensure they are safe for use and work optimally.

Examples of these quality standards entail the following:

CE Mark Of Quality

This standard will ensure LED flood lights comply with EU standards by ensuring they meet health, safety, and environmental considerations.

Besides, complying with this standard enables manufacturers from different countries to sell this light in European Economic Areas.

Restriction Of Hazardous Substances [RoHS]

This standard restricts manufacturers from using hazardous materials when manufacturing LED flood lights.

To date, RoHS bans the use of 10 toxic materials as they pose a danger to people and the environment.

Ingress Protection [IP]

This standard describes the sealing level of LED flood lights against dirt and moisture.

A high IP rating means better sealing.

Underwriters’ Laboratory [UL] certification

This standard ensures the LED flood lights have been tested by UL according to nationally recognized safety and sustainable standards.

ISO Certification

This standard ensures the manufacturing, processing, and documentation meet the necessary quality assurance standards.

Illuminating Engineering Society [IES] standard

This standard entails how the LED flood lights will distribute light from the source by using measurements from real-world data.

Function Of Heat Sink In LED Flood Light

Heatsinks are components that enhance the flow of heat away from the electronic parts of LED flood lights.

They accomplish this by increasing the working surface area of the LED flood light and the quantity of low-temperature fluid moving across it.

The types of heat sink you can find in LED flood lights include:

Active Heat Sinks

This system uses forced air to enhance the flow of fluid across the hot regions of the LED flood light.

For instance, it may use a fan or blower to provide the forced airflow.

The air then flows across the heat sink, increasing the thermal gradient, and allowing heat to exit the LED flood light.

Passive Heat Sinks

These designs depend on natural convection to cool the system.

Here, the buoyancy of hot air will cause air to flow across the system thereby not depend on other power or control sources.

However, they are not as effective as active heat sinks when it comes to transferring heat.

Hybrid Heat Sinks

These heat sinks use both active and passive heat sinks.

Besides, they are not common and rely on control units to cool the LED flood light based on the temperature needs.

As the LED flood light operated at cooler levels, the source of forced air is inactive hence, cooling the light passively.

When the LED flood lights reach higher temperature levels, the active cooling systems become active and enhance the cooling capacity.

How To Choose Best Reflector For LED Flood Light

LED flood lights use two types of reflectors namely, ellipsoidal and parabolic reflectors.

In parabolic reflectors, you will place the LED at the focus point within the parabola-shaped reflectors.

This allows parallel beams of light to reflect off the reflector hence you cannot focus the light since the light does not converge at any point.

Ellipsoidal reflectors can focus the light and operate in tight spots.

How SMD And COB Technology Compare In LED Flood Lights

SMD stands for Surface Mounted Devices while COB stands for Chip On Board.

Here is how these two compare:

COB vs SMD Flood light

SMD vs COB Flood light

Quality Of Light

SMD LED flood lights use several point lights combined to emit a main point light.

COB LED flood lights are surface lights and offer uniform illumination with a large adjustable beam of light.

Besides, it has no glare like SMD LED flood lights.

Productive Process

In SMD LED flood lights, you will conductive glue to make LED chips and use insulating glue to fix the pads of the lamp to the holders.

Once you conduct the performance test, you will cover it with epoxy resin.

COB LED flood lights entail directly fixing the LED chip on the pads with conductive and insulating glue.

Afterward, you will solder after conducting a performance test, then cover with epoxy.


When making SMD LED flood lights, being by mounting the LEDs on the PCB board through reflow soldering.

In COB LED flood lights, reflow soldering and mounting are not necessary since you will directly apply the COB to the lamp.


The manufacturing and labor costs of the lamp beads in SMD LED flood lights are about 15% of the cost of materials.

However, the labor and manufacturing costs of COB LED flood light beads are about 10% of the cost of materials.

This means the cost of manufacturing COB LED flood lights is less than that of SMD LED flood lights.

Color Temperature

COB LED flood lights mostly offer one color temperature while SMD LED flood lights can offer multiple color temperatures.

Future Technological Advancements In LED Flood Lights

New technology is driving these lights to be more energy-efficient, intense, compact, and smart.

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