Solar Flood Light Outdoor: The Complete Buying Guide

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Types Of Solar Flood Light Outdoor Available In The Market

The different types of solar flood lights outdoor available in the market are:

LED Solar Floodlights

This type of solar lights functions by glowing bright white light. It is an ideal option if you are looking for technological compatible lights,

The advantage of this light is they are energy efficient and have a low maintenance cost compared to the other types.

Their main limitation is they are relatively expensive compared to the other types of lights. However, it is the best option to use in security systems.

Solar flood light

Solar flood light

Halogen Solar Floodlights

The use of these lights depends on the activation of the halogen gas present.

They emit a bright white color which is effective compare to the other types.

Furthermore, the advantage of halogen light is they have a longer lifespan and are energy efficient.  These lights are relatively cheaper than other types.

They, however, have a higher warm-up time which means it takes longer for the bulb to emit full lights. This makes them not the best option to use in outdoor motion sensors.

Halogen flood light

Halogen flood light

Although these are some of the most common options, other include fluorescent flood lights and high intensity discharge flood lights.

Main Components Of Solar Flood Light Outdoor

The different parts of a solar flood light outdoor are vital in ensuring your light works appropriately. Understanding these components helps in knowing what to do in case there is a fault.

The main components of a solar flood light outdoor are:

Parts of solar flood lights

Components of solar flood lights

Solar Panel

The solar panels are responsible for harnessing solar rays and converting them into energy. There are different types and sizes of these panels that you can use on your solar flood light outdoors.


Batteries store the solar energy necessary for the functioning of your solar flood light outdoor.

The common types that you can have for these lights are li-phosphate, lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, and nickel-metal hydride.

You need to consider an ideal capacity for your battery before selecting one for your use. The ideal average battery capacity you can have for these lights is between 200 and 6000mAh.


Bulbs provide the light that illuminates the area you want. There are different types of bulbs that you can have for these lights, depending on your preference.

These bulbs include halogen HID and LEDs. Always ensure you select the bulb which has an ideal wattage for your use.

Fixtures And Castings

These are the outer coverings and ratings that your solar flood light outdoor must-have. The covering material should be strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Such material can either be aluminum or hardened plastic to protect both the inner and outer parts. There are also IP ratings that determine the level of protection of the light against solid or liquid interference.

IP rating has two numbers which indicate the level of protection. The first part is for a level of protection against solid material, while the second part is for protection against liquids.

Light fixtures and casting also consist of mounting hardware and cables. Mounting hardware is all the components that facilitate the installation of your solar flood light outdoor.

The cables are or ensuring the circuit is complete, thereby allowing your solar flood lights to function appropriately.


Sensors help in detecting a change in the typical environment before triggering the lights to switch on. A change in the typical environment can either be changing from daytime to darkness or an object passing by.

How Solar Flood Light Outdoor Works

The functioning of your solar flood light outdoor depends on the availability of the sun.

Also, the solar panels harness the sun’s energy and store it in the batteries.

The amount of energy that a battery store depends on its capacity.

During darkness, the solar flood lights outdoor automatically switch themselves on.

The presence of sensors helps in detecting darkness before the light’s power on.

As daytime approaches, the sensors detect an increase in light intensity which causes the light to switch off automatically.

Benefits Of Solar Flood Light Over Electricity Powered Flood Lights

The cost-benefit factor is one of the numerous benefits you get from using solar floodlights. Such cost includes the operating and maintenance cost.

Lack of the monthly bills associated with electricity-powered floodlights makes solar floodlights the best alternative. Other benefits include:

Environment Safe

The material present in solar flood lights makes materials that are harmful to humans and the environment.

Such material includes mercury which is common in the manufacture of electricity-powered floodlights.

The advantage of these materials is they are easily recyclable, which reduces the amount of environmental waste.

Extended Life Span

Solar floodlights have a longer lifespan compared to electricity-powered fold lights. This is critical in reducing the maintenance cost while enjoying value for your money.


Solar flood lights are compatible with different technologies, which give you an edge over electricity-powered floodlights.  For instance, you can have motion sensors that allow these lights to switch on when one passes by automatically.

Installation And Usability

The installation process of solar flood lights is relatively easy compared to electricity-powered floodlights.

You don’t need to connect solar floodlights to a power source for it to function.

You can also use this light in areas with no electricity, which increases the lighting process.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Solar Flood Light Outdoor

Selecting an ideal solar flood light for your outdoor lights depends on the price you are willing to pay. Several factors affect this price which you need to consider before purchasing these lights.
Such factors include:

Power Rating

Power rating indicates the brightness of your solar flood light outdoor.

The different power ratings have an impact on the brightness of your solar flood light outdoor.

Power ratings affect the price of these lights. You therefore have


The pricing of different manufacturers varies depending on various factors—for instance, the market demand, the cost of raw materials.

When considering which manufacturer to select, you need to factor in the quality standards. These standards ensure you get the best solar flood lights for your use.

Light Pole

This refers to where you are going to mount your solar flood light outdoor. The price of a light pole differs depending on several factors like length and demand.

The type of material for the light pole is also a factor of consideration when determining the overall price.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Solar Flood Light Outdoor

Selecting the best solar flood light outdoor for your use involves more than checking the buying. You need to consider several aspects before settling on the one to use.

Such considerations include:

Type Of Bulbs

The different types of bulbs offer varying lighting effects on your outdoor. You need to consider each individually before deciding which one to use.

You also have to consider the effect the lights have on the surroundings. The durability aspects of the different bulbs are also critical.

Where You Will Install The Lights

You have to consider where you are going to install your outdoor solar floodlights. Such considerations include size of the location, the availability of the sun, and the degree of lighting that you want.

A large area requires high voltage outdoor solar flood lights compared to a small space.

Technology Compatibility

You must consider how compatible particular outdoor solar flood lights are with other technologies, such as motion sensors and timers.

The more compatible a particular light is, the better it is for your usage. This is because it reduces the operating cost.


Different factors affect the price of outdoor solar flood lights—for instance, the type of bulb, the technological advancement present, and the manufacturer.

You need to consider the budget you have before deciding which solar floodlight to use. However, don’t fall for cheaper lights since that can compromise the quality.

Solar Battery And Panel

The price of your solar flood light depends on the price of its components. These components are integral in the functioning of your light.

You must therefore purchase these components when purchasing your lights. The availability of these parts in different models and sizes affects the overall purchasing price.

Vital parts that you should consider are the solar battery and the panels.

How To Mount Solar Flood Light Outdoor

Before mounting your solar floodlight, you need to select a suitable place. This place should be away from obstructions that can affect the performance of your light.

You also have to determine the height that you want for your lights. The height determines the area that your lights are to cover.

When mounting, you need to fasten the lights securely onto the mounting pole. This ensures the light is strong enough to withstand various external factors like the weather.

It is also vital that you connect the wiring appropriately to ensure they function accordingly.

How To Maintain Solar Flood Light Outdoor

Maintaining your solar flood light outdoor enhances its efficiency while giving you value for your money. There are various ways you can maintain these lights, including:

Cleaning The Solar Panels

Accumulation of dirt and water on the solar panel surface hinders the efficient functioning of your lights. This is because the panels cannot absorb maximum light.

Regular cleaning of the solar panels ensures they can absorb maximum energy. It is this energy that charges the battery, which facilitates the brightness of your light.

Proper cleaning involves the use of a soft piece of cloth to avoid scratching the panel surfaces.

Cleaning The Bulbs And Bulb Fixtures

Bulbs of a solar flood light outdoor tend to accumulate dirt due to their surroundings. Such bulbs tend to make the lights appear dull since dirt absorbs most of the light.

You need to clean the bulbs using dump cotton frequently. You also have to clean the bulb fixtures to enhance the brightness of your light.

Replace Damaged Bulbs And Fixtures

There is a probability that the bulbs and fixtures get damaged or burn out during their lifespan.

Such have a negative impact on the proper functioning of your lights.

Regularly check on your bulbs and the fixtures if they are functioning correctly. In case they are not, you have to replace them with original ones.

It is critical that you also check on the batteries. Functioning batteries need to be in good condition.

This means if there is any corrosion on the batteries, you need to change them. You also need to change them if they are low.

Check Wiring

Proper wiring is critical in the functioning of your solar flood light outdoor. You need to check on the wiring frequently to ensure they are in good condition and connected correctly.

When To Use Solar Flood Light Outdoor

The use of solar flood light outdoor is gaining momentum as a replacement for traditional lights. This is due to its efficiency and relatively low cost.

Its use is, therefore, in areas where traditional floodlights are standard. You can also use them in the regions that have no connection to the power grid

Benefits Of Solar Flood Light Outdoor

Solar flood lights outdoor offer a great experience of lighting the world. Their availability is therefore vital as we move towards green energy.

There are different benefits you get from using solar flood lights outdoor.

Such benefits include:

Solar flood light

Solar flood light


The overall cost of purchasing and operating these lights is lower than electricity-powered floodlights.

Such cost includes the installation cost, which one can use a little expert compared to hir8ng professionals when installing traditional lighting.

You don’t have to worry about the monthly bills associated with traditional outdoor lighting. This helps in reducing the operating cost.

Lighting Up Inaccessible Areas

The use of these lights makes it easy to reach areas that are not on the power grid. Lighting such areas improves their security making people live comfortably.

This is because these lights only rely on the availability of solar to function.

Easy Installation

The relatively easy installation of these lights allows you to reduce the work associated with traditional lighting.

You can do this by following the manufacturer guidelines or by engaging the services of a professional.

Easy installation ensures you have your lights as soon as possible, and you don’t have to rely on a third party.

Environmentally Safe

The source of energy for these lights is solar. Solar energy does not negatively impact the environment, such as the radiation of harmful UV rays.

The use of these lights thereby prevents environmental damage while ensuring you still enjoy the necessary light.

Business Continuity

Lightning up the night increases the visibility of a particular area while encouraging the movement of people. This can translate to business continuity, especially if you are lighting up a business center.

Continuity of business can translate into sales and profits, which is vital in any industry.

How To Determine Brightness Of Solar Flood Light Outdoor

The brightness of your solar flood light outdoor depends on the voltage of the bulb you are using. If you use a bulb with a higher voltage, your lights will be brighter than using a bulb with a lower voltage.

How Long Solar Flood Light Outdoor Takes To Charge

A solar flood lights outdoor takes between 4 and 5 hours of direct sunlight exposure to charge fully.

Factors Determining The Service Lifespan Of Solar Flood Light Outdoor

Understanding the lifespan of your solar flood light helps in getting the most out of it. Certain factors negatively affect this lifespan.

You, therefore, need to understand these factors and know how to mitigate them to get quality service from your lights.

Some of these factors include:

Solar flood light with remote controler

Solar flood light with remote controller


Dust and dirt accumulation usually have a negative impact on the efficiency of your lights. This is because solar panels are not able to get maximum solar energy.

Installation Location

The place where you install your lights should be free from any obstruction and artificial lighting. Such can induce the lighting to switch on and off, thereby reducing their efficiency and lifespan.

Of course, you must install your solar flood lights properly.

Besides, you must adopt good maintenance processes.

When To Replace Batteries In Solar Flood Light Outdoor

The right time to replace the batteries of your solar flood light outdoor is when they start malfunctioning.

This includes when they cannot store the energy as before, which reduces the light’s brightness.

You can also check for corrosion around the battery holding area. Corrosion is mainly due to the leaking of the battery’s acid.

When you note this, then you have to replace your batteries. It would be best if you never forgot to replace the batteries with originals ones from your manufacturer.

Counterfeit batteries tend to have a shorter life cycle than the original ones.

Solar flood light

Solar flood light

Causes Of Failure In Solar Flood Light Outdoor

Understanding the cause of failure of your solar flood light outdoor can help you know which steps to take. While some of these issues require minimal rectification, others may need an overhaul of the entire lighting.

Some of the causes of failure of these lights include:

Lack Of Enough Sunlight

Solar flood lights outdoor work effectively where there is maximum light on the solar panels. You, therefore, should install these lights in areas where the panels receive a reasonable amount of light.

This includes not placing them near trees or objects that can obstruct light absorption.

Battery Issues

When the batteries of your solar flood light outdoor wear off, their efficiency reduces. This translates to dim lights or, at times, complete failure of the lights to function.

A common characteristic of worn-out batteries is acid leakage which causes erosion on the sides. Such batteries cannot charge enough during the day hence reduces their efficiency.

The solution for this is to replace them with original batteries from your manufacturer.

Dirt Accumulation On The Solar Panels

The problem with dirt accumulation is it prevents efficient absorption of light by the solar panel.

Minimum light can at times not charge the batteries properly hence leads to failure of the lights.

Removing dirt or any obstacles from your solar flood light outdoor ensures it functions at an optimum level.

Improper Wiring

Your lights may fail to function due to Incorrect wiring. At times tempering with the wires also causes the lights not to work.

You need proper wiring as per your manufacturer’s guidelines. Hiring a professional is the easiest way if you are not sure of what to do.

Proximity To Other Lighting Sources

Most solar flood lights outdoors have sensors that detect the presence of light thanks to their photovoltaic cells.

Detection of lights such as those from houses or garages can cause your light to function correctly.

Check the surrounding of where you are installing your light if there is any obstruction.

How To Fix Blinking Solar Flood Light Outdoor

Blinking solar flood light outdoor tend to be a nuisance to the users. In some cases, blinking can cause damage to human health.

Understanding what causes blinking and how to solve them is vital in ensuring your lights function correctly.

The main cause of blinking is the loose wiring of your light. Solving this involves tightening the wires and ensuring you connect them accordingly.

Another cause can be using a battery that has a higher voltage. Such a battery usually releases a high-power output compared to what the bulb requires.

This causes the blinking of the lights, which can lead to their total failure. Therefore, you must use the battery that your manufacturer advices you on, especially when replacing them.

How To Choose Solar Panels For Solar Flood Light Outdoor

Solar panels play a critical function in the functioning of your solar flood lights outdoor. You, therefore, have to select the best panel for your use.

This involves considering several factors, including:

Parts of solar flood lights

Parts of solar flood light

Type Of Solar Panels

There are three types of solar panels for your selection. That is, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous solar panels.

Monocrystalline is the most efficient of the three, whose cell efficiency ranges between 15 and 21%. Their efficiency makes them pricey compared to the others.

These panels are used every day in solar flood lights outdoor, which require high voltage and brightness.

The cell efficiency for polycrystalline panels is 16%. They are relatively cheaper compared to monocrystalline panels.

The color of polycrystalline panels is usually dark blue. They are of use in lights that require high voltage and brightness.

Amorphous panels usually consist of thin films whose cell efficiency does not exceed 10%. Their usage is n low voltage and brightness solar floodlights.

You, therefore, have to understand the type of panel you want by considering the cell efficiency and your area of usage.

Wattage Of Solar Panel

Wattage defines the maximum power output of a particular solar panel. This helps in understanding the brightness level of your light and how long it is going to last.

The brighter and longer your light requirements, the higher the solar panel wattage you need to select.

Size Of Solar Panel

The choice of a particular panel should fit your space requirements. This depends on the power requirement of your solar floodlights and the type of solar panel that you use.

A smaller monocrystalline panel can produce more energy than a large amorphous solar panel.

What C, F, And S On Solar Flood Light Outdoor Mean

C, F, and S are operational settings that determine how your solar flood lights outdoor will operate. You can adjust either of them to fit your requirements.

C means that your solar flood light stays off and lights up when it senses a motion. The light stays n for about 15 sec then switches itself off.

B means that your solar flood lights remain dim until when there is a detection of motion.  It increases the brightness for about 15 seconds before dimming.

A means that your light stays on until when its batteries die off. After charging or replacing the batteries, the lights remain on and full bright.

Limitations Of Solar Flood Light Outdoor

There are various limitations that you experience when using solar flood lights outdoor. However, these limitations are minor compared to the benefits.

These limitations are:

Initial Cost

The initial cost of purchasing these lights is high compared to traditional lights. This can prove a challenge if the funds are not readily available.


The use of these lights is practicable in areas where there is sufficient solar energy. This is because the energy is responsible for lightning.

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